7 Best Inspiration Ideas You’ll Need When Picking a Couple Tattoo With Your Partner

Tips You Need When Choosing Couple Tattoos

Nothing says that you and your significant other are in love like getting a couple tattoo! Love is a hell of a drug and if the two of you are committing to getting a tattoo together then you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Now you might be wondering what kind of couple tattoos there are to get? Well, there are plenty that you and your partner may fall in love with right away.

You should definitely choose something that you both find significant to your relationship and want to see on your bodies forever.

Keep reading for our guide to seven of the best ideas you’ll need when picking a couple’s tattoo with your partner.

1. Wedding Ring Tattoos

Once you and your partner are ready to tie the knot, then you may want to get your wedding rings tattooed. Wedding ring tattoos have been around for the past few years but they’re becoming more and more popular with the younger generations. You still get the traditional vibes of a wedding ring but in a modern and unique way.

One of the best things about wedding ring tattoos is that they tend to be much cheaper than the classic wedding ring. They’re also permanent so you won’t have to worry about losing them or taking them off to do certain activities.

You can also express your personal styles any way that you want to with a wedding ring tattoo. It is a great way to bond with each other especially when you’re just getting married.

2. Identical Tattoos

Do you both love a movie, show, book, or mycological creature? If there is something that you both bond over, then that could be the perfect thing to get a couple’s tattoo of.

Identical matching tattoos are cute, classy, and show just how much you both love the same thing. You could get them in the same place on your body or each pick your favorite spot.

The tattoo that you both choose could literally mean anything to you. Whether it is something significant to you romantically or even just an inside joke. The choice is up to you as a couple.

3. His and Hers Tattoos

Instead of getting identical tattoos, you can get “a his and hers” version of a tattoo to be even more adorable. For example, if there is a guy and girl version of something that you both enjoy, then this would be a great tattoo for the two of you.

A lot of couples that just get married will also opt for a ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ style of a tattoo to show that they’re married and in love.

Many Disney lovers will each get a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse respectively. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting his and hers tattoos but it all depends on what you and your significant other like.

Your couples tattoo can be as creative as you want it to be!

4. Correlating Your Tattoos

Another style of tattoos that many couples get is correlating their tattoos together. One person will have one part of the tattoo and then the other person will have the other part of the tattoo. When the two are together, then the tattoos will be complete!

This is one of the cutest ways to get a couple’s tattoo because then your tattoo is only complete when you’re together! Of course, your tattoo will probably still make sense without your partner but it will mean more when the two of you are together.

Correlating tattoos can be two pictures that correspond together or even two phrases that come together. The possibilities are endless and totally up to you!

5. Special Date Tattoos

Many people like getting special dates tattooed on them because they’re very meaningful. A lot of the time these dates will be in roman numerals because they look a bit more classy and are interesting looking as tattoos.

If you and your significant other are looking to get a special date tattoo, then go for it! There are many options for your special date tattoo such as the first time you met or when you become official. You could also get your wedding date or even the birthdays of your children.

6. Quote Tattoos

If you and your partner have a special or meaningful quote that you both love, then this is the perfect unique couple tattoo for you. Many people love getting quote tattoos because they’re simple and elegant looking.

You and your partner will love getting a quote tattoo especially if it is something that will help you to express your love for each other. You can both bond over the words each and every day.

Even if it is a short phrase that just shows the other that you love them it is still the perfect couple’s tattoo.

7. Initial Tattoo

Our final tattoo idea for couples is the initial tattoo. Even though it is a simple tattoo it has a huge meaning and shows that you love and care for your partner a lot.

This tattoo can be done in many places on your body but most people put it on their hands. This is so that when they hold hands the initials are right by each other.

It is a very cute and meaningful tattoo that both you and your partner will love having.

Couple Tattoos For You and Your Partner

couple tattoos

couple tattoos

Couple tattoos are the perfect way to show that you’re in love with your partner. They can create a deeper bond and connection between the two of you.

If you and your significant other are thinking of getting a couple tattoo together, then go for it. Make sure to use our inspiration and come up with something that the two of you will both love and cherish forever.

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