Taking A Look At Some Of Today’s Amazing New Tattoo Techniques

Diving into some of the wildest and new tattoo techniques making a splash in 2020. See all the unique things being done with a modern tattoo gun.

Getting a tattoo is one of the most personal decisions you will ever make. Not only is it a permanent marking on your body, but it is also a representation of something significant and unique to you.

The stigma of having a tattoo is long gone. Once only spotted on the muscled arms of bikers or those in the military, they now show up on celebrities, sports figures, and the PTA mom next door.

It is even widely accepted in today’s business environment.

The possibilities are endless and range from the intricate design sleeve no one can ignore, to the subtle and simple piece strategically placed.

Tattoos and tattoo artists have also kept up with the times. There are innovations and new tattoo techniques showing up everywhere.

Let’s take a look at some of the new tattoo technology available today.

The Ink Has Improved

One of the biggest concerns in the past was the long term effects of permanent ink on the skin.

In recent years, there has been an effort made to improve the quality of the ink and the use of high-grade ingredients.

Top tattoo artists look for, and purchase, from ink dealers with a proven reputation for quality ink that reduces any chance for damage to the skin.

Regardless of the look or style you are going for, here are some great tips in tattoo etiquette.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos

Who doesn’t love anything that glows in the dark? Did you know a tattoo could now do that?

Actually, this type of tattoo is used with ink that reacts to UV light, so they don’t really glow in the dark. They are visible only under a blacklight but are still very distinct and cool looking.

The ink for these types of tattoos used to contain phosphorous, but due to health concerns, most tattoo artists have switched to ink that is phosphorous free.

Glow tattoo ideas are very popular with those who are into the club scene and enjoy lighting up the night.

The Disappearing Tattoo

Have you always wanted a tattoo but were afraid in five or ten years you would regret it or think it might not suit your lifestyle then? What if you could get a tattoo that would disappear?

Today that is certainly possible. There are ink brands developed to disappear or fade over time. They are applied the same way, but the ink dissolves naturally.

You can request a timeline from around one year to five years. These are approximate times because everyone’s skin is different. Some disappear quicker, and others last longer.

While this may seem like the perfect solution for you, keep in mind that the look of the tattoo will also fade as the ink does. The image may not stay as sharp. However, there are advances made all the time to improve this type of ink as well.

So if you want a tattoo today, but not for your grandchild’s christening, this may be the way to go.

The Healthy Tattoo

For years people with diabetes were warned against getting tattoos. If their blood sugar levels were not properly managed, the tattoo could take longer to heal and could increase the risk of infection.

While proper precautions should be taken by anyone wanting a tattoo, there is actually tattoo technology that can help a diabetic track their insulin levels!

Researchers have developed ink with biomarkers that change colors as the blood sugar levels rise and fall.

There is also ink technology working to alert to other health concerns and monitor kidney function, among other things.

It is absolutely not a substitute for accurate monitoring of a condition but can be a quick reference for someone to handle a situation before it gets worse.

After you go home with your new skin art, here are a few tips to take care of it.

Modern Tattoo Ideas

So you have decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo. You want something cutting edge and modern. Here are some great state-of-the-art tattoo techniques to choose from.

3D Tattoos

If you want a tattoo that literally pops off your skin, then the 3D tattoo is for you!

There is a process known as Tatoue that works with your specific texture and contours of the skin for a creation that is uniquely you.

Stitching Tattoos

Skin stitching is pretty much what it sounds like. It has its origins with the indigenous population in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

This type of tattoo is more involved and a bit more painful than traditional tattooing. It involves soaking thread in the ink, threading it through a needle, and literally making stitches through the skin.

The thread is removed, but the ink stays, forming the tattoo.

If you are worried about the pain, here is what you should know about tattoo numbing cream.

Watercolor Tattoos

Traditional tattoos were black and often simplistic designs. The artistry of tattoos has taken a huge leap in recent years.

One popular trend now is watercolor tattoos. Almost any design can be transformed by adding the watercolor feature.

Colors of all kinds, from neon to pastel, have opened up the possibilities of skin art.

Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork tattoos are created by simply using dots to form the image. The shape, depth, and intensity of the dot give this art form a unique look.

While many dotwork styles are done all in black and grey, some color can be thrown in to make a particular feature pop.

Quote Tattoos

Many people have a favorite quote or saying they use for inspiration. What better way to remind yourself of it than by having it as a tattoo!

Quote tattoos are very trendy and can be designed in any font, size, and color to match your personal style.

New Tattoo Techniques – The Choice is Yours

Deciding on a tattoo is an extremely personal choice.

For most, it is a lifelong commitment to body art, and you want to make sure you are pleased with the result.

New tattoo techniques give you a variety of options and styles to pick just the right tattoo to match your lifestyle and personality.

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