Music Tattoo Ideas

Music Tattoo Ideas

16 Unique Music Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Passion for Music

Have you ever seen the lengths some fans will go to show their devotion to their favorite tunes? Take, for example, those who have their entire faces tattooed to mirror the iconic makeup of Insane Clown Posse members, turning their admiration into a permanent, visible tribute. This extreme commitment reflects a deep desire not just to listen to music but to embody it.

Yet, not everyone wants or needs to make such a bold statement. For those looking to express their passion for music in a more personal and subtle way, the right music tattoo can be the perfect solution.

Whether it’s to commemorate a life-changing concert or immortalize a favorite lyric, these 16 music tattoo ideas are tuned perfectly to reflect your musical soul.


1. Musical Notes and Sheet Music


Musical notes and sheet music tattoos are a timeless choice for those who wish to carry the essence of music with them. These designs, often marked by elegant lines that flow like a melody, represent a universal language understood by musicians worldwide. They can range from a single note to complex compositions sprawling across the skin.

Commonly placed on the wrist, forearm, or discreetly behind the ear, these tattoos not only appeal to those involved in music but also to those who find a personal story or memory in every note played.


2. Guitar and String Instruments


Tattoos featuring guitars and other string instruments are iconic. They resonate deeply with those who play these instruments or have a profound love for the music they produce.

From acoustic guitars etched with great detail to electric guitars portrayed in vibrant, energetic designs, these tattoos often cover larger areas like the back or arms to allow for a full display of the instrument’s beauty.

The guitar tattoo is more than just a symbol. It’s a piece of art that reflects the wearer’s passion and often, their identity as musicians.


3. Vinyl Records and Turntables


Vinyl records and turntables offer a nostalgic glimpse into music’s golden era. This makes them popular themes for musical tattoo designs. These tattoos often feature intricate details of the vinyl itself, sometimes with a favorite album label at the center or a turntable that looks almost real enough to play.

Positioned on the chest, forearm, or upper arm, they serve as a tribute to the enduring legacy of vinyl and a signal to others of the wearer’s deep appreciation for the classics. They are especially popular among those who celebrate the rich history of music and its evolution over the decades.


4. Headphones and Earbuds


For many, music is a personal sanctuary, and tattoos of headphones and earbuds symbolize this intimate relationship. These designs vary from simple, minimalist lines that suggest a pair of earbuds to elaborate, detailed depictions of professional headphones draped around the neck or resting on the shoulders.

Commonly placed on less visible areas such as the neck or ankle, or subtly behind the ear, these tattoos speak of the wearer’s connection to music as a constant companion that provides comfort, motivation, and an escape from the everyday.


5. Band Logos and Symbols


Tattoos of band logos and symbols are powerful ways for music fans to show their allegiance and admiration for their favorite bands. These tattoos often feature iconic symbols like the Rolling Stones’ lips and tongue logo or the unmistakable ‘X’ of The XX. Each design serves as a visual shout-out to the bands that have shaped personal and musical identities.

Such tattoos are typically placed in highly visible areas like the upper arm, back, or chest. This makes them not just personal statements but also conversation starters.

They are a form of self-expression that connects fans with a global community who share similar musical tastes and experiences. Whether it’s the lightning bolt from AC/DC or the prism from Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon,” these tattoos are worn with pride and often spark connections between music lovers. They tell a story not just of personal preference but of the impact music has on an individual’s life.


6. Lyrics and Song Quotes


Many choose to tattoo lyrics and song quotes that have touched their lives to turn their bodies into canvases of personal anthems. These tattoos often feature lines from beloved songs that offer a glimpse into the wearer’s emotional landscape.

Lyrics that inspire, console, or celebrate are inked in visually creative fonts. You’ll often find them winding along the ribcage, stretching down the forearm, or gracefully curving around the collarbone.

For example, “Let it Be” from The Beatles or Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” are popular choices that reflect moments of peace or personal triumph.


7. Music Clef and Symbols


Musical symbols tattoos, such as the treble clef and bass clef, are not just artistic expressions but also symbols of the wearer’s connection to music theory and sound. These designs might be simple or intricately woven into larger musical scenes, often found on the wrist, shoulder, or ankle.

They serve as a nod to the foundational aspects of music creation and are a favorite among both seasoned musicians and those who cherish music’s universal language.


8. Piano Keys and Instruments


Piano keys represent a classic choice for musical tattoos. They embody elegance and a love for rich melodies.

Tattoos depicting piano keys are often designed to look like a real segment of a keyboard, wrapped around the arm or cascading down the side of the body. They can also integrate parts of other instruments to symbolize a medley of sounds or a specific pivotal moment in the wearer’s life related to piano music.


9. Microphones and Singing Icons


Microphones and icons of famous singers make for powerful tattoo inspiration. They capture the essence of vocal performance and the personal impact of vocalists like Freddie Mercury or Billie Holiday.

These tattoos are usually placed where they can be seen easily, like the forearm or chest to symbolize the wearer’s passion for singing or a particular artist. Often, these tattoos are accompanied by musical notes or lyrics which add to their significance and aesthetic appeal.


10. Soundwaves and Waveforms


Tattoos of soundwaves and waveforms offer a modern twist. They turn a favorite song or personal voice recording into a visual form. These tattoos can be custom-made to match the exact waveform of a sound clip, providing a deeply personal connection to a moment in time or a loved one’s voice.

Common placements include the arm, back, or neck; areas large enough to accommodate the detailed and linear nature of soundwave designs. They are a testament to the impact of digital music and technology on personal expression through tattoos.


11. DJ Equipment and Mixers


Tattoos of DJ equipment and mixers pay homage to the electrifying world of electronic music and the artists who create it. These designs often feature detailed depictions of turntables, mixers, or headphones to encapsulate the dynamic energy of a DJ in action.

Popular among electronic music enthusiasts and professional DJs alike, these tattoos are usually placed on the upper arm, leg, or chest. These are areas that provide ample space to capture the complex details of the equipment. They serve as a permanent tribute to the wearer’s passion for mixing beats and creating rhythms that move crowds.


12. Festival and Concert Scenes


For many, the most memorable experiences come from live music events, and tattoos of festival and concert scenes are a vibrant way to keep those memories alive. These tattoos can range from specific scenes depicting a favorite band performing on stage to panoramic views of festival crowds.

They are typically inked on the back, thigh, or arm as these offer a large canvas to portray the energy and excitement of live music. Such tattoos not only celebrate the personal significance of these events but also connect wearers with others who share similar passions.


13. Cultural and Traditional Instruments


Tattoos of cultural and traditional instruments celebrate the rich musical heritage from around the world. These tattoos often feature instruments like the African Djembe, the Australian Didgeridoo, or the Chinese Guzheng. They showcase intricate details that not only highlight the beauty of the instrument but also pay homage to the culture it represents.

These designs are more than just art. They tell stories of tradition, history, and the role of music in cultural identity.

Common placements for these tattoos include the forearm, shoulder, or back. These allow for a detailed depiction of the instrument’s structure and decorative elements.

They are particularly popular among individuals who have a deep connection to their cultural roots or those who have been profoundly influenced by the sounds and stories of different musical traditions. Each tattoo serves as a permanent expression of respect and admiration for the diverse ways in which music can connect us to our heritage and to each other.


14. Music-Themed Mandalas


Music-themed mandalas offer a unique blend of visual symmetry and personal significance. This makes them standout choices for those seeking creative tattoo concepts.

These intricate designs combine elements of music, like notes and instruments, with the traditional circular mandala pattern known for its balance and harmony. The result is a stunning piece of art that symbolizes the unity of music and the cosmos.

Music-themed mandalas are often chosen by individuals who view music as a spiritual or centering force in their lives. These tattoos are typically placed on the thigh, upper back, or arm. These areas provide enough space for the detailed work required to bring out the complexity of the mandala design.

A music-themed mandala tattoo not only decorates the body but also serves as a personal emblem of the wearer’s connection to the universality and healing power of music.


15. Birds and Music Notes


Tattoos that combine birds and musical notes create a visually appealing harmony. They symbolize freedom and melody in one elegant design.

These tattoos often depict birds in flight, with their trails transforming into a cascade of musical notes, suggesting a song carried on the wings of the bird. This design is popular among those who see music as an integral part of their life’s journey, providing a sense of liberation and joy.

Such tattoos are frequently placed on areas like the collarbone, wrist, or along the side of the body to allow the design to flow naturally with the body’s contours. The choice of birds ranges from small, delicate sparrows to majestic eagles, each adding a different character to the tattoo.

For those who feel a deep connection to nature and music, this tattoo serves as a perfect expression of two passions intertwined.


16. Abstract and Geometric Music Designs


Abstract and geometric music designs bring a modern twist to traditional music tattoos. They merge sharp lines and bold shapes with musical elements. These tattoos often incorporate fragmented musical notes, keyboards, or stylized instruments, arranged in visually striking patterns.

The abstract nature allows for a wide range of personalization that makes each tattoo truly unique to the wearer’s taste and connection to music.

Placed on the arm, leg, or chest, these designs make a bold statement. They are particularly favored by those who appreciate contemporary art and want their tattoos to reflect modern aesthetic values while still paying homage to their musical passions.

The geometric components can be designed to flow with the body’s natural lines which enhances the overall appearance and impact of the tattoo. This style is ideal for music lovers who seek a distinctive and artistic way to express their love for music.


Take Your Music Tattoo Ideas From Vision to Reality


Through intricate designs of musical notes, inventive depictions of instruments, and lyrical tattoos that sing a tune of their own, this article has showcased a symphony of music tattoo ideas tailored to resonate with every music lover.

At Skin Factory Tattoo, we understand that each tattoo is not just a mark on the body but a piece of personal history, an artwork that speaks without sound. Our artists are renowned for their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to bringing your ink ideas to life.

Don’t just dream about your perfect music tattoo. Schedule a free consultation and let’s make it a reality.

To learn more, contact us here.

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New Tattoo Trends

New Tattoo Trends

Art, Design and Style: Your Guide to the New Tattoo Trends

Are you looking to get a new tattoo?

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a new, clean art piece on your skin. For many tattoo collectors and enthusiasts, tattoos are a part of their identity. With the variety of styles in tattoo design, you’re unlikely to ever run out of ideas for your next tattoo.

Many tattoo designs are timeless and are sure to age with grace with you. However, there are also plenty of new tattoo trends that we and many others have fallen in love with. Studies show that the tattoo industry is the 6th fastest growing industry in the US.

Are you looking for inspiration for a new tattoo?

We got you! This article covers some of the most trending tattoo designs of 2022. Read on to find out more!

Fineline Tattoo

Is it your first time getting a tattoo? You may already have a collection of fineline tattoo inspiration in your gallery! Fineline tattoos consist of simple and small designs.

This tattoo trend is perfect for those who are looking for something elegant. Many clients who get fineline tattoos are also first-timers. These people like the idea of tattoos but aren’t sure if it’s right for them.

This type of tattoo design allows people to see if they like getting tattooed and can commit to it. These tattoos only take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Shading in the tattoo is often lighter and softer if there is any shading needed at all.

If you’re looking to get a fineline tattoo, ensure to get an artist who specializes in this style. To get that clean linework, an artist must use single needles instead of the standard 3-5 round liners. You don’t want to risk a blowout or wobbly line work with the wrong artist.

The good news is that fineline tattoos are much easier on the skin. There’s less bleeding and pain. Fineline tattoos take less time to heal, and cases of crusting during the healing process are little to none.

Red Ink Tattoo

Do you want a striking tattoo that can stand out? Many celebrities took part in starting the red ink tattoo trend. In addition, red ink is pleasing to the eye and will surely add a special touch to your tattoo collection.

Red ink tattoos often have no shading and consist of a simple silhouette. If it is a more complex design, there is no shading done. This helps the ink to stand out more and appear cleaner.

However, if you’re planning to get a red ink tattoo, there are some things you need to know. First, red ink is more likely to cause allergies than any other tattoo ink color. Allergic reactions to red ink also tend to be more severe than in other colors.

If you wish to avoid ruining your next tattoo experience because of an allergy, it’s best to get an allergy test. After an allergy test, you’ll receive a list of components or ingredients your body may be allergic to. Then, ask your tattoo artist about their ink and compare the list with its ingredients.

Red ink tattoos will also require touchups every few years as they are more prone to fading. However, with the right care, you’ll have a tattoo you’ll love forever.

Take It Back to the 90s

2022 seems to be the year for ’90s nostalgia, evident in current makeup and fashion trends. The tattoo community is also picking up on ’90s-style tattoos, but with a modern twist. You can expect thinner lines and a softer gray wash in shading.

Some 90s trends to look out for are lower back tattoos or tramp stamps and tribal tattoos. Suns, dolphins, and barbed wire tattoos are also making a return this year. So far, butterfly tattoos have gotten the most requests from clients.

Modern Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a classic and will always remain a cornerstone of tattoo history. Polynesian tattoos take the most credit for the inspiring tribal tattoos. The original Polynesian tatau took great pride and care in choosing the placement and symbols used in the tattoo.

Each component has a significant meaning to its wearer and community. It tells the story of the wearer’s roots, ancestors, family, and journey through life. Asia also has a major influence over tribal tattoos, like the Igorot tribes of Luzon.

Modern tribal tattoos incorporate different designs, images, and patterns. You may see images of animals, like wolves, deer, or lions.

Modern tribal tattoo designs often consist of more flowing shapes. Tribal tattoo designs were more on large sections of solid black similar to the modern blackwork we know today.

Colored Tattoos

Black and gray tattoos will always have their place in the tattoo community. However, colored tattoos have been on the rise and are one of the biggest trends. In the past, people avoided getting colored tattoos because of their inferior longevity.

Thanks to evolved techniques and equipment, people can go bright and bold without fear. Watercolor tattoos are a fantastic example of this. More and more clients are getting full-blown portraits. Your colored tattoos could last as long as your black and gray pieces with proper care.

Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo

Are you on the fence about getting a sleeve? A full sleeve is a huge commitment, and if you love getting new styles all the time, it can be hard to commit to a full sleeve. Patchwork tattoos can help you achieve that full sleeve without binding yourself to a single huge piece.

A patchwork sleeve refers to a sleeve made of separate pieces instead of one big picture. It’s also a great option for clients who want a sleeve but have a bunch of other small tattoos on their arms. It can help you fill in small spaces without looking like filler.

You can opt to stick to a theme or go completely random! You can still achieve a balanced look without choosing a color scheme or tattoo style. All you need to do is find the right tattoo artist for the job.

You also don’t have to rush to get your sleeve done! The beauty of patchwork sleeves is that they consist of small, separate, finished designs. You can mix and match as many styles as you want and grow your collection over time.

Holographic Tattoos

Some talented artists in the community have curated a unique style called holographic. Holo has made its way into various industries, from stationary to nail art. While colored tattoos are in trend this 2022, holographic tattoos are taking it to the next level.

Pair it with a psychedelic theme, and you have a head-turning tattoo. Expect to see bolder imagery and more neon colors this year!

Blacklight Tattoos

Minimalist and fineline tattoos were the standard when it came to hideable tattoos. When blacklight tattoos came into the media, you can bet it took the community by storm. As the name implies, these tattoos are invisible under regular sunlight but in UV light.

Blacklight tattoos use ink with fluorescent dye. Imagine walking into a club and getting entirely new tattoos than the ones you walked in with. The process of getting a blacklight tattoo is the same, but the ink is much thinner.

Though they come in different colors, it’s much harder to blend UV ink.

Blacklight tattoos are the newest in the scene, meaning there’s more discussion about whether it’s safe. People with blacklight tattoos have reported various skin issues. This includes burning, pain, rashes, and blistering.

While getting a blacklight tattoo is a cool concept, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons. If you do end up getting a blacklight tattoo, find an artist you trust and know what’s ahead of you.

Hairline and Eyebrow Tattoos

Tattoos are no longer only for aesthetic reasons; they’re also functional! Hairline tattoos, also known as scalp micro pigmentation, have become the new solution for hair loss. Studies show that most men experience some form of hair loss by 30.

A hairline tattoo could be your solution if you’ve been struggling with hair loss or visible thinning. Technicians use a microneedle to create the illusion of fine hair follicles. This is possible with the pointillism technique.

Trained technicians know how to match your hair color with the right pigments. Thanks to scalp micro pigmentation, you can address any hairline issues, from thinning areas to bald patches. Many also turn to hairline tattoos to construct a more flattering hairline for their features.

The best candidates for this are those who don’t mind keeping their hair short. When completed, the procedure will result in a short buzz-cut appearance. Most clients will need to cut their hair every one or two weeks to keep it as natural as possible.

Eyebrow tattoos are also trending as a more permanent alternative to microblading. Microblading requires regular touchups, usually every 18 months.

Choosing an Artist

We’ve talked time and time again about getting the right artist for the job. Tattoos are forever unless you’re willing to pay for laser removal. If you want a tattoo you won’t regret, take the time to pick an artist who can give you what you want.

Regardless of the style you choose, the right artist won’t let you leave the studio without a tattoo you’re happy with. Some trending styles today are pretty niche, so you may need to canvas new artists. So, how do you find the right one?

Look at Portfolios

If you want to get a specific style of tattoo, look at the artists’ portfolios. This gives you a good idea of whether they’ve worked with your desired style of tattoo before. It also gives you a chance to see if they understand the fundamentals, like clean linework and shading.

Clean and Sanitized Workstation

It’s worth visiting a tattoo studio before booking an appointment. The right tattoo artist should be more than happy to show you around. They should also be able to answer any of your questions regarding cleanliness and safety.

You want an artist that has a clean workstation free of clutter. Ask them about their process when preparing a client for a tattoo session.

Do they wrap up their working area in plastic? Do they use new clean needles and wear gloves whenever they work? It also helps to know if your artist works from a reputable location.

Certifications and Reviews

Tattooing has become an accepted practice over the years. Nowadays, it’s standard for your tattoo artist to have proper certification. This shows that your artist is knowledgeable in their field and has the skills to give you your desired tattoo.

Most tattoo studios today also have their own websites, so be sure to pop in for a visit! Don’t stop at looking at the number of stars next to the studio name. Take the time to read reviews and see what past clients had to say about their artists.

If you have a friend or family member with the tattoo style you want, ask them for a reference! There’s no better way to acquire a good candidate than with referrals from a loved one.

Is the Artist Approachable?

Looking for a new tattoo artist can be a daunting experience. At the end of the day, only you will be able to determine if an artist is right for you. When you walk into the salon, do you feel welcome?

Is your artist friendly and accommodating? You should always feel safe working with a new tattoo artist. If you feel apprehensive or are having second thoughts, there’s no harm in looking elsewhere.

New Tattoo Trends of 2022

new tattoo trends

new tattoo trend

If you’ve been looking to get a new tattoo, check out these new tattoo trends! You have plenty of options, from minimalistic red line tattoos to full-color pieces. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and creativity with your tattoo artist.

Have you decided on your next tattoo? Dive in and take the next step with Skin Factory Tattoo! Contact us today to get a consultation.

custom tattoo design

custom tattoo design

Your Custom Tattoo Design Guide: Tips, Tricks and Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that the practice of tattooing is around 6,000 years old? That’s right, when you’re working with a tattoo artist, you’re participating in an ancient tradition.

Maybe you’ve gotten pre-drawns or flash pieces in the past, but now it’s time to get a custom tattoo design of your very own. How do you even start the process?

We’re here to talk about it. Read on to learn all about designing a tattoo with your tattoo artist.

First: Pick Your Style

People who are new to getting custom tattoos may not be “in the know” about various styles of tattooing. When you’re trying to have a custom design created for you, it’s a good idea to know the type of tattoo that you’re going for. This will help you narrow down and artist and explain your desires more clearly.

There are so many styles of tattoo art to choose from. If you browse the web, you’ll see near endless options. Some of them are more popular than others, however.

Here are a few of the most common styles of tattoos and what makes them unique.

American Traditional

When you think of tattoos, American traditional tattoos likely come to mind first. These tattoos operate under the principle that “bold will hold.” They have dark and bold lines and (usually) bright colors that will stand the test of time.

If you think of old-school tattoos that sailors would get, you’re thinking of American traditional tattoos.

You can get anything in the American traditional style, but there are a few common tattoo subjects that you can find on any flash sheet (and they’re things that any American traditional tattoo artist should be able to do.

Lady heads, tigers, anchors, roses, snakes, and other common tattoo motifs are all readily available when you choose an American traditional tattoo artist. Some artists prefer to stick with those traditional motifs, but many welcome new and unique ideas, even if they don’t have examples on display in their portfolios.

Fine Line

Fine line tattoos have boomed in popularity over the past decade. They’re popular among celebrities, influencers, and “average people” alike. They’re dainty, elegant, and easy to hide.

For fine line tattoos, you want to find a great artist. Even when done correctly, it’s possible for these tattoos to fade over time. You want to give yourself the best possible chance of a long-term tattoo.

Common fine line tattoos include script, small symbols, and flowers, but people have done fine line tattoos of everything.

New School

New school tattoos are bright, bold, and cartoonish. Try to imagine a combination between cartoonish digital artwork and classic tattoos and you’ll get New School.

This tattoo style was popular in the early 2000s and it’s since faded into the background, but that doesn’t make it less valuable. These tattoos are bright, bold, and long-lasting as long as you pick a great artist.

Common new school tattoo subjects are cartoon characters, “embroidery tattoos,” flowers, and lady’s heads, but again, you have countless options if you pick a great artist.


Neotraditional tattoos are similar to American traditional tattoos, but with a bit of extra “flair.” Often, artists will start off with traditional tattoos, but then add their own special touch.

Neotraditional tattoos have the same general motifs as traditional tattoos, but modernized. Lady heads may look more like art nouveau portraits, for example.

These tattoos are stylized and detailed, but not hyperrealistic. They’re genuine art pieces. They tend to resemble oil paint or digital art, but without the shine and bold colors of new school tattoos.

Japanese Traditional

Japanese traditional tattoos are also similar to American traditional tattoos, but with Japanese motifs and subjects. The styles are both bold and strong, but Japanese traditional tattoos resemble old woodblock prints.

There are still lady heads, but they often resemble Geishas. Snakes, dragons, frogs, and tigers are all common in Japanese traditional tattoos, but again, you can have anything tattooed in this style.

Many Japanese traditional artists like to do large-scale tattoos that are characterized by dark backgrounds and bold and colorful foregrounds.


For anyone who wants a true portrait, realism tattoos are the way to go. These tattoo artists tend to meticulously trace or replicate photos to make sure that their clients get exactly what they’re looking for, and then use their own expert shading techniques to bring the images to life on skin.

This is a difficult tattoo style that will require a lot of time in the tattoo chair. In other words, this style of tattoo is a commitment (moreso than many other types of tattoos).

Blackwork “Styles”

Blackwork often just refers to any tattoos that are black, but there are a few things that set apart “blackwork” as a style rather than just a color scheme.

Blackworkers often use unique shading styles that resemble pen and ink shading. Stippling, line shading, and cross-hatching are common for blackworkers.

These tattoos can be bold or dainty. It’s common to do “sacred geometry” tattoos in this style, but other common blackwork subjects include flowers, snakes, architectural drawings, and so much more.

Many blackworkers started with another style and then modified it for blackwork, so you’ll see hints of American traditional, neotraditional, and more.

Pick Your Color Scheme

Speaking of blackwork and black tattoos, have you thought about your color scheme yet?

First, decide whether or not you’re going to want color in your tattoo at all. It’s common for people to stick to black tattoos once they have their first one to make their art all cohesive regardless of the styles that they choose.

There’s nothing wrong with color tattoos, however.

Most tattoo artists will recommend bold colors rather than washed-out watercolor tones, though you can do either. Soft pastel colors are less likely to hold long-term. That said, it’s your body and your art, so do what feels right for you.

The style of tattoo will help dictate your color choice, but it doesn’t have to. Tattoo artists tend to be flexible and they often love a challenge, so don’t be afraid to ask about unique colors and color combinations.

Have a General Idea in Mind

When you’re getting custom tattoo art done, you want to start with at least a vague idea. Tattoo artists are artists, so they can work with something loose, but if you don’t give them anything to go off of, they won’t know what you want.

Do you already have other tattoos that you’re trying to match? That might be enough to get your artist started.

Does your artist have other pieces that somewhat resemble what you’re looking for? That’s also a good enough place to start.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having a “theme” and a few images in mind that your artist can work with. For example, you could say that you want a blackwork tattoo with a knife and a flower.

You’re giving your artist the freedom to choose the type of knife and flower, but you’ve given them a base idea to work from.

If you have a specific image in your mind, you’re going to have to private specific images and instructions. We’ll talk about how you can do that later on.

Consider Making an Inspiration Board

So you know that you want a custom tattoo, but you’re not sure what you want. You don’t want to get a pre-drawn design, but you’re overwhelmed with options. You don’t even know where to get the tattoo!

It might be time to browse the web and create some kind of inspiration board. You can do this easily on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Look for tattoos that fit a style that you’re looking for and start collecting them. You can also look for photos and drawings of a few themes or subjects that appeal to you, even if you haven’t yet narrowed down a final idea.

Seeing all of these images in one place might help you decide which elements of each image you like.

Where Is Your Tattoo Going?

Remember that you will be (slightly) limited by the location of your tattoo. You won’t be able to get an intricate piece on a small area, like a foot or wrist. Artists aren’t magicians.

You can ask your artist to switch tattoo locations before they start tattooing you, but remember that the locations should be comparable in size. For example, you can’t move a large back piece onto your calf (or vice-versa).

Sketching a Design: Yes or No?

This is a tricky issue. Should you sketch your own design or have another artist sketch it before you go to the tattoo artist?

If you want something hyper-specific, it’s okay to sketch it out ahead of time. If you’re paying another non-tattoo artist for their work to get it put onto your body (make sure that you have explicit permission to do this and that you’ve paid them for their time), then a sketch is also appropriate.

You can always provide a loose sketch for your artist that just shows placement and a general idea, even if you’re not a good artist yourself.

With this in mind, remember that your tattoo artist is a genuine artist. You don’t need to provide them with a sketch as long as you’re able to convey your thoughts about what you want.

Pick the Right Artist

Speaking of your artist, make sure that you take your time when you’re making your decision! Tattoo artists aren’t a monolith, and different artists have different styles and subject preferences. While they’re versatile, it’s a good idea to pick an artist who has plenty of experience with the style that you’re looking for.

Check shop and artist portfolios online. Many artists (most, even) have Instagram accounts where you can see up-to-date portfolios with all of their current work.

Many of these profiles will also include booking information so you can get in touch with your artist as soon as they’re ready to take on new clients.

Be as Clear as Possible About Your Wants

Once you’ve chosen your ideal artist, gather all of your inspiration images and ideas and bring them to the (metaphorical) table. You want to give your artist as much information as possible so that they can make your ideal art piece.

But what can you include?

You can include images of their other tattoos if you like a specific style that they’ve done in the past. You can also include other tattoos, but note that a good tattoo artist will not copy someone else’s work. They can use it as inspiration.

If you have other tattoos, especially if they’re near the location of your new custom tattoo, it’s a good idea to show those to your artist as well. This will give them an idea of how they can arrange their design so it complements the rest of your art.

Photos and other images are also great for letting your artist know what you want, even if they’re more or less symbolic.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Changes

Many tattoo artists won’t show you the finished design until the day of your appointment. While this may be stressful for you, know that you are able to request changes. This is going on your body forever, and your artist will understand.

Minor changes can often be made on the same day, but if you need a significant change, your artist may request that you make a new appointment so they have enough time to bring your ideas to life.

What Will Your Custom Tattoo Design Look Like?

custom tattoo designAre you ready to have a tattoo artist come up with a custom tattoo design for you? A good tattoo design is a collaboration between you and your tattoo artist. Gather your ideas and make a consultation appointment (or do an email consultation) as soon as possible!

At Skin Factory, our artists are ready to bring your ideas to life. Find our artists on social media or fill out our contact form to start the tattoo process.


To learn more, contact us here.

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couple tattoo ideas

couple tattoo ideas

Couple Tattoo Ideas

Did you know that about 45 million Americans have tattoos? We don’t blame them! Tattoos are a wonderful way to express yourself and hold a special meaning near to your heart.

Speaking of special meaning, one meaningful type of tattoo is to get a tattoo with your significant other. Couple tattoos say “I love you” like nothing else, and they look great, too!

1. Always and Forever

One cute couple tattoo that you can try is a scripted tattoo reading always and forever. In this tattoo idea, one partner will write always on their wrist while the other partner’s wrist reads forever.

These can be great tattoos for married couples. They’re a lovely way for you to remember why you got married in the first place and what commitment you made to your spouse!

2. Mismatched Tattoos

One of the coolest tattoo ideas for couples we’ve seen is to try mismatched tattoos. With mismatched tattoos, you’ll keep the tattoo along the same theme, but they don’t have to exactly match.

What’s fun here is that there are tons of ways that you can make the tattoos mismatched. For example, you could have the same tattoo in two different tattoo styles.

Or, you could have one tattoo in black ink while the other is in color. No matter what it is you choose, this is a great way to get creative with your couple’s tattoo.

3. Minimalist Tattoos

Another fun couple tattoo idea to try is to get minimalist tattoos. Minimalist tattoos are great because they’re simple but still pop against your skin.

Minimalist tattoos also look great no matter where you put your tattoo. That makes them great for couples who need to cover their tattoos for a job.

4. L-O-V-E

L.O.V.E. is a popular Frank Sinatra song, but those same four letters can look great in a tattoo! This idea is a simple yet sweet couple’s tattoo idea for anyone wanting to share a special piece of ink with their partner.

In this tattoo idea, one person gets a tattoo of the letters ‘L’ and ‘O’ while the other completes the set with ‘V’ and ‘E’. It’s a sweet and slightly subtle way to show your love for someone.

5. Get a Cultural Tattoo

Now, this tattoo only works if you’re in a relationship where you and your partner come from different cultures. However, if that’s the case, it can be a sweet nod to your partner’s culture.

For this tattoo, select an element from your partner’s culture. Then, get that tattoo design as a nod to where your partner is from.

The significance of the cultural tattoo is enhanced by the fact that for you, this reminds you of your partner. You can get creative here and make the cultural element you choose significant to your relationship or to love as well!

6. Gamer Tattoos

If you love video games, sports, or board games, you can get some cute gamer tattoos! For these tattoos, pick some elements in your favorite game and get them as tattoos!

You could, for example, get soccer ball tattoos if that’s what brought you together. Or, if you’re more into the digital world, consider getting tattoos of your favorite video game couple (Sora and Kairi, anyone?).

7. Lock and Key

When you love someone, they hold the key to your heart. Why not give them a literal key to hang onto as well?

This darling tattoo idea is for one partner to get a lock and the other to get a key image. The images fit together perfectly without being exactly the same.

You can get really creative here and make your lock and key stylized, too. That can be a fun way to add some extra personality to your tattoos.

8. Written in the Stars

Another cute couple’s tattoo idea that you can try is to put the other person’s star sign on your body. This is a lovely yet subtle way to show someone that you love them.

You can get even more creative with this tattoo by incorporating your partner’s name or birthday into the star sign. That can make it even more special!

Plus, there are so many options when it comes to star signs.

You can choose your partner’s sun, moon, or rising sign, or you can use their Chinese zodiac symbol. Write out the constellation itself or use the associated image instead of the symbol.

No matter how you choose to get creative here, we’re confident you’ll come up with a unique and beautiful design.

9. Pick a Fandom

Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or you can’t get enough of the Lord of the Rings, there’s a couple’s tattoo for you.

A great idea for a couples tattoo is to pick a fandom that you love and to get a tattoo that speaks to that fandom.

For instance, if you’re both Slytherins, you could get two intertwining snakes on your arm. Or, if the two of you love Naruto, you could get hidden leaf symbols on your body.

There are so many different fandoms out there, and this is a great way for you to come up with something that’s unique to you and your partner while still keeping it as a couple’s design.

10. The Sun and Moon

If you feel like your partner is your sunshine, you can get a tattoo that plays with the concept of the sun.

What’s cute about this idea is that one person can have the tattoo filled in while the other has just the outline. Or, you can have the sun and moon rather than both getting the sun.

Another idea is to place the tattoos in different spots. Or you might want to stylize the designs slightly differently.

11. Two Halves of a Whole

You and your partner are like two halves of one whole. So, why not make your tattoo speak to that as well?

You could get two halves of a heart that fit together when you line the tattoos up together. Or, another option would be to get two puzzle pieces.

We also love the idea of two halves of an avocado or another piece of fruit. It’s a cute way to show you fit together without being too mainstream.

12. King and Queen Tattoos

Many of us feel like our partner is our king or queen. You can play that up by getting cute king and queen-inspired tattoos!

One option is to write the words “king” and “queen” on your bodies. Or, you could simply get a king’s crown and a queen’s crown.

If you choose to get crowns, this can be a fun way to personalize your tattoos. You can pick unique styles or can even let your partner draw the tattoo themselves.

13. Animal Tattoos

Animals also work well as couple tattoos. You can get the male and female animal (think lion and lioness) or can simply get the same animal!

Pick an animal that’s symbolic in your relationship. Or, find an animal that’s associated with love and companionship.

No matter what animal you choose, this can be a special way to tell your partner you love them.

14. Classic Hearts

There’s nothing like a heart to show that you love someone. This timeless symbol has been around for centuries, and is a great option for couples wanting a matching tattoo.

You can keep your hearts as simple and minimalist as you like. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can embellish the hearts and make them big, personalized, and funky.

No matter how you choose to design your hearts, we’re confident that this will make a great couples tattoo.

You can also get creative with the placement of these tattoos. Get the hearts on your fingers so that they show off when you hold hands or come up with another special placement.

15. Disney Inspired Couple Tattoos

If your partner is your Prince Charming, Knight in Shining Armor, or your princess, then why not get a Disney-inspired tattoo?

There are tons of sweet Disney relationships that can inspire your couple’s tattoos. Perhaps you love the idea of Ana and Sven, or perhaps Flint Ryder and Rapunzel are more your style.

Regardless of what Disney couple you’re obsessed with, this is a great way to show off your fandom and your love at the same time.

16. Important Dates

Every couple has an important date. Perhaps it’s the day you got married, or maybe it’s the day you met your partner.

No matter what your special day is, getting a tattoo of it can be a special way to show off your love.

You can even get multiple date tattoos if you like. That way, you can commemorate more than one special occasion.

17. Forever Mine

This one’s best for married couples or partners who plan to be together forever.

With this tattoo, you and your partner can get the words “forever mine” tattooed. It’s a sweet reminder of the long-term commitment you’ve made to your partner.

Alternatively, one partner can get the word “mine” while the other partner gets the word “forever”. These simple and sweet words hold a whole lot of significance when they’re shared with your partner!

18. Skulls

Now, while some people might think skulls are macabre, that could be right up someone else’s alley. Skulls can have tons of different meanings depending on how you look at them!

You can customize your skulls with roses and other romantic elements to make them especially sweet. Or, you can make them more cultural and use a Day of the Dead type theme.

Skulls are a wonderful way to symbolize “til death do us part”. Plus, they can also just be simple ways to show off your relationship’s personality.

19. Anchor Couple Tattoos

For most of us, our partners anchor us down and ground us. One way you can show that is to get an anchor tattoo!

You and your partner can get the same anchor tattoo or can mix it up a bit and have one partner get the ship that drops the anchor.

These are also great tattoos for individuals who have a special connection with the sea. Whether you live by the ocean or your partner works at sea, these are wonderfully symbolic tattoos.

20. LGBTQ+ Couple Tattoos

If you’re in an LGBTQ+ relationship, then you might want to get a tattoo that speaks especially to that. It’s a great way to express your love for your partner and show off your pride.

There are tons of different designs out there, such as the double feminine or double masculine symbol. Or, you could opt for simple pride flags.

We also love the idea of double triangles. You can keep it in simple black ink, or you can get colorful to show off your personal orientation.

No matter what LGBTQ symbol or style you choose, these are wonderful ways to express yourself while celebrating your love for your partner.

Get Inspired by These Couple Tattoo Ideas

With this huge list of couple tattoo ideas, you’ll have no problem coming up with an idea for your and your partner’s next set of ink. There are tons of amazing ideas and you can work with your artist to tweak them to be uniquely yours!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get started with gorgeous couple tattoos? Get in touch to book an appointment with our studio.

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18 Covid-19 Tattoo Ideas in 2022

18 Covid-19 Tattoo Ideas in 2022

18 Covid-19 Tattoo Ideas in 2022

After being closed for months due to the pandemic, over 20,000+ tattoo studios across the USA are opening their doors again… and their schedules are filling up with some intriguing requests and tattoo ideas.

The pandemic has been a history-altering, life-changing event we’ve all collectively survived through, and for some, that warrants an inked reminder.

There’s a fresh new wave of COVID-19 related tattoos hitting the market, ranging from the weird and the wonderful, memorial pieces, funny art, and everything between.

If you’re looking for some eye-catching designs to model your next bit of ink on, read on for our list of the 18 most interesting pandemic tattoo ideas.

Looking to Get a Tattoo?

Right now, we’re living through history in the making. In 20 years our children and their children will study the pandemic, with a focus on how governments and the people coped and struggled. They’ll come to you with questions, so what better way to show them how it affected you than a tattoo representing your experience?

Surviving not only the virus, but the loneliness, disconnection, and dissection of society is something to be proud of – and some want to memorialize that.

So, what are these controversial new tattoo designs?

1. Toilet Roll

Both the USA and the UK saw a shortage in toilet roll, of all things, when the lockdowns hit and panic buyers raided the shelves.

Having become a bit of a national joke, toilet roll has been one of the most popular themes for post-pandemic tattoo designs. If you’re looking for fun tattoos that are Coronavirus-related and lighthearted, a funny toilet roll piece might be on the cards.

We’ve seen toilet rolls with angel wings, a Coronavirus cell with arms cheekily handing you a toilet roll, and a toilet roll with ‘survivor’ etched into it, just to name a few of the wacky designs people are coming up with.

2. We Can Do It

Remember the American WWII propaganda poster with a woman, flexing her bicep, claiming ‘We Can Do It’? It was designed to boost morale for the female workforce supporting the war effort from the munitions factories.

Adopted and updated by modern artists, the new COVID-19 tattoo design features the woman on the poster in nurses scrubs and a facemask, sometimes clutching a vaccination injection. If you’re looking for tattoo ideas for women, you could put your own spin on this classic piece.

3. Coronavirus Cell

If you’re into more modern designs, you might be leaning towards a more scientific image. Some designs include the Coronavirus cell under a microscope, which is often used on educational posters and television adverts and an image we all recognize by now. If you’re looking for something even more special and scientific, check out MIT’s incredible new ‘living tattoo’.

It doesn’t have to be all science-related, though. We’ve seen coronavirus cell tattoos that are cheeky, funny, or downright rude!

4. Memorial Tattoo

Memorial tattoos aren’t a new fad – human beings are very sentimental.

If you’ve lost someone to the pandemic – or during the pandemic – a memorial piece is a lovely idea. If you have a favorite photo of your loved one, take it to your tattooist to remember them in ink forever.

5. Mask Tattoo

Yes, believe it or not, people are getting mask tattoos. The pro to designing a mask tattoo is that you can do anything with it – arty, funny, detailed, or simple. If you’ve got some skill with a pencil, you could design your own modest mask piece.

Some designs have included teddy bears with masks, a mask hanging off a finger, and even Lady Liberty wearing a face covering.

6. Survivor Tattoo

Surviving COVID-19 is a feat, especially if you’re at risk, and some survivors want to wear their pride on their sleeve – literally. If you’re looking for tattoo sleeve ideas that are COVID-related, you could take several designs from this list and compile them for a sleeve that’ll tell your COVID-19 journey.

You can do anything with a survivor tattoo – it’s whatever surviving Coronavirus means to you. That might be an achievement because of mental or physical health.

Some people opt for small tattoo ideas with meaning, and some go for more obvious tattoos which feature the word ‘survivor’. Another option that’s less obviously about Coronavirus could be an animal tattoo, like a lion which means ‘strength’ and ‘courage’, or a hawk, which means ‘independence’, ‘harmony’, and ‘progress’.

7. Motivational Quote

Love them or hate them, motivational quotes have helped get many people through the pandemic one day at a time.

As humans, we like quotes for two reasons: one, because they’re tiny stories in a couple of lines that carry a huge amount of meaning. Two, because it’s nice to know that we aren’t the only ones feeling fear, worry, regret, sadness.

They make us feel less lonely – and as a design, they’re great conversation starters.

8. Grim Reaper

While getting a tattoo of the grim reaper to commemorate the pandemic and those we’ve lost is quite somber, we all grieve in our own way. If you’re looking for something a little edgier and darker, a grim reaper-esque tattoo might be something to consider.

A similar design that has been hugely popular since the beginning of modern tattooing is skulls and skulls with flowers blooming out of them. While they’re perceived by society as dark, angry designs that mean death, that often isn’t the case for whoever is wearing it. Often, they’re quite masculine in style, so skull designs can be great tattoo ideas for men.

Many people who have skull tattoos wear them as a celebration of life. They’re supposed to represent that eventually, we’ll all end up as bones, and serve as a reminder to live our lives to their fullest and brightest while we have the chance.

9. Personal Tattoos

If you’ve lost someone during the pandemic and you’d like a design that’ll commemorate them but you don’t want a COVID-specific tattoo, you might want to consider a design personal to them or you.

You can design your own tattoo, or you can go to your local tattoo artist and ask them to draw you up an original tattoo based on your brief.

When you’re thinking about your design, consider these things:

  • When you think of your loved one, what hobbies, objects or shapes come to mind
  • Do you want the tattoo in color, or in black and white
  • Are there any themes you want to incorporate
  • How big and where on your body do you want it to be

10. Flowers

Flowers and death are intrinsically linked. They’re laid at funerals and graves, and people often pick beautiful flower designs to memorialize the lost.

They’re much less macabre than some of the other designs on this list, and you’ve got huge design freedom when it comes to flower tattoos because you can pick any flower in any color.

11. Rona Wuz Here

Millennials and Gen Z’s have a penchant for coping with depressing situations through comedy – and for the ongoing pandemic, it’s no different.

Like you might find scrawled on the inside of a locker or toilet stall door, a nod to the classic retro ’90s with a Wuz Here tattoo is a funny way to lighten up a very heavy subject. If you’re looking for stick-and-poke ideas, this is a great one.

12. Fallout-Themed Designs

If you’re a fan of the post-apocalyptic video game series Fallout, you’ll be familiar with the Fallout Boy. If you aren’t, Fallout Boy is a simply drawn animation who usually finds himself with an unfortunate demise in propaganda-type posters dotted around the game, from radiation poisoning making his arm fall off to irradiated giant roaches eating him whole.

Video game lovers are designing crossovers with the widely-recognizable Fallout graphics. If you’re an avid gamer, there’s loads of fun to be had drawing up different Fallout Boy designs.

Some launch-off points could be him toppling over trying to carry a huge pile of toilet roll, sitting in an armored shopping cart Mad Max-style, or in his famous blue jumpsuit with ‘COVID 19’ on the back.

13. Post Apocalyptic

On the theme of post-apocalyptic designs, if you like the idea but don’t want a video game-themed tattoo, don’t despair – there are hundreds of amazing apocalypse designs to draw inspiration from.

One style to consider is gas masks, a nod to our healthcare workers who are often suited up in heavy PPE. Along the same vein, tattoos of plague doctors wearing their infamously creepy beaked masks have risen in popularity.

While we aren’t living in a post-apocalyptic world, at times it has looked like it. Images of Fifth Avenue completely empty, store shelves barren, people in so much PPE they look like homemade hazmat suits, and signs everywhere to keep away from each other have been the inspiration for artists and designers everywhere, from tattoos to pieces of art and exhibits.

14. Corona Beer

The unfortunately-named Corona beer became a bit of a cult icon during lockdown. While some people may have avoided the beer because of its name, others were drawn towards it, seeing the funny side.

Amazingly, even Corona beer tattoos have become popular – with designs including the label saying ‘Corona Virus’ in its font, radioactive symbols, or even COVID-19 cells floating around in the drink itself!

15. Earth Wearing a Mask

The whole world has been impacted by Corona – with masks becoming a staple in most people’s handbags, cars, homes, and coat pockets. Masks are everywhere, and for most people when you see a surgical mask now, you think ‘pandemic’.

Check out all the variations of a personified planet Earth, looking very cute with animated arms and eyes, and a big white mask stretched across its face.

16. Bat Tattoo

The wild (and false) story of COVID-19’s apparent origin reads like the beginning of a DC comic book – a man, eating a bat, and then spreading it to the rest of humanity. And now, it’s been adopted by the tattoo community.

We’ve seen a huge increase in bat tattoo designs; hyper-realistic clusters of bats, angry animated bats, mutant bats with green lizard tongues, radioactive bats. The possibilities are endless.

17. Essential Worker

Essential workers have been the backbone of the nation. Many have worked through the pandemic, on the frontlines, and want to get a tattoo in commemoration of that – and we fully support it.

Some popular essential worker tattoos have been:

  • Nurses or doctors in full scrubs and PPE
  • A heartbeat monitor line (with personalization like a heart or a cross within it)
  • survived coronavirus tattoo
  • A hand holding a flower
  • A stethoscope surrounded by flowers
  • Vaccination tattoos

18. Lotus Flower

We’ve touched upon flower tattoos, but one unisex design that became very popular in 2021 and into 2022 is the lotus flower. It symbolizes strength, hardship, and overcoming obstacles.

It’s also the Buddhist symbol for new beginnings and rebirth. The eight lotus flower petals represent the Eightfold Path which Buddhists practice for mindfulness and peace.

In Hinduism, it’s known as Padma, the Sanskrit word for lotus, and symbolizes delicacy, purity, and spirituality. Lotus flowers are popular worldwide for their beauty, and the general belief is that they grow out of mud and dirt, and that’s why they’re seen as a symbol of rebirth.

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Skin Factory tattoo studios are located in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Maui and service both loyal locals and tourists who are looking for a safe, expert tattoo experience away from over-priced regular tourist hotspots.

After reading through our extensive list of tattoo ideas to commemorate living through the Coronavirus pandemic, come and find your perfect tattoo! Either bring your art with you or give us a call and book a consultation with one of our experienced artists for a piece of art you’ll love for a lifetime.

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