Tattoo Artist Devin

Tattoo Artist Devin – I have been tattooing professionally for 2 years . Art has always played a big part of my life and since a kid I had a desire to create.   I got my first tattoo at the age of 13  in my freinds garage and from there the culture was instilled in me forever. Tattooing has truly changed my life and I am very passionate about my craft. I feel blessed that I can do what I love daily and provide for my daughter as well.  I feel it is more then reason enough to never want to stop excelling , learning and improving in my craft. I love to do black n grey tattoo work  and have a lot fun with color peices as well. I feel that a tattoo is more then just a needle breaking skin but more so the experience , stories  and memories that go with getting the peice done. With that being said stay blessed and we’ll see you soon.

Tattoo Artist Devin can be found in our Henderson Tattoo Shop