Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate a Baby

Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate a Baby

9 Spectacular Meaningful Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate a Baby

9 Spectacular Meaningful Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate a Baby

Congratulations, you have a new baby. The perfect way to outwardly show your eternal love for your child is a tattoo. Checkout our meaningful tattoo ideas now.

Are you a new parent wanting to celebrate the birth of your child a little differently? Have you been thinking up ways to show the world your eternal love and adoration for your baby?

Well, firstly congratulations on your new baby! Secondly, have you been thinking of a meaningful tattoo idea?

Before you begin selecting get a good idea of where you’d want the placement to be, and what kind of style you’re looking for. This will help narrow down your options to find the perfect meaningful tattoo for you.

Decide if there are a few fonts that you really like, and whether or not your tattoo will be in color. This will save you tons of time trying to select more options within your options!

Are you ready to get into some options for a meaningful baby tattoo? Keep reading on for some unique and some tried and true tattoo ideas to show your love permanently.

1. Their Birthday

Probably the most seen baby tattoo ideas that people get is their baby’s birth date.

You can put your own spin on it by going with different fonts, abbreviating the date, or just going with Roman numerals. The choices and possibilities are endless with how you want it to look.

2. Longitude & Latitude Coordinates

A bit of a unique spin on tattoo idea, using longitude and latitude coordinates are another meaningful way to show your love.

This is a good one especially if you’re family moves around and you may not have children in the same location. It also works if they are all born in the same place and have ‘one for all’ type of tattoo.

Some people choose the coordinates of the hospital, their home addresses, or the city/town in general where they live. You can get creative with this one but just remember to make sure it’s accurate!

3. Foot or Fingerprint Tattoo

A classic commemorative example is footprint and fingerprint tattoos. People have different spins on how they do this.

For example, you can get the prints done in the shape of a heart, or just have the print on its own without a pattern or design to them. It’s, of course, your choice to make.

You should research and contact a good tattoo artist first to ask them for what you need to do to get your baby footprint tattoo ideas in ink. Some artists might have their preferred methods of doing these and it’s worth the ask ahead of time.

4. Their Birthstone

If you’re a fan of colored tattoos getting your baby’s birthstone is also on our list of unique tattoo ideas. For this one, you can opt for a round gemstone type tattoo, or even go for a little stalagmite colored in with the right color.

In the event you decide to have more children, you can add on another stalagmite and have a little stalagmite family going!

5. Their Zodiac Constellation

Some people get their child’s zodiac sign, but what about something more unique like the zodiac constellation?

When your baby is born, there is a specific zodiac star pattern in the sky for a certain amount of time. This is how people get their zodiac signs.

A great tattoo idea can be mimicking what the sky showed the night your baby was born with a couple line segments that marked their birth into the world.

6. Their Initials

Baby name tattoo ideas top the list of common tattoos, but have you considered just doing initials?

If you’re looking to get something a little smaller, your baby’s initial can be a great option for you. Similar to the birth date tattoo, you have the option of a large variety of fonts and styles to choose from for this tattoo.

7. Heartbeat

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time can be one of the first most emotional and heartwarming experiences of parenthood. Did you know you can capture it?

During your baby’s sonogram, the doctor listened to and recorded your baby’s heart rhythm. You can ask your doctor for a copy and take it to your tattoo artist to have them copy it onto your skin.

This is definitely a unique way to show your eternal love, and also having a memory of when you heard their heartbeat the first time with you forever.

8. A Flower

Another option that people go for is getting a flower.

Typically, parents will pick a flower that represents their child or something one that they favor, and tattoo it on themselves. If you end up having more children, you can turn your one flower into a lovely family bouquet.

The options of tattoo ideas for flowers are endless and you can easily swap for a colorless option if you’d like as well.

9. A Heart

Last but not least, we’re ending off our list with one of the classic baby tattoo ideas; a heart.

Don’t be shy to get a little creative with this one. Options you can look at are having their name or initials inside the heart or part of outline, you could put their birthdate, or just simply an outline without any colour.

Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate

Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate a BabyWhen it comes to tattoos like these, make sure the one you pick is something meaningful to you. Take your time in making a decision and take all aspects of the design into consideration. Decide what colours, shapes, and styles you like best before heading to a tattoo shop.

Once you’ve decided on what you’d like to go with, or if you need a little help in deciding what would look best, contact your local tattoo shop to book an appointment.

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more informative tattoo content!

Retro Tattoo Styles

Retro Tattoo Styles

Retro Tattoo Styles

7 Retro Tattoo Styles That Still Rock

Are you planning to get a tattoo for the first time? Or do you already have a couple and wish to add another one that will never go out of style? Then one of the best options to consider is the retro or old-school tattoo styles.

The love affair between Americans and tattoos go a long way. And today, more Americans are getting tattoos compared to almost a decade ago.

Not to mention, there are more tattoo choices today than ever before. But why should you consider going retro on tattoos? What are the classic styles that will still make you stand out in this modern age?

Continue reading below for seven retro tattoo styles deserving of a spot on your skin.

1. The Classic Americana

First on our list of timeless old-school tattoo styles is the Classic Americana. You can easily spot this traditional style tattoos through some key elements. It features solid colors, iconic imagery, and bold black lines.

Classic Americana tattoos trace its roots from way back to the 18th century. But it first became popular in the mainstream tattoo scene in the 1930s. It was tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins who popularized the style.

Back then, Classic Americana tattoos often depicted animals, roses, pin-ups, skulls, and nautical themes. You can even see people sporting this tattoo style with a standard heart tattoo.

2. The Japanese Style

Another old-school option is the Japanese tattoo style or Irezumi. It features remarkable artistry and deep and dark history. Irezumi traces its origins from the Jomon Period (10,000 BCE-300 CE).

However, modern Japanese style tattoos rose to prominence between the years 1603 and 1868. This was during the Edo Period where Japan deemed tattooing as illegal. Hence, the Japanese often associated tattooing to crime, as well as filial piety.

Furthermore, the older Japanese people shunned on tattooing for another reason. They claimed that tattoos somewhat disrespected the body. In turn, they viewed tattooing as a way of breaking the codes of obedience and respect.

As for the designs, Japanese tattoos feature very large images. These images are big enough to cover the entire back. Other areas where artists place the tattoos include the arms and legs.

3. Stick and Poke

Stick and poke tattoos became one of the hottest tattoo styles back in the 1970s. The name originated from the manner of inking the tattoo on the skin. The tattoo artists do not use any machines to ink the skin.

Instead, they use a rod-like contraption where they attach a needle on the end. Thereafter, they dip the needle into the ink and apply it to the skin by hand. The ink settles deep into the skin as the artist pokes the needle dot by dot.

When it comes to the designs, they are far less intricate compared to other tattoo styles. Most of the recent designs feature bold lines with minor decorative patterns.

Check out our Maui Tattoo shop or our Las Vegas Tattoo shop

4. Black and Grey

Some people call black and gray tattoos as “jailhouse” tattoos. Legend has it that this particular style started inside the prison. In prison, inmates use inks and handmade machines for tattooing.

Artists had to improvise when it came to the materials. They used pen ink and cigarette ashes to make the tattoo ink. They converted old guitar strings into needles.

But on the outside, black and gray started to gain a following in the 1970s. Artists use different techniques in creating their designs.

However, the key lies in the shading variation. Good artists can combine deep and soft shadows and hues. To get more solid grey tones, they mix black ink with white ink.

This leveling in the shades is the secret to keeping your black and grey tattoos from fading.

5. Blackwork

If the black and grey style showcases a fusion of two colors, blackwork tattoo proudly boast solid planes of black. Most of the time, blackwork artists depict geometric shapes.

Sometimes, they present abstract patterns. But the common denominator is that they tend to use minimalist images and symbols. This is because of the tattoos Polynesian origins.

But in western culture, blackwork tattoos became fashionable in Europe during the 18th century. It was the laborers who often sported this particular tattoo style.

Today, you will be one of the coolest if you have one on the arms or at the back.

6. Abstract

Though some people may consider abstract tattoos as relatively new, you can trace its roots toward the end of the 19th century. It was a time when artists were feeling the need to come up with a new form of art.

They want this new art to represent the changing landscape in science, technology, and philosophy. Hence, they started to move to the more creative use of shapes, colors, and expressions.

Today, abstract tattoos are a sight to behold. They showcase visual excellence, as well as conceptual beauty.

7. Realism

Last but not least are the tattoos that use realism. Realism tattooing became popular in the 1970s inside California’s Chicano prisons.

As the name implies, these tattoos look realistic. Thus, they come in virtually any color the artists want.

Some use a mixture of bright and dark colors. Others stick to the neutral black and white tones. The color choice depends on the subject and theme of the tattoos.

These subjects can be objects, animals, scenery, or people.

Important Reminders for Before Getting a Tattoo

Retro Tattoo Styles

Retro Tattoo Styles

Regardless of the retro style tattoos that you pick, there are certain rules that you need to observe. And if it is your first time going through the artistic needle, you need to know some hard facts about tattoos.

First, you will feel a constant scratching on your skin. But after the first 15 minutes, your adrenaline should help reduce the pain. However, the pain does not stop there, as you will experience redness and swelling in the area after the procedure.

If you wish to experience the least amount of pain, pick a fleshier spot on your body. Your forearms and wrists are excellent spots for first-timers.

Last but not least, make sure to check the reputation of your tattoo artist. Go for someone with a trusted name in the local tattoo scene to ensure your safety.

Let’s Get You the Tattoo Styles You Want, Today!

Sporting retro tattoo styles is a good way of expressing yourself. But when choosing the designs, make sure to pick something that you feel good and comfortable about. And if you’re looking for an artist you can trust, then you came to the right place.  To see what other style that are popular this year, check out our friends at Feedspot and their Top 50 Tattoo Blogs & Websites For Tattoo Artists & Enthusiasts in 2020

Connect with us today and share with us your design ideas. Let us discuss your options and let’s get you the tattoos that you want.

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo: 5 Important Tips to Get the Best Result

What to Know and Do Before Getting a Portrait Tattoo

Planning a portrait tattoo? There are considerations the tattoo artist would like you to remember; these tips will help you achieve the best result possible.

You’re getting a portrait tattoo? Start here first.

In the United States, about 38 percent of people between the ages of eighteen to twenty-eight have at least one tattoo. Investing in a tattoo is a big decision and requires planning ahead of time.

For those looking for the best result, check out these five important tips for a portrait tattoo.

Read on to learn more.

Find a Design for Your Portrait Tattoo

A portrait tattoo, such as face portrait tattoos, require lots of fine detail and time. Communicate early on with your tattoo artist to discuss expectations and design ideas. Have a picture, drawing, or design idea on hand when you meet with your tattoo artist.

Remember to discuss with the tattoo artist where you want the tattoo to be placed. Talk about ideas like color choices early on to avoid any surprises in the tail end of the process.

Be open to input from your tattoo artist. They create tattoo art for a living and will be able to help you produce the best portrait tattoo design possible by working with you from day one.

Be Prepared for the Process

It’s important to find good places for tattoos. Be sure to look into the tattoo parlor beforehand. Tattoo laws are different between states. Be sure to check out the guidelines in your state.

Always ask the artist to present their state tattoo license to ensure they have completed all training and requirements.

Make sure the tattoo parlor has proper licensing and adheres to all guidelines. Don’t be afraid to ask the tattoo artist questions prior to scheduling your appointment. Consider questions like:

  • How do you sanitize between tattoos?
  • What surface do you tattoo on?
  • How frequently do you clean the tattoo surface?

Remember the parlor should be perfectly clean!

Check out the artwork on the walls and consider a consultation with the artist to further discuss topics such as portrait tattoo ideas and color portrait tattoos. Being comfortable with your tattoo artist is just as important s getting the tattoo itself.

Obtain Aftercare Products Beforehand

After you receive your tattoo, have the aftercare products already on hand to make sure your skin is getting the best care possible.

When you get a tattoo, insoluble ink is injected about a millimeter beneath the surface level of your skin into the dermis, the second layer of your skin. The needle will puncture your skin anywhere between fifty and three-thousand times every minute.

A tattoo can take up to six months to fully heal. After your tattoo artist bandages your tattoo, the healing process begins. It involves three main steps:

  1. Skin redness and oozing
  2. Itching
  3. Skin peeling

Your tattoo artist with ask you to cover your new tattoo for a few hours to several days. After the bandage is removed, there may be fluid and redness at the site of the wound.

Remember to have fragrance free, hypoallergenic soap on hand to clean the tattoo site. Wash your tattoo twice daily. Let it air dry before applying any moisturizer.

It is very common for your tattoo site to itch as it heals. Try using a gentle lotion such as coconut oil to help protect and moisturize your skin. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and can help combat any lurking infections.

If the itching persists, ask your medical healthcare provider for an over-the-counter antihistamine to further reduce inflammation. Do not scratch or pick at the tattoo or you may remove some of the ink.

Your tattoo artist will often provide you with a thick ointment to help the tattoo site heal. Expect to see peeling as the wound heals.

Don’t forget to buy sunscreen beforehand and always keep your tattoo covered with sunscreen to protect it from fading!

It’s important to know the signs that your tattoo isn’t healing properly prior to getting one. Keep and eye out for symptoms such as:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Hives
  • Scarring

Contact your medical care professional immediately if you experience any of this symptoms after getting your tattoo.

Create a Budget

Prices vary greatly between tattoos depending on the size and style you get. Create a budget ahead of time. Most tattoos are nonnegotiable and can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars.

Be prepared to consider a twenty percent tip into your budget for your portrait tattoo artist!

Many tattoo prices are figured based on an hourly rate. Portrait tattoos hold great detail and can take several hours and often times multiple sessions as well.

Try the simple 50/30/20 budgeting plan. It works like this:

  • 50 percent of your money to necessities
  • 30 percent of your money to wants
  • 20 percent of your money to savings

It’s perfect to allocate your wants fund to your dream portrait tattoo.

Know What to Avoid Prior

Before you get your tattoo, remember to avoid certain things like:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive sun
  • Strenuous activity

Alcohol can thin your blood and lead to the ink thinning and skewing your final result.

It’s important you tattoo is not done on sunburned or peeling, dry skin. If you want a tattoo at a site where hair grows, avoid razor burn. Communicate with your tattoo artist beforehand to properly prep the site for the big day.

Portrait Tattoo

portrait tattoo

portrait tattoo

If you’re planning a portrait tattoo, remember to prepare ahead of time. There are considerations the tattoo artist would like you to remember; remember these tips to help you achieve the best result possible.

What are you waiting for? Your tattoo awaits!

Want to see more posts like this one? Check out the rest of our blog to learn more! Or visit our Henderson tattoo shop or Maui tattoo shop.

Feminist Tattoo Ideas

Feminist Tattoo Ideas

10 Inspiring Feminist Tattoo Ideas That Celebrate Equality

Feminist Tattoo Ideas That Celebrate Equality

Show off your solidarity with your fellow comrades and display your fight for equality with these empowering feminist tattoo ideas.

As women, we sure have come a long way! From fighting for the right to vote to breaking through the glass ceiling and even finding our voice as part of the #metoo movement, we have a lot to be proud of!

Are you ready to celebrate your divine feminism with a cool tattoo? Well, you’re in the right place! Check out these awesome feminist tattoo ideas.

1. Tiny Symbol

You don’t have to get a big, extravagant tattoo to celebrate your feminine power. There are plenty of small tattoos with big meaning.

Small female empowerment symbols are easy to place just about anywhere, so you can give yourself a daily reminder without having to worry too much about upsetting your parents or your boss (or any other lame person who doesn’t like tattoos).

Some great options include:

  • The Venus symbol
  • Equal sign
  • Queen of spades
  • A coat hanger (representing the right to choose)

These tiny tattoos are perfect for hiding behind your ear, on the inside of your wrist, on the back of your neck, or in another inconspicuous spot.

You can choose to tattoo a feminist symbol on its own for a minimal, subtle look or incorporate it into a bigger, bolder design. For example, you could tattoo the word “Power” with the Venus symbol as the letter “O.” There are plenty of options, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

2. Simple Phrase

Sometimes just a few words can speak volumes. Do you have a favorite short phrase that means the world to you? These make great feminist tattoos.

The phrase you choose should have a deep meaning to you personally. However, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • I am enough
  • Fearless
  • I refuse to sink
  • Still I rise
  • The future is female
  • Not your babe
  • Fight like a girl

One of our favorites is simply the word “no” inside a heart or other symbol. This can have so many different meanings, but, ultimately, it’s a reminder that “NO” is a powerful word that we shouldn’t fear. It’s okay to say no, and it’s okay to be told no.

Talk about making a huge statement with a tiny tattoo!

3. Powerful Quote

Sometimes, a few words won’t do. A longer quote gives you more flexibility in terms of the overall design of your tattoo. Choose your font, size, and other adornments to make your tattoo uniquely you.

Some of our favorite quotes we’ve seen turned into women empowerment tattoos include:

  • “A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol”
  • “And though she be but little, she is fierce”
  • “This is what a feminist looks like”
  • “Nevertheless, she persisted”

If this idea appeals to you, spend some time searching online until you find one that really speaks to you.

4. Meaningful Image

You can also say a lot without saying anything at all. Instead, think about tattooing an image that is meaningful to you. A hammer, slingshot, a burning bra, or two women kissing – if it speaks to you, it will make a great tattoo!

5. Famous Feminists

Some women choose to adorn themselves with one or more tattooed images of famous feminists or inspiring women. A great tattoo artist can create a beautiful, life-like rendition that you’ll be proud to display on your body.

If you don’t want to use a real person’s face, you could also choose something like the famous “Rosie the Riveter” poster, or a full-length image of your favorite pin-up girl.

6. Play on Words

Another fun idea is to take a clever feminist phrase and turn it into a visual image. For example, take the phrase “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” and turn it into an image of a cigarette-smoking fish on a bicycle. It might take a special person to understand it right away – but that’s part of the appeal!

7. Fun and Playful

There’s no rule that says a feminist tattoo has to be serious! There are plenty of different tattoo styles to choose from, so have some fun with it!

Want a rainbow unicorn with the words “Feminist as F*ck?” Go for it! It’s your body, and you can do what you want. And that’s really the point – right?

8. Match ‘Em Up

Do you have a female BFF who has been your rock? What better way to celebrate each other’s strengths than by getting matching feminist tattoos?

Choose a symbol or phrase that’s meaningful to both of you, then go together to get them done. It’s a memory you’ll both cherish forever and can offer strength and comfort when you can’t be together.

Instead of an exact match, you may also want to consider tattoos that complement or complete each other. For example, one of you gets “girl” and the other gets “power.” You could also get the same type of image (for example, the Venus symbol) but each of you can choose a style that appeals to you or matches the other tattoos you already have.

Use your imagination and the possibilities are literally endless.

Bring Your Feminist Tattoo Ideas to Life

Did these feminist tattoo ideas inspire you? Whether you want to keep things simple and go with one of these ideas or use them as a starting point to create your own unique design, we’re here to help!

Contact us today to discuss your idea, schedule an appointment, and get started!

Dog Tattoo Ideas

Dog Tattoo Ideas

Canine Love: 8 Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Dog Lovers

Amazing Dog Tattoo Ideas

Immortalize your love and the ups and downs you had together with your canine best friend with these amazing dog tattoo ideas.

Americans love their dogs: over 63 million U.S. households are home to at least one canine.

Most dog lovers show off their love for man’s best friend by wearing dog t-shirts or hats or putting a sticker on their car. We here at Skin Factory Tattoo, however, think there’s no better way to proclaim your puppy love to the world than by getting a dog tattoo.

The possibilities are endless for dog lovers. Here’s a look at eight inspired dog tattoo ideas. One of these may just be your next tat.

1. Your Dog

The most obvious tattoo design for any dog owner is to get a rendition of their beloved fur baby. The only drawback is that as tattoos are permanent you have to be OK with seeing a reminder of a deceased pet on your body every day. Although, this can also be a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved part of your family.

For this type of tattoo, it’s best to take photos of your dog and narrow them down to two to three possible shots to show to your tattoo artist. You may want them to capture an exceptionally cute or funny expression that shows off your dog’s personality.

2. Go Abstract

Your tattoo artwork doesn’t have to be highly detailed and show every hair on your dog to be beautiful. Many tattoo artists can take an image and interpret it in an abstract, modern way. We’re not talking about drawing an unrecognizable Picasso-esque version of your dog, but maybe incorporating bright colors, hard-edged shapes, and patterns into the image for a design that really pops.

3. Go Minimal

Maybe you don’t want a big, colorful, splashy tattoo of your dog covering a lot of skin. The good news is dog tattoos can be minimal, too! The perfect dog tattoo for you may consist of a few black lines that form your dog’s face and expression, or your favorite breed.

Or you may want something as simple as the outline of a heart tattooed along with a short sentimental quote about what pet ownership means to you. How about the dog constellation Canis Major with an outline of a dog superimposed over it? Going minimal is a great option for the person who wants a more subdued tattoo design.

4. Paw Print

If you don’t want an image of a dog on your skin but still want to convey your love for all things canine, a paw print tattoo may be the perfect compromise.

And we’re not just talking about cute little cartoon-like paw prints (unless you’d like a trail of those along a body area) but a large, realistic-looking paw impression. Many owners with big dogs even opt for a life-sized rendition of their pooch’s paw print on an arm or leg.

Tattoo artists can get very detailed with this idea by inking in the texture of your dog’s toe pads or making it look like they stepped in mud before they stepped on you. Or they can incorporate your dog’s face into the paw print.

Artists can get surprisingly creative with this tattoo design, so this is definitely one idea you may want to explore.

5. Multiple Dogs

What’s better than one dog tattoo? Several, of course! A really cute idea is to have three or four dog heads tattooed on your lower back, inner arm, or calf area.

If you own more than one pet, this is a great way to include them all in your tattoo design.

6. Your Dog’s Name

Another classic tattoo design is to simply have your dog’s name tattooed. You can choose to have their profile illustrated along with the name, or opt to just have the named inked. You can choose a simple, black and white font, or go for a more decorative and colorful one. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is up to you.

Your artist can also incorporate dog imagery with the lettering—such as a paw print or dog bone—so people will know the name is referring to a loved pet. Some people get a tattoo design depicting a heart-shaped dog tag that has their dog’s name.

7. Flowers and Other Decorative Touches

The beauty of tattoos is what they allow you to get as creative as you like, and that means you can include decorative elements in your dog tattoo such as flowers, stars, or other embellishments.

You could also get a tattoo that pays homage to your dog’s roots, such as showing pine trees behind an Alaskan husky, or a Bavarian mountain behind a German shepherd.

8. Your Dog’s Alter Ego

Do you think your dog sees himself as a superhero, keeping your yard safe from squirrels and alerting you to strangers? Or maybe he has an inner rock star, as evident by his howling each time you play music.

You can get playful with your tattoo design by incorporating a bit of your best friend’s personality into the artwork. Your tattoo artist can render your dog wearing sunglasses or include superhero tattoo elements such as a cape and mask.

Explore These Dog Tattoo Ideas

Dog Tattoo Ideas

Dog Tattoo Ideas

As you can see, dog tattoo ideas are really only limited by your imagination. Your tattoo artist should also have plenty of other ideas to help you find the perfect way to show off your love of your dog, or dogs in general, to everyone.

Thinking of getting a dog tattoo, or a tat to symbolize another pet or animal? Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your tattoo ideas with us. Our artists will make your vision a reality.