7 Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Tattoo Color

Are you getting a tattoo, but struggling to decide on the color? Read on to learn 7 simple tips to help you choose the right tattoo color.

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Are you thinking of getting a tattoo but not sure how to choose colors? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over seven tips on how to decide on the right tattoo color for your design.

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Selecting the Right Tattoo Color

Choosing to get a tattoo is a unique experience. You want to give it some serious thought before having it done. Consider what area of the body you want it on and how the design will appear once finished.

It’s essential to think about the colors beforehand if you plan to have a colored tattoo. Once inked, the color is on for a lifetime. Decide if you want a bright or dark tattoo.

From fairies to mermaids, you can choose bright colors that give life to the pattern you decide to ink.

Let’s look at ways to gauge a good color choice.

1. The Science of Your Skin

Overtone and undertone describe two different things. Overtone refers to your skin tone. Skin tone is the color of your skin. Some examples are olive, brown, or porcelain.

Undertones are cool, warm, or neutral. When you’re looking for a pigment that will suit your skin, match the ink color with your skin’s undertone.

Cool undertones describe people with pink, blueish, or ruddy complexions. These complexions reveal blue colored veins. Warm undertones are golden or peachy complexions. They show green colored veins.

Neutral undertones are an even complexion. Undertone aligns with your surface skin tone, and you can’t distinguish vein color.

2. Your Body Color

The color of your body is a factor to consider when picking colors. Understand that some colors may look good on certain skin tones whereas others don’t.

If you select the wrong color for your body, the design may appear smudged.

Skin is complex, and various factors contribute to the color. Three biological chemicals determine the color of your skin.

One of the biological chemical’s is hemoglobin, and it’s red. Melanin is your skin’s sun protection agent. It’s red-yellow or brown. Carotene is orange-yellow.

Your veins appear blue with the less melanin you have. You’ll have what’s called a cool complexion. If you have lots of melanin, your veins appear green, and your skin looks bronze.

The amount of carotene and hemoglobin determines the variation in your undertone.

3. You Must Take Care of Colored Tattoos

Colored tattoos need a lot of care and effort. Bright tattoos are more expensive because they need touch ups, unlike black tattoos. If you’re not ready for the after-tattoo care, avoid choosing any fancy colors for the tattoo design.

You can always return for a colored tattoo down the road if you can’t commit to one right away.

4. Sun Exposure

Did you know that tattoo ink rests in a place in your skin where light-receptive skin cells are? These cells are melanocytes, and they secrete melanin when exposed to the sun.

Melanin is what makes the bronze color on your skin after you’ve tanned for a few hours.

Your tattoo dulls when melanin mixes with ink pigment. How long do you spend in the sun? Consider this when choosing a tattoo. Sun exposure can change the tone of your tattoo.

UV rays can make your tattoo fade. They break up pigment particles in your tattoo. Wear sunblock to protect your tattoo from any sun damage. This will help your tattoo remain bright.

5. Color Combination and Design

Have you decided on a colored tattoo and know you’ll take the time to care for it? Making sure the colors you choose look good together is vital. The combination you choose will make the design exquisite and noticeable.

Don’t choose colors because you think it’s going to make the tattoo interesting. Make sure you select color because it’s going to make the design stand out.

6. Chat with Your Tattoo Artist

Once you’ve chosen a design, you’ll still want to find a skilled artist and consult them on the colors. Try and steer clear of cheap outlets or shady joints. Walk into a well-known tattoo parlor where you know they’re trained professionals.

Professionals know how to guide you on your final color combination choice. They’ll have a sense of how the tattoo will turn out.

They can even help you test a few colors on your skin in a hidden spot. Having a test spot will give you a chance to see how it looks.

Testing a color is a safe way to rule out any possibility of allergic reactions as well.

7. Colors that are Difficult to Remove

You may not want to think about laser removal. We know you’re reading this article to learn about choosing the right colors. Yet, if you ever wanted to remove the tattoo, certain colors are easier to remove than others.

For example, orange and yellow are quite resistant to laser removal. Make sure you avoid these colors unless you are super confident in your choice.

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