How to Prepare for Your First Tattoo

How to Prepare for Your First Tattoo

How to Prepare for Your First Tattoo

How to Prepare for Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is both exciting and potentially nerve racking. Here’s what you need to know before getting a tattoo and how to care for it after.

Are you ready to join the 45 million Americans who have at least one tattoo?

first tattooGetting a tattoo can be a fun, memorable experience, but it can also go wrong very quickly if you’re not prepared.

If you want your first tattoo experience to be a good one, read on for some tips to help you prepare for the big day.

Choosing Your First Tattoo

The first step to having a great tattoo experience is choosing a tattoo design that you absolutely love. Don’t rush yourself. Take your time researching designs and figure out exactly what you want.

Remember, this design is going to be on your body for life, so you need to make sure you won’t get sick of it.

Talk to a Tattoo Artist

If you have an idea for a tattoo but aren’t sure how to articulate it, you might want to consider sitting down with a tattoo artist for some help putting it together.

Even if you do know exactly what you want, it’s still helpful to sit down with a professional. They can provide guidance and give you their professional opinion on the design.

Find the Right Shop

Not all tattoo shops are created equal. Take your time looking for one that employs qualified artists with a good reputation.

Be sure to read online testimonials to see what people are saying about a particular shop and its artists before you go there for your first tattoo.

Think about Placement

Tattoos are big commitments, especially when you choose somewhere highly visible for your first one. Face/hand/neck tattoos definitely aren’t for everyone.

Depending on your lifestyle and the field in which you work, it might be in your best interest to get your first tattoo in a more discrete location.

Remember You Get What You Pay For

When you meet with an artist and have your tattoo drawn up, they should give you an estimate of what it will cost.

Tattoos are expensive, and, when you hear a high number, it can be tempting to try and find someone who will do the same tattoo for less.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with tattoos. A good tattoo from a talented artist will cost more than a subpar finished product. But, it will be worth it when you have a tattoo that you want to show off.

A Few Days Before Your Appointment

There are some things you can do in the days leading up to your appointment that will help you have a better experience, including the following:

  • Avoid the sun: Sunburned skin isn’t just painful, it also can affect the outcome of your tattoo
  • Moisturize: Dry or uneven skin is difficult for artists to work with and can cause your tattoo to come out less clear
  • Get a doctor’s note: If you have any conditions that could affect you during the tattoo process, you’ll legally need your doctor to give you the go-ahead

Remember, there’s no need to rush to get a tattoo. The wait for your sunburn to go away or for your skin to clear up will be worth it if you get a better end result.

The Day Before Your Appointment

Keep these tips in mind to set yourself up for a successful appointment:

  • Avoid alcohol: High blood alcohol levels will thin the blood and lead to excessive bleeding during your appointment
  • Stay hydrated: This will keep your skin moisturized and help you stay alert
  • Get plenty of sleep: Being unrested might make you more fidgety, which can affect the outcome of your tattoo

Don’t forget to make sure you have enough money on hand, too. In addition to the cost of the tattoo, you may also need to pay for food, aftercare products, parking, and a tip for the artist.

The Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, make sure you’re prepared with these items:

  • ID: If you look like you might be younger than 18, the shop will need to confirm your age when you arrive for your appointment
  • Bag of essentials: Bring a small bag with a snack, a charged cell phone, water, and maybe a pair of headphones if you want to listen to music or a podcast during the appointment

You’ll also want to do the following to make sure you’re in a good physical state:

  • Eat before your appointment: Getting a tattoo is stressful on your body, and you’ll need to keep your blood sugar up to avoid getting dizzy or nauseous, especially if you’re getting a large tattoo
  • Take a shower: Clean skin is better for tattoos, and your artist will appreciate you cleaning up before the appointment
  • Wear old clothing: It’s likely that some ink will get on your clothes, so you don’t want to ruin anything that’s new or expensive
  • Don’t shave: You don’t want to show up with razor burn or cuts — if your skin needs to be shaved, the artist will do it
  • Avoid caffeine: This will probably make you shaky or jittery, which will make things harder for the artist

Finally, take some time to check your attitude before you go to your appointment. Accept that there will be some pain. It’s unavoidable when you’re getting a tattoo.

But, if you go in with a positive attitude and believe in your ability to handle the pain, you’ll be more likely to make it through the session.

Taking Care of Your First Tattoo

In addition to preparing for your appointment, you should also be prepared to care for your first tattoo once it’s finished.

Proper aftercare is essential if you want your tattoo to last. Some things you’ll need to do after getting your tattoo include:

  • Remove the bandage in a clean bathroom after two or three hours
  • Once the bandage is removed, wash the tattoo immediately with warm soap and water
  • Only wash your tattoo with clean hands
  • Apply a healing ointment like Aquaphor to keep your tattoo moist
  • Don’t panic when your tattoo starts to “weep” in the days after your appointment

If you have any healing-related issues, be sure to call the artist who gave you your tattoo. They’ll give you proper instructions for caring for the issue.

Are You Ready for Your First Tattoo?

Now that you know how to prepare for your first tattoo, it’s time to pick your design and start planning!

If you live in or around Las Vegas, Henderson, or Maui and are looking for a qualified artist contact us at Skin Factory Tattoo and Body Piercing to schedule an appointment or meet with one of our artists.

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husband and wife tattoos

husband and wife tattoos

Husband and Wife Tattoos

Husband and Wife Tattoos

Perhaps you just tied the knot, or you’re looking for something special and out of the box way to celebrate an upcoming anniversary. Tattoos are a wonderful way to commemorate any special event, but finding one that’s just right for you and your spouse is sometimes challenging. Here’s a list of unique tattoos you can get with your partner to celebrate!

Anniversary date

It’s easy enough to conceal a small tattoo that bears your anniversary date on it. You can go stylistic and use Roman numerals, tally marks, or simply do Arabic numerals. These can go just about anywhere, from on your fingers, to behind the neck, on the wrist, or even on the side of the hand as a nearby reminder of the one you love.


Are you in love with the metal bands bonding you with your spouse? Get matching tattoos depicting your rings linked together, or perhaps tattoo a small band around your ring finger. The linked rings could be an adorable rib cage or collarbone nod to your love for your spouse, perfect if you want to match them.


Have you considered the skyline of where you met your love? Or perhaps, the wedding venue had a beautiful piece of scenery you truly enjoyed. A simple line tattoo is a beautiful testament to any location significant to the both of you.


This selection has a diverse selection that allows you to go as bold or subtle as you desire. You can go for the obvious and simply get each other’s tattoos anywhere from right above each other’s hearts, on the ribcage, or even on the wrist. If something more subtle and potentially even more beautiful than simple tattoos, select something like flowers that have matching initials. For example, the initials RMS could be matched with the flowers rose, marigold, and sunflower for a bright, vibrant salute to your marriage.

Husband and Wife Tattoos

Husband and Wife Tattoos

We at Skin Factory would love to help you and the love of your life commemorate your milestones! Contact us to ask about getting your tattoos today.

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)

Tips to Make Your First Tattoo Experience a Pleasant One (Part Two)

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)  Getting your first tattoo is a complete experience and one that you should enjoy. Yes, it’s ok to be a little nervous, but this is a story you’ll tell and remember for a long time. You should enjoy it despite your nerves and the pain. A great way to do that is to make sure you’re ready, that you’re prepared. Below you’ll find a list of tips to make your first tattoo experience a pleasant one.

Consider Placement

You might want to choose a smaller design or a more discreet area for your first tattoo. Dip your toes in the water instead of cannonballing in. Of course, the choice is yours. But, it’s a big decision and something you’ll have to live with every day so you might want to avoid areas like your hands or neck for your first time. Plus, you’ll want to consider which areas are the most and least painful. It’s always nice to tattoo an area that causes less pain to ease yourself into the tattooing experience.

Don’t be Cheap

Tattoos are expensive for a reason. It takes a lot of time and ink to create these works of art. Plus, it’s a lifetime masterpiece on your skin. Good tattoos won’t come cheap, but they’re worth the money. This isn’t the time to “bargain hunt.” If you do, you’ll likely end up with a “tattoo fail” that will cost you more to remove it than a great tattoo would have cost you in the beginning. So, focus more on what’s really important like the artist’s skill and experience, and the shop’s health standards. Those are far more important than price.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)

The tattoo artist will need access to the area you wish to have tattooed, so make sure you’re not wearing something that makes reaching the area difficult. Plus, depending on the intricacy and size of the tattoo, you might spend several hours sitting in one place, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Wearing loose clothes is always beneficial because you won’t wind up putting pressure on your newly tattooed, and sensitive, skin.

If you follow these tips your first tattoo experience will go a lot smoother and you can actually enjoy it. So, take a moment to look over the list and make sure you’re ready. If you are, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to be part of your experience.

First Tattoo Experience (Part One)

First Tattoo Experience (Part One)

Make Your First Tattoo Experience a Pleasant One (Part One)

First Tattoo Experience (Part One) – Tattoos are truly works of art. They’re a way to express yourself. They give the world a glimpse into who you are, what you think is beautiful, and the things you’re passionate about. Whether you’re getting a meaningful tattoo or an intricate design you think is truly stunning, you’re adding art and beauty to your body. Still, no matter how great your first tattoo is, you still might feel a little nervous. Don’t worry, that’s to be expected. Below you’ll find a few tips to make your first tattoo experience a pleasant one.

Don’t be in a Rush

You want your tattoo to turn out exactly the way you imagined it. In order for the tattoo artist to accomplish this, they’ve got to design it perfectly, and then position the sketch onto your body with precise detail. This process alone can take some time. Don’t rush it. You want your tattoo artist to take their time and get every detail right. This is permanent after all. Don’t be afraid to communicate your thoughts and desires during this process. It’s your tattoo, you should have a voice in how it turns out.

Come Prepared

If you know exactly what you want, you’ll need to bring a clear, detailed picture of the tattoo you desire. It shouldn’t be too small or grainy. If you want to mix two tattoo designs, you should be able to clearly mark what details you want from each, in a clear concise way.

Don’t be Shy

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Now’s not the time to clam up and keep your thoughts to yourself. Tattoo artists are used to first-timers, so you certainly won’t be the first one flooding them with questions. They want your experience to go smoothly and satisfactorily, so they’d prefer you ask your questions and feel comfortable rather than stay silent and regret it later. A good artist will always take the time to explain the answers to your questions and make sure you’re completely comfortable before continuing on.

First Tattoo Experience (Part One)

If you prepare for your first tattoo experience, it’ll go a lot smoother and be a lot less stressful on you. Tattoos are more than just our job, they’re our passion. We thrive on creating high-quality masterpieces that our clients love. So, if you’re ready for your first tattoo, contact us.

Nature Tattoo

Nature Tattoo

Celebrate Your Love Of The Outdoor With A Nature Tattoo

Do you love nature and want to celebrate it in any way possible? Try getting a great nature tattoo. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest nature tattoo ideas we’ve ever seen, and we think they suit a wide range of people.

Forest Background On Your Back

There’s nothing more “natural” than a gorgeous and expansive view of the forest. Celebrate your love of nature by getting a beautiful view of multiple trees tattooed along the top of your back. Make sure to choose multiple trees and to get them colored accurately. This creates a gorgeous tattoo style that will look great on you.

Spirit Animal

Do you have an animal which you really connect with on a deeper level? Then you should consider getting a spirit animal tattoo. These look great on any part of the body, such as along the arm or even the leg. You can also include a saying or a description of the animal to further cement your connection.

Expansive Lakes

Spending time on a lake fishing or just hiking is very spiritual for many people. Celebrate your favorite lake by getting it tattooed on the middle of your back. Add nice details, like ducks, loons, and fishing boats, to make it an even more immersive tattoo. Try to get catch a fish jumping out of the lake to make a really fun style.

If you are interested in getting a meaningful nature tattoo like this, please contact us today. We can help you find the tattoo of your dreams and get it on your body ASAP.

Nature Tattoo

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