Matching Couple Tattoos That’ll Inspire You

Many couples have switched out the rings for matching ink to show their devotion to each other. If you’re looking for some good couple tattoo ideas, make sure you keep reading. Check out these inspirational, matching couple tattoos.

Varsity jackets? Class rings? These common tokens of love are child’s play. If you and your partner want to show off your combined awesomeness, get matching tattoos.

Tattoos are becoming more mainstream. As of 2012, one poll said 1 in 5 Americans has a tattoo.

Who can blame us? The best tattoos are beautiful pieces of art we get to have on our bodies forever. They’re a creative way of showing off the things we love, like shows, animals, and aesthetics.

But there’s nothing you value more than your relationship with your loved one. So why not put that mutual affection on display? Get a set of tattoos with them.

If you and your partner are ready to commit, then check out these ideas for couple tattoos.

Guidelines for Picking Couple Tattoos

If you’re getting a couples tattoo, there are few things to keep in mind.

Choose Something That’s Significant to Both of You

Let’s say you guys met while backpacking in Ireland, and you want a tattoo to commemorate that. Or you bonded over your love of B-movies, and want to get matching Frankenstein tats.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something special to both you and your partner.

Talk About Tattoo Placement

The best couple tattoos are ones that are on the same places on your bodies. With that in mind, you’ll need to talk about where you want the tattoo.

Discuss things like work expectations. Do you work at an office and your partner is a dog walker? You’ll have to take that into consideration.

Get Matching Styles

You don’t have to get the same exact tattoo as your partner, but it should match. One way to do this is to get tattoos in matching styles. That way there’s a clear connection between your Neo-Traditional Star Trek tats.

You can also get the same exact tattoo but in different colors. It’s up to you.

Be Creative

Your couple tattoos should be as unique as your relationship. If you see an idea on this list that you like, use it as a starting point. Brainstorm with your partner and your tattoo artist to figure out exactly what you want.

Ideas for Matching Couple Tattoos

Are you ready to get matching tattoos, but need some inspiration? Check out our list of ideas.


Sailors used anchors to keep their ships protected from the tides and storms. If you and your loved one keep each other steady in bad times, matching anchors could be a great tattoo idea.

Color Circles

We’re all unique individuals who bring different things to the table. That’s what makes relationships so great.

Symbolize your colorful personalities with matching color wheels. You could also play with primary and secondary color designs.

Another option is to get matching pieces of a circle, with one-half black and the other half colors. This is a great option if one of you is into monochromatic looks.

Wedding Rings

“Wedding rings” are popular marriage tattoos. They’re cheaper and more permanent than gold, plus you can design something significant.

But do your research about finger tattoos. They look cool, but they’re known to fade.

Stylized Portraits

Instead of a normal portrait tattoo, ask a tattoo artist to draw you two in different styles. This could be cool if you’re into traditional tattoos, or you both love a cartoon style.

Couple Tattoos FROM SPACE

If you guys watch Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos on repeat, then space tattoos are for you. Tattoo matching star constellations on yourselves, or get your favorite planets.

You can even get matching alien tattoos. That is if you want to believe.

Make Up Your Own Family Crest

This is a cool idea for marriage tattoos, or for anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship. You can work together to come up with your own family crest and get it as matching tattoos. You’ll have a unique piece, plus you’ll have a flag design ready if you decide to invade a small country.

Pop Culture References

Who doesn’t love an iconic pop culture power couple? You can choose Han and Leia, Mickey and Minnie, or Batman and Robin. However you design the tattoo, it’s sure to be a hit.

Nautical Themes

If you both have a love for the sea or traditional styled tattoos, nautical tattoos are a cool option.

Check out matching mermaid and sailor tattoos. Or if you want something more sentimental, how about a boat and lighthouse? You could even get different kinds of sea creatures, like sharks or whales.

Voice Pattern Tattoos

Every time we speak, we emit sound waves. These sound waves show up as visuals using certain machines. The visuals we get from sound waves make great art.

Get a visual sound wave recording of you and your loved one saying a phrase like “I love you.” Then tattoo each other’s visual recordings onto your bodies. It’s a scientific reminder that they’re always with us.

Matching Animals

Do you and your lover have the same spirit animal? Or you more of a fox and she the hound?

Matching tattoos with animals can be a creative way to connect with your loved one. You can even get matching species in the same styles. If he loves the T-Rex but you love the stegosaurus, find an art style you like and get both.

Quotes and Significant Dates

There are some days and words that mean more than others. If a quote or song lyric speaks to both of you, then get it as a tattoo. If you never want to forget your anniversary, get it inked on your bodies. Whatever you do, it will have meaning for both of you.

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