Small tattoos with big meaning

Small tattoos with big meaning

11 Small Tattoos With Big Meaning

11 Small Tattoos With Big Meaning

Looking to get a new tattoo? Or want to get your first tattoo but aren’t sure what to get? Check out these 11 small tattoos with big meaning for inspiration.

Across the country, 36 percent of people have tattoos. Lucky you — you can use their designs to inspire your future ink.

At the very least, you know that you want not only a small piece of body art, but one that has a significant meaning behind it, too. Lots of others have hit the tattoo parlor with the same aim. They’ve walked away with stunning-but-small works of art.

Their tattoos prove that you can convey a heartfelt message with even the tiniest bit of ink. Here are 11 examples, all of which can serve as potential ideas for your next session.

1. Semicolon

The semicolon is a prime example of small tattoos with big meanings. When you read a semicolon, it indicates that the sentence continues after the pause.

As such, semicolon tattoos have come to represent someone who has felt like they might stop but has instead chosen to continue. Semicolon tattoos are often a choice for those who have struggled with their mental health or addiction. It’s also a sign of support for suicide prevention.

2. Paper Crane or Bird

The delicate paper crane is a symbol of peace, and it also represents an easygoing personality. A paper crane would blow with the wind and go with the flow. Once you have it tattooed, it can remind you to do the same.

The same goes for a bird tattoo. A small symbol of a winged creature is also symbolic of freedom.

3. Cross

A tattoo can be extremely meaningful if it aligns with your personal beliefs. In this case, you might consider a small cross tattoo as a nod to your Christian faith.

Of course, there are plenty of spiritual tattoo ideas out there. Your tattoo artist can shrink them down, so they fit behind the ear, on your hand, or somewhere else that requires a small tattoo.

4. Viking Symbol

You might be surprised to see someone suggest you get a Viking tattoo. But this trio of upside-down triangles fits right in on the list of small, meaningful tattoos.

As it turns out, the three shapes are meant to show that you create your own destiny. Need that little reminder on your wrist? Try the Viking symbol tattoo.

5. Line of Elephants

This small tattoo symbol would undoubtedly mean a lot to a mother who’s looking for new ink.

Female elephants take their role as mothers very seriously. They fiercely protect their young and the little ones in their herd. You do the same with your brood, of course.

If you have yet to become a parent, the elephant tattoo could still have meaning to you. Some look to the elephant as a symbol of strength, patience, and honor.

6. The Sun

The world would not exist without the sun. You may feel like a small part of the universe, and technically you are. But a sun tattoo can build you up to feel like the giant star that you are.

Everyone can make a difference and a sun tattoo signifies that you, too, can change the world.

7. Quill and Ink

Do you love to write? If so, a pair of small tattoos can tell the world exactly who you are — a writer.

The quill and ink tattoo would work on your hands or wrists. Or, you could let the motif inspire your next friendship tattoo. You get the quill, and your best friend gets the ink — together, you are complete.

8. Deer With Antlers

Young deer don’t have antlers — it takes years for them to grow. Once they have them, they are strong and protected. They can stand up for themselves against other deer.

Choosing a deer tattoo will show that you, too, have grown up — and grown strong. You can pop the small silhouette of a deer head on the back of your neck, inside of your wrist, or on your foot to remind you of just how powerful you really are.

9. Diamond

On a similar note, you might consider etching a diamond shape into your skin.

In the world of small, meaningful tattoos, the gemstone is of note, and not because of how expensive it is. Instead, a diamond represents superior strength — it’s virtually impossible to scratch or crack a diamond.

Because you’re just as strong, celebrate your resilience with a sweet diamond tattoo.

10. Anchor

When ships reach a harbor, they drop their anchor. The small-but-mighty piece of metal gives them the strength to stay put, even when the water gets choppy.

Who’s your anchor? A small tattoo of the symbol could represent the person who makes you feel stable and secure. Or, you could get it to signify your ability to weather the storm.

11. Heart

The Beatles said it best – “Love is all you need.” As such, you don’t need a big, intricate, or clever tattoo to express yourself. You just need a heart.

Your tiny heart tattoo can represent how much you love your life, family or friends. It’s up to you to decipher the meaning, but a small heart can say a lot. And a small rendition of the shape will remind you that your heart is actually pretty big.

Explore Even More Tattoos With Big Meaning

You don’t need a massive tattoo to send a message — these 11 small tattoos with big meaning prove that. All you have to do is decide which design best represents the story you want to tell, whether it be one of our ideas or one of your own. Then, find a tattoo artist who can bring it to life.

Want to get all of our tips and tricks for finding and getting the perfect tattoo? Keep up with our blog for expert advice.

Head Tattoo

Head Tattoo

The Bald & the Beautiful: 9 Amazing Head Tattoo Ideas for Shaved Heads

The Bald & the Beautiful: 9 Amazing Head Tattoo Ideas for Shaved Heads

Is your head your canvas? Then get it inked! Here are 9 amazing head tattoo ideas for shaved or bald heads!

Did you know that 46 percent of Americans have tattoos? You may feel surprised by this statistic. After all, many of them keep them well-hidden beneath their work clothes.

Of course, some tattoos prove harder to cover. Like neck tattoos, the “job breakers” of the body art industry. While hard to conceal, you have to give the people who get them props for being gutsy with their ink.

That said, if you’re looking for tattoo placement that’s even more brazen, consider a head tattoo. It doesn’t get much more in-your-face than an inked out scalp, and it represents one of the prime canvases of the human body.

What’s more, if you suddenly go super-conservative, grow your hair out. Of course, if you’re balding, you don’t necessarily have this luxury, but a beanie works, too.

Read on for tattoo ideas for shaved heads that’ll blow your mind and leave you jonesing for your next visit to the parlor.

Head Tattoo Ideas

While gaining in popularity, head tattoos also remain less trendy than other parts of the body, such as the lower back and upper arms. So, they let you showcase your love of body art in a singular way.

While head tattoos for men remain far more common, women are now starting to get in on the act, too. Some of the sweetest designs out there today include head tattoos for women, such as vibrant flower designs.

Of course, head tattoos are just as diverse as the people who get them. That means you’ll find everything from traditional Sailor Jerry-inspired birds and roses to thick tribal lines and intricate Celtic knotwork.

There’s also a growing body of wicked head tattoos that make you do a double-take. Whether it’s because of their realism or the artful way their 3D designs play with your eyes, head art is taking it to the next level.

Tribal Head Tattoos

Tribal or indigenous tattoo designs remain just as popular as ever, for men and women alike. They are generally done in all black and feature thick, uncompromising lines.

These bold lines give tribal tattoos a sense of clarity that may lack in more intricate designs, at least from a distance. The symbols associated with tribal tattoos have been passed down for millennia.

So, it’s essential to understand the culture of a design you’re considering. You should also research the significance of the symbology. For example, Polynesian art proves very different than Marquesan designs.

Many of these designs also prove gender-specific. Examples of this include the tattoos worn by Berber women in North Africa or the Inupiaq matriarchs of Alaska.

If you trace your cultural heritage to one of these groups, then opting for a tribal tattoo can come with deeper meaning. It’s an excellent way to display pride in your heritage.

Blackwork Head Tattoos

If you’re intrigued by tribal artwork, but don’t feel a particular cultural pull to the designs, why not go with Blackwork? A fresh take on the tribal style, it features bold, black lines in a variety of geometric shapes and patterns.

Think of it kind of like traditional Moroccan henna tattoos, only crisper and darker. These pieces prove mesmerizing and look amazing on the scalp.

Traditional Head Art

head tattooThe body art of sailors, soldiers, and counterculture freaks, Traditional tattoo designs remain iconic. Also known as Old School tattoos, their designs are deeply rooted in American culture, particularly military culture.

Whether you’ve served or you’re obsessed with vintage culture, they make an excellent option for head art. You’ve also got plenty of artists to choose from including:

Traditional tattoos feature bold lines and vibrant colors, which makes them ideal for head placement. If you want to commemorate time served in the military or you want to rock a vintage vibe, then this is the body art for you.

Realistic Portraits

Let’s get this out of the way upfront. Realistic tattoos are going to cost you. After all, the best ones require incredible feats of artistic skill coupled with countless hours spent in the tattoo chair.

And if you appreciate realistic ink, then you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. Whether you opt for a portrait of a loved one or your favorite celebrity, realistic portraits range from black and gray to vibrantly colored.

Some artists do fantastic work when it comes to vivid images of animals, too. When it comes to realism, do your research before choosing a tattoo artist.

Fortunately, your scalp will give them plenty of room to create a work of art. Just be prepared to spend serious time and money acquiring one of these masterpieces. That said, it’ll prove well worth it.

You may choose to keep your head shaved forever.

Watercolor Head Art

Right now, watercolor tattoos represent a significant trend in the body art world. So, why not combine them with another top trend, head tattoos?

You’ve got nearly endless options when it comes to designs for the watercolor method. Some people opt for there favorite Impressionist painting, while others want koi fish or a flower.

Because of their fine quality and lack of thick lines, they also make an excellent option for women. They appear both fragile and feminine.

New School Tattoos

If you’re looking for bold artwork with a distinct comic-book energy, then New School tattoos will rock your world. They prove intricate and often feature fantasy scenes with vivid color.

Because these pieces prove so detailed, giving your artists plenty of room to work proves crucial to a great finished product. Fortunately, your scalp can accommodate the extra room they’ll need.

Ready for Some Ink?

Whether you go with an elaborate Blackwork design or a New School piece, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to the artwork that will look amazing on your head.

Because your head represents a beautiful, big canvas, no matter which tattoo design you choose, your tattooist will have plenty of room for artistic license.

Ready for your next trip to the tattoo chair? Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Friendship Tattoo

Friendship Tattoo

Friends Forever: The Top Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friends Forever: The Top Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking to get a tattoo with your BFF? What should you get? Check out this guide to learn about the top friendship tattoo ideas.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, 20% of the adult population in the U.S. is inked.

Not only are people getting tattoos that show off their own unique interests and personality, but more and more people are getting matching tattoos with friends, family members, and significant others. If you have a best friend that’s stood by you through the years, a friendship tattoo is the perfect way to show off the strong bond you share.

Of course, matching or complementary tattoos can be a bit more challenging, since you’ll have to find a design that both parties are happy with.

Do you need some inspiration to get started? Keep reading to discover the top friendship tattoo ideas that you and your BFF are sure to love.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

PB&J is a classic combo, so it makes sense that this is a great friendship tattoo design! If you and your friend go together like peanut butter and jelly, why not commemorate that with a cute tattoo?

While you can go realistic, consider taking a fun approach instead. Have one of you get a piece of bread with peanut butter on it and the other a piece of bread with jelly. Turn each slice into a cartoon character by giving them arms, legs, and a smiling face!

Avocado Halves

Avocado halves are an adorable and trendy new take on the classic PB&J tattoo. When you draw up your designs, be sure that one half has the pit and the other doesn’t, showing that you come together to make a whole.

Again, you can go realistic here, but choosing to go animated brings a whimsical and fun touch to this design. You can give your avocados arms, legs, and happy expressions to really make it come to life.

State Flower

Do you and your BFF currently live in different states? Long-distance friendships can be hard, but it also shows how strong your bond is!

Consider getting the state flower from where you met. This could be the state you grew up in or the state where you both attended college.

Not only is this a great way to commemorate your friendship and how you met, but it’s also a fun way to remember an important piece of your life.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with flowers if you don’t want to. You could also get the state’s official bird, animal, or flag.

Thick and Thin

Have you and your bestie supported each other through difficult times? Then consider incorporating the phrase “through thick and thin” in your friendship tattoo design.

You can include an infinity symbol with the words “thick” and “thin” written on the lines, tattoo the phrase by itself, or include it with any of these other tattoo ideas!

Video Game Controllers

Did you spend countless hours playing video games together growing up? Or maybe you still love gaming together to this very day.

If so, video game controller tattoos may be for you. Start by picking your favorite console. This could be the newest system you currently play on, or you could go vintage by picking the console you loved as a kid.

Then get the controllers from that console tattooed on you. You could even add “player 1” and “player 2” to signify all the nights you stay up playing together.

An Inside Joke

It seems like every friendship is full of funny stories and inside jokes. One of the best ways to create a truly unique design is to make a tattoo that’s inspired by one of your favorite inside jokes.

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is a concept in Chinese philosophy describing how all opposites are actually complementary forces that are interconnected and interdependent. Yin (the black half) symbolizes softness and femininity while yang (the white half) symbolizes masculinity and hardness.

If you and your BFF are opposites, consider getting the yin and yang symbol to show how your differing personalities actually complement one another. You can either both get the full symbol or get the half (yin or yang) that describes you better.

Commemorating a Vacation

If you and your friend have traveled together, you’re sure to have tons of amazing memories. But is there one trip or experience that stands out from the rest? Maybe you got to release a baby sea turtle on the beach or pushed yourself out of your comfort zone by going on a scary rollercoaster at Disney World.

Whatever your special memory is, consider incorporating it in your tattoo design. If you want to commemorate your entire vacation, consider going broader with your design by getting a beach tattoo or Minnie Mouse ears.

Queen Crowns

King and queen crowns are common tattoos for couples. But you don’t need a man to be a queen! If you and your BFF are both strong and independent women, consider getting a pair of queen crowns.

While you can both get the same crowns, consider coming up with your own designs. This will allow you to show off your different personalities while still having a matching friendship tattoo.

Spirit Animals

Spirit animals refer to animals that share certain personality traits with you. For example, if you’re loving and loyal, your spirit animal might be a dog. But if you’re courageous and confident, your spirit animal may be a lion.

Spend some time deciding what spirit animal best fits you and your best friend. Then, design a tattoo showing both of these animals living in harmony. While it does work if you each choose animals that get along in the wild, having two very different spirit animals shows that you each bring something different and unique to the friendship and can make for one powerful design.

Best Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friendship Tattoo

Friendship Tattoo

If you and your BFF are going to be friends until the end, why not commemorate this by getting a beautiful tattoo together? From the classic peanut butter and jelly tattoo to a unique design incorporating your spirit animals, there are so many wonderful friendship tattoo designs to choose from.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a beautiful tattoo? Then contact us today to set up an appointment with a professional tattoo artist in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Lahaina.

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Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

7 Tips To Come Up With An Awesome Tattoo Idea

7 Tips To Come Up With Awesome Tattoo Ideas

Coming up with an idea for a tattoo can be difficult. In order to help, we share 7 tips to come up with awesome tattoo ideas.

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo?

Whenever people run out of ways to express themselves, tattoos are the next best option out there. These skin arts are amazing at letting you express your feelings and interests. Some tattoo artists perform self-tattoos on occasion, showing off their skills as an artist.

Because of this, tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years.

Despite the rise in popularity though, only a few people have gotten new tattoos as of late. For the most part, this is because people find it hard to come up with great tattoo ideas.

Often, this stems from the embarrassment that your idea may not be as great as you thought. You might also have trouble thinking of something to become a permanent addition to your body.

Today, we’ll help you come up with a great tattoo. Below are seven tips to help you get the right tattoo for you.

1. Use Something Meaningful from Your Past

A key characteristic of tattoos is that they hold a special meaning to the bearer. It’s a good idea to take things from your memory when thinking of a design. This should help you get closer to thinking of an idea.

Memories taken from the past are also great as first tattoo ideas. Most of the time, people want something which gives them a sense of nostalgia when they deciding the first tattoo. This tip makes it easier for them to accomplish that feeling.

This also makes it easier to explain the meaning behind your tattoo. One thing people with tattoos experience the most is having people ask why they have a certain tattoo. Since it’s taken from your personal past, answering this question will not only be easy, it will also be full of details.

2. Keep It Simple

A common mistake with people thinking of design ideas is they tend to overthink. This often leads to them coming up with complicated ideas that, when put on paper, doesn’t make sense to anyone. This happens more than you would think and a lot of people fail to get the tattoos they want because of it.

To prevent this from happening to you, keep it simple. A lot of people underestimate the power of having a simple tattoo. Small yet cool tattoos are a rising trend today and there’s a good reason behind it.

Before, when people would think of tattoos, they thought of full-back, colorful ones. While they’re amazing works of art, the trend became tired over time. A simple tattoo serves as a refresher at our current time.

A minimalist tattoo can also have a lot of meanings. It will be up to the beholder to find out what it’s trying to express.

3. Inspire Yourself with Ideas from the Internet

If you’re struggling to come up with an idea, it’s often best to browse the internet for ideas first. There are a lot of tattoos on display for you to view there. This is a surefire way to get some inspiration for your own tattoo.

Doing this also makes it easier for you to explain what you want to the artist. The problem most tattoo artists have is their clients don’t explain what they want well. This tends to lead to a lot of unsatisfied customers and demands of a refund.

By browsing the internet though, you’ll have the chance to snap a screenshot of the design you want. This makes it much easier to convey your desires to the artist.

That said, make sure you don’t copy the exact tattoo of a public figure if you like their design. Tattoos are the intellectual property of an artist. Having a copy of their work on you may open up lawsuits like copyright suits and the like.

4. Consider Using Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are popular for many reasons. For one, they can be cutesy and straightforward. Another reason is they tend to symbolize many things.

For example, having the tattoo of a lion may mean strength in many aspects. Wolves, on the other hand, tend to symbolize the fierceness of the bearer. There are endless possibilities for animal tattoos and the meanings behind them, making the task of choosing a tattoo easier for you.

5. Use the Design to Convey a Message

A good idea for coming up with a tattoo is to use it to convey a powerful and meaningful message to you and the people around you. This is shaping up to be a popular trend because of the many symbolisms surrounding our society today. You can use the symbol of a foundation or such for this.

A great example of this is women around the world using the feminist symbol as a tattoo. They mean to inspire everyone around them to become an advocate for true equality all around.

You can also opt for a small tattoo like the date of an important event. This can serve as a reminder for all about what transpired during that day.

6. Think of How You Want the Art Style to Be

Before thinking of what to put as your tattoo you may want to consider the art style you want your design to have. Some art styles work with certain themes of designs. Cartoon, realism, abstract, and symbolism all have a certain genre that works best for them.

7. Think of the Area You’ll Put It On

If you’re still having trouble coming up with an idea, taking a look at the area you want a tattoo on is a great way to help. Like with the art style of your intended design, there are certain areas that work best with the tattoo you want to have.

For small tattoos, it’s often best to place them somewhere you can show people with ease. Places like the wrist or even the ankle are great for them.

For bigger ones, you may want to consider a body part with more area to work with. Your entire arm, chest, or back are popular places for such tattoos.

Come Up with an Awesome Tattoo with the Help of These Tattoo Ideas Today

tattoo ideasIt’s hard to come up with fresh tattoo ideas nowadays. With the help of our guide though, you’ll be coming up with awesome ideas in no time. Start getting inspired now!

Looking for someone to put your idea from concept to reality? Contact us here and we’ll do an amazing job for you! Visit our Henderson Tattoo Shop or Maui Tattoo shop

wedding ring tattoos

wedding ring tattoos

Forget the Diamonds: The Top Tips and Ideas for Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos – With 2.3 million couples getting married each year, it’s hard to come up with a unique idea to represent you and yours. But, modern brides are setting new trends every day.

The traditional wedding ring is no exception. Yet, that ring may not be what you’re expecting, these days. Today’s brides are choosing wedding ring tattoos over the diamond.

You read that right. Couples are getting tattoos. Right on their ring fingers to represent the wedding band.

Well, why not?

They’re beautiful. It’s a permanent symbol of your bond. And, if you get the right one, it’s timeless and classy, too.

It checks all the boxes of a traditional wedding ring, without investing 3 months wages.

So, how are couples choosing the perfect wedding ring tattoos? Let’s find out!

Wedding Ring Tattoos: Tips and Ideas to Help You Choose!

It’s not exactly a new idea, but it’s definitely gaining ground. Maybe because tattoos are more popular than ever. Or, it could be the savings involved.

Wedding ring tattoos are far less expensive than a traditional wedding ring. You can get one for $50 to $2,000, depending on the design and the artist. That’s a lot of money you can save for the honeymoon!

But, the real reason may have more to do with the tattoo itself. The most valuable thing about a wedding ring tattoo is not the price tag. It’s the meaningful design that a couple chooses together.

They’re personalized in a way that the traditional ring isn’t. And, that’s what couples want.

Choose Your Style

Every couple is unique, and so is their personal style. That style will merge into your ring tattoos.

Only about 16% of the world has tattoos. That already makes you unique. But your tattoo style says even more about you.

Here are a few styles to consider.

  • Traditional/Classic
  • Tribal
  • Colorful
  • Symbolic
  • Bold & Blackwork
  • Watercolor
  • Cultural

There are many more styles to choose from. The style you choose depends only on your preferences.

Symbolism is Important

Here’s where it gets personal. Choosing a wedding ring tattoo should include something symbolic. Something special that represents the relationship between you and your spouse.

Find good symbolism in your past, present, and future. Consider how you met, what you like to do together, and your favorite things.

Places you’ve traveled to and struggles you’ve overcome can be meaningful symbols, too. Find something that represents your relationship and its special strength.

Here are some ideas to think about.

  • Special Places: beaches/waves, mountains, sunshine, palm trees
  • Health and Wellness: heartbeats, peace, double hearts, yin/yang, lotus
  • Love and Closeness: hearts, love knot, Claddagh, Celtic Knot
  • Dreams, Spirit, and Strength: moon, crescent moon, clouds, stars

These are just a few symbols. Do your research and you’ll find one that suits you! Remember, not all symbols are simple enough for a tattoo. So, make sure you choose one that works.

Speak with your tattoo artist to see if it can work in your ring tattoo.

Keep it Simple

A simple tattoo makes a classy statement. It’s also the best bet for this situation.


To start, fingers are very small areas! Your tattoo artist will have an easier time and do a better job on a simple design.

Here are a few more good reasons to keep it simple.

  • It’s a painful area – less is more
  • Simple lines and shapes look better
  • Simple finger tattoos blurless
  • Easier to touch up later

Choosing a simple design doesn’t mean you’re settling for boring. Talk with your tattoo artist to get it right!

Plan It Before You Ink It

This isn’t the kind of tattoo you do on a whim. It’s far more important and symbolic than that. Take the time to plan your design before you have it done.

Choosing an Artist

This is the most important part of the whole process! You need to choose a tattoo artist that understands your vision. And, one that can do the work in the style you like.

Start by checking out some tattoo artist’s online. Look at their web portfolios and read reviews from past clients. Narrow it down to three artists that seem good.

Then, schedule appointments with your top three choices. Meet, ask a few questions, and get to know your potential tattoo artists.

Ask if they have experience with wedding ring tattoos. It’s not a deal breaker if they’ve never done one. But, make sure they are confident they can do the work.

Take a look around the shop. You’ll get a feel for how they handle their business.

Is it clean? Professional? Do you feel comfortable here?

You’ll need to come prepared to discuss your design vision or look at options. Talk about pricing, too. It’s ok if they give you a range, as long as it works for your budget.

Schedule Design Visits

Once you decide on an artist, you’ll need an appointment to plan and complete your tattoo design. Bring notes about your ideas with you. If you’re not sure, as for guidance.

Most artists have many, many options you can choose from right in the shop. But, whatever you choose, personalize it a little bit. Then, negotiate to have it removed from the options.

This is yours. No one else should have it.

Picking the Right Time

Schedule inking appointments, next! It’s up to you whether you do it before or after the wedding.

Talk to your artist about what it’s like to get a tattoo. This can help you choose the right day.

Getting it done on your wedding day is not the best option. Think about everything else going on that day. It’s a very busy day, and you don’t want to add to it.

You can always use plain bands as your symbol during the ceremony. For best results, don’t rush your tattoo appointment. Schedule it during a time when you can relax and enjoy the moment!

wedding ring tattoos

Talk to a Tattoo Artist, Today!

Don’t go the traditional route. Look into wedding ring tattoos, instead! They’re personal, symbolic and beautiful.

It’s a unique and meaningful way to represent your marriage!

Looking for your next tattoo? We’ve got locations in Las Vegas and Hawaii. Contact us for details, today!