Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanical Tattoo Designs and Their History

Biomechanical Tattoo Designs and Their History

Popularized in the late 1970s, the biomechanical tattoo style may be a relatively new one. But it still has quite the interesting history to offer. Learn more here!

Have you seen an intricately detailed tattoo which resembles something along the lines of half forearm, half machine?

This is known as a biomechanical tattoo. It’s one of the most identifiable, statement-making tattoo styles on the market today. It’s also one of the newest tattoo styles with a very unique history and background influence.

If you’re keen to learn more about this influential tattoo style, read on! We’ll outline everything you need to know in this post.

A Brief History of the Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanical TattooAlso known as a biomech tattoo, this style of tattoo artistry was actually born in an era where tattoo traditionalism was at its peak.

As you can imagine, this controversial style which combines the human form and mechanics truly made itself known. The style itself was both pioneered and popularized by two well-known tattoo artists of their time: Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain.

However, the true history of biomechanical tattoo designs is credited to H.R. Giger, the architect of this organic meets mechanic style.

Both Aitchison and Cain’s tattoo style brought with it bold color and an element of luminescence. Conversely, Giger’s original style was described as devoid of color and highly concentrated on his signature airbrushing technique.

Over the past few decades, since the biomechanical trend took off in 1979, both Aitchison and Cain’s original biomech style has fluctuated in popularity.

The Birth of the Biomechanical Aesthetic

The year was 1979. The sci-fi/horror film genre was about to be forever changed with the birth of the cult classic film, Alien.

The artistic genius behind the forms in this graphic film was H.R Giger, the artist credited with developing the biomechanical aesthetic.

Essentially, biomech combines a greasy, visceral form with hard, metal-like structures. Put simply, it’s a combination of both organic matter and mechanics. This artistic style still carries some serious weight throughout the film, music, and art industries today.

As a painter and artist, Giger worked to create a medium that combined human forms with alien shapes and viscera. His work became massively popularized in the 1980s, thanks to his association with outsider art groups in the horror film and punk music scenes.

His signature biomech style was then cultivated into what it is today. We now know it as biomechanical tattoo designs, along with many other artistic variations.

What’s the Meaning Behind Biomech Tattoos?

Most people prefer to view their love for biomechanical design as a love for all things sci-fi and horror related.

Art is always open to interpretation. Therefore there could be any number of reasons a person chooses a biomech tattoo sleeve. It’s been said that many people choose biomechanical design as a representation of something ”dark” or ”alien” living inside them.

This could refer to dealing with inner demons or a dark past. The wearer may even be harboring some sort of ”alien” alter-ego that not many people know about.

This tattoo style has also become popular simply because of its intricate aesthetic that many people want to replicate.

Key Characteristics of Biomechanical Tattoos

Most commonly, biomechanical tattoos will be represented by the following characteristics:

  • Torn flesh or an open, gaping wound on the tattoo wearer.
  • This open wound usually reveals mechanical joints, tubes, and wires which replace muscle and bone.
  • The tattoo may represent something mechanical, technical, or alien in nature.
  • Most tattoos are designed to depict a sinewy appearance using bold color.

This being said, there are two subsets of this tattoo style present today. One subset tends to focus on the mechanical, technical side of biomech design. The other focuses on the alien, organic, visceral aspect.

4 Quickfire Tattoo Facts

How good is your tattoo knowledge? If you’re looking to brush up on a few interesting facts, keep on reading.

1. Tattoo Identification

Tattoos were once used as a simple form of identification by Native Americans and sailors. Due to the fact that many Native Americans were illiterate, they used pictures and tattoos as a way of signing their names.

Likewise, sailors who failed to keep track of identity documents would rely on tattoos to confirm their identity.

In 1936, the social security number was invented. This saw hoards of people having these numbers tattooed on their skin as a form of identification.

2. Thomas Edison Invented the Electric Pen

The electric pen was an incredible invention in the world of tattoo artistry. It was invented by none other Thomas Edison.

The electric pen went on to streamline the tattoo industry, making it quicker, cheaper and more accessible to everyone. Originally, the electric pen was invented to reproduce handwritten manuscripts.

Soon it evolved into the artistic tool it is today.

3. Tattoos Used to Be a Symbol of High-Class America

In 1862, the Prince of Wales visited Jerusalem and got a tattoo. This spurred on a similar trend amongst other European royals.

By the 1890s, the trend had made its way across the ocean to the shores of America. Much of high society was keen to join the trend.

In 1900, up to 75% of New York’s high-class socialites sported a tattoo design. It was a true sign of upper-class indulgences at the time!

4. The Macy’s Logo Is a Tattoo Design

The highly successful department store logo is none other than a simple tattoo design. It’s taken from the hand of Mr. R.H Macy himself.

As a teenager, he had the five-pointed red star tattooed on his hand when aboard a whaling ship in 1837. The star was meant to represent the American flag.

Later, it went on to be used as the popularized logo we know today.

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Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes

15 Meaningful Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes – If you’re dreaming of a tattoo that is both beautiful and meaningful, you can’t go wrong with a quote. Use these 15 tattoo quotes for inspiration.

Whether you’re considering your first tattoo or your tenth, a tattoo is an important statement. Depending on its location, it’s a way for you to either publicly (or intimately!) share your values, beliefs, or personality quirks.

And not that we need to remind you, but a tattoo is also permanent. So whatever tattoo quotes you’re considering today also need to be considered when you’re sixty, eighty, or even a hundred years old.

Below, read about 15 meaningful tattoo quotes that will not only make a statement in your life now, but will still hold meaning in the years to come.

Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes for Motivation & Strength

Many tattoos are meant to inspire and encourage ourselves. Here are a few ideas.

Just Breathe

Paired with an image of a feather, leaf, or some other natural element, this is a powerful reminder to remain calm in stressful scenarios. The perfect ink for a high-stress or high-anxiety person. Place this tattoo in a highly-visible location, like the inner wrist.

Let It Go

For someone struggling with past demons – breakups, family crises, or just the day-to-day drama of life – this tattoo reminds us of what’s important now. This tattoo also works well in a visible location, or on the foot to remind oneself to always look forward, not backward.

One Day At A Time

Let’s face it: life’s hard. Every day feels hard for many of us. If you can’t look too far into the future for fear of giving up, this may be the perfect quote for you. If you can make it through today, you can make it through anything.

Affirmations: “You are strong enough to do hard things”

Affirmations are powerful statements (often spoken aloud) that remind us that we are good enough, strong enough, able enough, and loved enough. Why not make it a permanent reminder? Choose an affirmation that applies to your own struggles or insecurities.

In Memoriam

Looking for a tattoo to remind you of someone? Consider these unique ideas.

Date of birth and/or death of a loved one

In traditional date format or masculine roman numerals, this is a popular way to permanently trace the importance of someone into your own skin, and a constant reminder of the impact they had on your life.

Signature of the individual, or a phrase they wrote

If you can get a copy of someone’s signature (think old birthday cards or legal documents) consider having a tattoo artist trace the image. You may also consider a phrase they wrote, like “I love you” or “See you soon, my love.”

A “sound wave” of a recorded phrase or song

This has gained popularity in recent years as a creative replacement for an actual quote. Instead, the pitch and volume of a recorded phrase is visualized.

Spiritual & Religious Quotes

Some people desire tattoos that remind them of a larger force at work in their lives. A few ideas include:

Bible verses

Many tattoo quotes reference Bible verses that are meaningful to a person. For inspiration, glance through the Psalms or Proverbs. Some people also use meaningful Bible verses from an important event, like readings at a wedding.

Quotes by spiritual leaders or writers

Spiritual quotes don’t need to come from a religious text. Your favorite authors or leaders may also be considered. A hopeful quote from C.S. Lewis is, “Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Connection with Others (Spouse or Friends)

Friends and significant others hold a special place in our hearts. Keep them close with these tattoo ideas.

Two hearts, one soul

Consider placing this quote alongside a pair of hearts with ivy wrapping them together, or another object meaningful to your relationship. You can even place them on the same location of your bodies. Consider a secret or intimate location, like the pelvic bone, for something that remains just between you.

Wedding date

A wedding or anniversary date is one of the more popular tattoo quotes. It makes sense, as this is often remembered as one of the best days of our lives! This is one of the shorter tattoo quotes, so it would work well on an ankle, wrist, or collarbone.

Love poems

There’s no shortage of sweet love poems from which to draw inspiration, like E. E. Cummings’ i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart). Since poems may be a bit longer, these tattoo quotes will need more space, like on the back or ribcage.

Creative & Unique Quote Ideas

Want to think outside the box? Look no further.

Longitude & latitude of a meaningful place

For a creative spin on the location of an important event – like where you grew up or met your spouse – consider looking up the longitude and latitude of the location. This can make an attractive tattoo with a combination of numbers and letters, perfect for the shoulder, ribcage, or wrist.

Tattoo quotes in another language

Why not consider getting inked in another language? Latin has an air of mystery about it, or consider a language of your heritage. One popular option is “la vie est belle,” translated in English to “life is beautiful.”

A favorite movie or book quote

Movie and book quotes are all the rage in the land of tattoo quotes. These can be inspirational and encouraging, like the famous line from Dumbledore in Harry Potter: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

A Great Tattoo Quote Can Add Meaning to Your Life

There’s no doubt about it: choosing from one of the meaningful tattoo quotes listed above can add a creative, inspiration spin to your collection of ink. It’s key to choose a quote that will be relevant for the entirety of your life, so give this decision plenty of thought.

For more tattoo ideas and other inspiration, check out our blog. We can help you choose the perfect ink to fit your personality and values, and create a permanent reminder of the people and things that are most important to you.

Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos

Tribal Tattoos: Why Are They So Popular?

Tribal Tattoos: Why Are They So Popular?

Tribal tattoosFrom ancient times to the modern era, tribal tattoos have remained popular throughout the years. Learn more about why this popular style has stuck around.

Did you know that over 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo?

Some get tattoos as a means of self-expression. For others, tattoos make them feel sexy, rebellious, or daring.

While we can’t say for certain which tattoos are the most common, tribal tattoos definitely rank high on the popularity list.

What makes the tribal tattoo design so popular? How did they get started? What meaning did they have in the past–and what meaning do they hold today?

In this post, we’ll delve into the fascinating history of tribal tattoos. Read on to learn more!

The History of Tribal Tattoos

Long before Samuel O’Reilly invented the tattoo gun in 1891, cultures around the world had embraced the art of the tribal tattoo.

Consider a few examples.


Historians have found tattoos on mummies in northern Africa that date back to around 2000 BC. In ancient Egypt, it was common practice for the High Priestesses to decorate their bodies with tattoos, especially on their arms.

Other mummies have been found with tattoos that are thought to relate to fertility, rejuvenation, and sun worship. It was also believed that tattoos could ward off evil spirits and cure certain diseases.


Almost everyone in ancient Polynesian cultures–male and female–was tattooed. Tattoos were used to identify tribe, rank, genealogy, and sexual maturity. Tattoos were also closely linked with warfare and religious rituals.

Tribal tattoos were part of life in many different Polynesian cultures, including Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, and New Zealand. In fact, the word “tattoo” first entered Europe after explorer James Cook returned from his voyage through Tahiti and New Zealand in 1771.


Britain may not immediately come to mind when you imagine a tribal tattoo. But the elaborate Celtic knots and crosses date way back to before Christianity ever reached its shores.

The “Picts” were an ancient people whose name literally meant “painted people.” Aside from crosses and knots, common Celtic designs include birds, trees, and other aspects of nature.

Central America

In ancient Aztec society, tattoos were used as symbols of social status and war achievements. Warriors often had tattoos of deities, which were believed to give them divine protection during battle.

Ghosts, demons, and wild animals are other popular tribal tattoo designs throughout central America. The Mayan calendar, which predicted the end of the world would come in 2012, is another popular design.

Southeast Asia

In Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia, you’ll see monks and tourists alike sporting sacred “Sak Yant” tattoos. These eye-catching designs incorporate geometric patterns, animal images, ancient Buddhist prayers, and magical Khmer scripts.

The practice goes back thousands of years to when it was believed these tattoos would protect warriors in battle. The tattoos were created using bamboo–a practice still common in that part of the world today.

Modern Tribal Tattoo Designs & Meanings

As you can see, the art of the tribal tattoo transcends time, culture, and continents. They were used for centuries to identify, protect, and empower those who wore them.

Of course, most of us today don’t believe that tattoos offer magical powers or protection from evil. Most people select tribal tattoos for their aesthetic beauty or to celebrate their cultural heritage.

Still, if you’re considering a tribal tattoo for yourself, it’s interesting to know the origin of the design.

For example, some of the most popular tribal tattoo designs are Samoan in origin. These abstract or geometric designs are generally black and may include animals, sun rays, or ocean swirls.

Tribal tattoo designs on the face are typically Maori. Originating in New Zealand, these striking tattoos are synonymous with rank, prestige, and social status.

Other popular tribal tattoo designs and patterns include:

  • Abstract patterns
  • Geometric designs
  • Swirls
  • Crosses
  • Vertical masks
  • Shields
  • Dragons
  • Butterflies
  • Tigers
  • Centipedes
  • Spiders
  • Phoenix bird

There’s virtually no limit to the design you can create for a tribal tattoo. That’s why it’s essential to find a talented tattoo artist who can create the perfect tattoo for your vision.

Considerations for Your Tribal Tattoo

Before you make any final decisions about your tribal tattoo, here are a few important factors to consider:


Tribal tattoos can be soft, swirling, and looping. They can also be bold and jagged with hard edges.

Which style feels right for you? You might also consider a blend of the two for a more unique look to your tattoo.


Many people associate tribal tattoos with solid black, which they certainly can be.

But have you considered any shading or shadows? What about one or more colors to accent the main parts of your design?

You can also go with full, bold colors to really make your tribal tattoo stand out. There’s no right or wrong answer–it’s whatever what you want it to be.


A final consideration is where you’re going to place your new tattoo on your body. The upper arm or lower leg are popular choices for tribal tattoos, but they’re not the only ones.

Men might consider a tattoo that stretches across their upper back or creates a sleeve on their forearm. Women can get creative with placement on their lower back, foot, or hand.

Ready for Your Next Tattoo?

Now that you know more about tribal tattoos, how are you feeling? Are you ready to create a tribal design that’s perfect for you?

We invite you to contact us to discuss your ideas with one of our professional tattoo artists. Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Maui, we’ve got you covered.

Wondering what we’re all about? Check out our testimonials page to see what our satisfied customers have to say about our work.

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Tattoos for Women

Tattoos for Women

8 Trending Tattoos for Women

Tattoos for Women

Old school never really gets old and new age ideas are all the rage. Trying to find inspiring tattoos for women? Check out these hot new (and old) trends.

The stigma that tattoos are only for men and rebels is a thing of the past. 47% of women under 35 have tattoos. If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, now is the time to do so.

While tattoo-removal is not as difficult or expensive as it once was. You’ll still want to take your time picking a design. It’s going to stay on you for a long time, after all.

There are a lot of good tattoo ideas to pick from too. Old-school designs never fade from popularity and there are some new trends emerging.

tattoos for women

Here’s a look at some cool tattoos for women you might want to consider getting:

Script Tattoos

Lettering has always been a staple for tattoos, regardless if it’s for men or women. A trend that’s grown popular with women is cursive lettering. Script tattoos look clean and sleek.

Another reason they’re trendy is because of their elegance. Scripts look linear and almost geometrical from a distance. People only get to see the true meaning of the words when people look at these tattoos up-close.

They’re also flexible. You can get a simple word tattooed or a whole phrase.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos focus on lines, dots, and shape outlines. These are becoming popular tattoos for women because of their flexible meanings and clean design. If you have to hide your tattoos you can get a small triangle or line on your hip or nape.

Three dots can represent three kids or three milestones in life. A triangle can mean nothing or it could represent an alchemy symbol.

Dots and lines are also easier to commit compared to traditional imagery. You may get a line tattoo that represents your work. Later on in life, when that symbolism no longer applies, you can say the line represents something else now.

Tiny Tattoos for Women

Small tattoos have been in style for years and the trend isn’t going away. It’s popular with a lot of famous women too. Some celebrities with tiny tattoos include actress Bella Thorne and singer Ariana Grande.

Many tiny tattoos are basic line art designs. They can be small moons, stars, gender symbols, and more. These tattoos are often on a woman’s hip, wrist, ankle, and nape.

These are the ideal tattoos to get for beginners. They’re easy to hide, they’re less expensive, and the pain isn’t excruciating due to the small size.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly images have always been popular tattoos for women. They rose in popularity during the late 1960s and have since stayed trendy. Their image was part of the hippie movement but has since gone on to represent freedom, resurrection, and change.

You can also approach the colors in a variety of ways. You can ask for the butterfly to sport a watercolor scheme with its colors. You can ask for a pastel look or a traditional color scheme too.

Butterfly tattoos are also good choices if you need to hide your tattoo. While tattoos no longer carry negative views as much as they once did, you might have to hide them when at work.

A butterfly tattoo can be as big or as small as you need. This lets you hide it behind your ear, in your inner arm, hips, or back.

Helix Tattoos

This is a new trend that is catching on with women like wildfire. A helix tattoo is one placed on the outermost part of the ear. Some designs include flowers and vines that wrap around the whole ear.

You should note that the helix is a sensitive part of the ear. Getting a tattoo there can be more painful than getting one behind the ear. You should consult your tattoo artist first before getting this type of tattoo.

Helix tattoos can do wonders when paired with the right jewelry too. Colorful earrings are the most compatible with helix tattoos. The glow of an earring accentuates the colors of a helix tattoo.

Photo-Realistic Tattoos

You can’t go wrong with a photo-realistic tattoo, one of the oldest design trends still popular today. A new twist is hyper-realism. This is a tattoo that looks like a high-definition image grafted on a person’s skin.

Many realistic tattoos for women include images of their children, famous celebrities, and animals. Lions, wolves, and spiders are among the most popular choices.

Do keep in mind that photo-realistic tattoos take more than one session. The artist may have to do a draft first. They’ll then ask you to return so they can continue working on it.

Cosmetic Tattoos

This is a unique tattoo trend due to its medical nature. Cosmetic tattoos are also known as permanent makeup. They’re tattoos that alter a person’s face similar to plastic surgery but on a much smaller scale.

You can get a cosmetic tattoo to get a permanent eyeliner effect. Others get tattoos to thicken their eyebrows. Permanent makeup can also help hide lipstick bleed or fix an uneven lip line.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchors don’t only represent a love for the sea or the military. They can also represent stability and people who keep you grounded in reality. This is why you’ll see someone getting an anchor tattoo that has the word “mom” or something similar.

If you are a sailor, whether military or civilian, then an anchor carries a whole new meaning. It can represent their time at sea and their profession. Women who are fond of classic cartoons, like Betty Boop, will also appreciate an anchor tattoo.

Why Wait? Get a Tattoo Today

Don’t wait. Don’t let the world stop you from getting a tattoo.

There are a lot of great tattoos for women. Any of these ideas could work wonders for you. If these ideas don’t work for you, we can help you discover one that will.

You might want a tattoo to symbolize something important in your life. You might want for the heck of it. You can get one for the artistic beauty.

No matter your reason, you can contact us to help you get started.  Stop by our Maui Tattoo Shop, Las Vegas Tattoo Shop or Henderson Tattoo Shop

New School Tattoo

New School Tattoo

What Makes a New School Tattoo?

New School Tattoo

What Makes a New School Tattoo?

Characterized by a more cartoon-ish style, the new school tattoo has exploded in popularity starting in the 70s. These traits characterize this unique style.

Tattoos come in a wide variety of styles, ranging in color patterns and overall design features. Many people choose a tattoo based on significant events in their lives, and sometimes just for fun.

Depending on your tattoo style preference, it can be difficult to choose just one. That’s why tattoo artists commonly promote different styles and designs. They are constantly drawing, coloring and practicing their craft to better influence followers.

Don’t get stuck with a tattoo that doesn’t represent you or your tattoo artist at their best. Choose a new school tattoo, instead.

Here, we discuss the different features of a new school tattoo so that you can make an educated decision on your new tattoo design style.

Bright Color

Perhaps the most influential characteristic of a new school tattoo lies in the color schemes. They are bright and undeniably non-traditional.

New school tattoo colors differ from old school tattoos in the use of the color palette and the skin.

Old school tattoos or traditional and neo-traditional tattoos use one part color, one part black or grey, and the other part skin. New school designs borrow from this style, but with bolder and brighter elements.

This type of design generally includes colors like ultra light blue, deep lime green and different shades of purple. They’re extremely colorful no matter what subject you choose.

3-D Shading

New School TattooAnother feature that you will find in a new school tattoo includes the use of 3-D shading. There is a heavy influence in how the shading interacts with the skin that creates the three-dimensional effect.

New school tattoos tend to be more un-realistic overall and this can be found throughout the shading techniques.

Your tattoo artist may use different techniques to create drastic effects that allow the tattoo to stand out and make an impression.

Heavy Outlines

One of the characteristics in a new school design that compares with an old school tattoo is the use of heavy outlines. This influence is important to the design features of a new school tattoo in order to incorporate classic elements of tattoo culture.

The use of heavy outlines adds to the color sensation of these pieces because of the grand contrast.

Two Categories

Because of the use of bright colors, 3-D structure shading and heavy outlines, a new school tattoo looks like or represents cartoons and graffiti art.


One of the ways to easily define a new school tattoo is to recognize any cartoon-like qualities.

Cartoon tattoos are increasingly popular because the demand is growing for basic tattoos that represent more than the art itself. Subjects are often fantastical with novel patterns and include much room for customization.

These designs incorporate color on a grand scheme.


Because this art is exaggerated significantly, it also tends to reflect characteristics of graffiti art. Details within the subject are not realistic and might include jagged edges.

Many graffiti style tattoos have themes from hip-hop culture. They are not restricted to traditional characters or subjects.

Images of this nature are typically more abstract and easy to customize. Popular subjects include aquatic scenes and horror movie characters.

The imagery in graffiti tattoos is a little more restricted in the use of colors, in comparison to cartoon tattoos.

Bubble Letters

Whereas old school tattoo designs use scripted or block lettering, new school tattoos are more inclined to bubble lettering.

Letters are enhanced with the use of the heavy outlining and shading techniques to make your color pop.

Design features using bubble letters creates a lasting effect on your tattoo that will not soon go out of style.

Unlike the jagged edges found in graffiti tattoos, bubble letters fit well with cartoon art or word-only phrases and words.


Many tattoo artists are becoming more open about their art in contrast to past decades when these same artists were more secretive with their work for fear of competition.

These days, more artists are sharing their techniques and different ideas with a more relaxed form. This art has created a more diverse selection of artistry among those that are collaborating and designing new school tattoo designs.

Some artists are becoming increasingly popular, showcasing their creative energy and artistic execution in styles that recognize your skin as the ever-changing, beautiful canvas that it is.

Free Style

This tattoo design doesn’t just cater to your artistic side. It also relates to your creative energy and ability to think outside the box. There are a lot of different concepts and mediums involved in this tattoo style. It only depends on what you can think up.

Some fans of this style focus strictly on cartoon characters while others might use club affiliated designs or straight graffiti art. The whole idea is to be as bold as possible.

Many tattoo artists appreciate the freedom of subject and technique that comes with this style of tattoo art. They are also better able to serve their customer’s ideas in true form.

Getting Your New School Tattoo

Getting a new tattoo is not for the faint of heart. Choosing a design takes time and finding the right artist to help you isn’t always easy.

Select a favorite cartoon character and have your artist incorporate a selectively graffiti-like shading structure. Or let the artist decide for you!

If you’re interested in a new school tattoo, get on board and give us a call. We have specialized artists and years of experience.  You can pop by our Las Vegas Tattoo Shop, Henderson Tattoo Shop or Maui Tattoo Shop for more information and meet our artists.