Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom.  Much thought and consideration goes in to getting a tattoo. Deciding where to place the tattoo, exploring meaningful designs that speak to you, and finding the right artist who can bring your vision to life are key to getting the life-lasting piece of art you desire. Another important aspect to consider is who you share your tattoo experience with. Friends, siblings, and significant others may come to mind, but what about mom?


Whether this is your first tattoo or you have already been inked, getting a tattoo with mom will likely be an exciting experience for both of you. You will be able to look back on the big day and reflect on how you both felt throughout your experience. This creates an opportunity to entertain other family members and friends by telling them about the experience, like sharing who was more nervous or trying to explain what getting a tattoo feels like. But most importantly, getting inked together will create new memories that you and mom will always share, and can look back on.


Exploring designs that are meaningful to both you and mom will likely foster communication. This may bring up past memories, challenges that you have overcome together, or family goals for the future. No matter what the planning process unearths, it will hopefully leave you and mom feeling more connected than when you first began your tattoo journey together.


While there are endless possibilities of tattoos that you and mom could get, a great place to start is looking at your common interests. Finding a way to represent your shared love of reading or travel are examples of this. Sayings, lyrics, or quotes that remind you of the strength of your bond are great options also. Designs that symbolize family are meaningful examples as well.

Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom by the Skin Factory Tattoo shop !

If you would like more tattoo ideas, have further questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

Why You Should Consider a Small Tattoo

Why You Should Consider a Small Tattoo

Size Doesn’t Matter: Why You Should Consider a Small Tattoo

Small Tattoo – There are literally millions of different tattoos and so many popular tattoo trends posted on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. In a world where possibilities are endless, it’s hard to choose which tattoo is right for you. If you’re planning to get inked for the first time, or you simply don’t want something too big, then the “tiny tattoo trend” might be perfect for you.

Great for Your First

Thinking about getting your first tattoo probably makes you both excited and a little nervous. That’s perfectly normal. It’s a big step. It’s smart to ease yourself in. You don’t have to go big or be dramatic with your first. In fact, consider going extremely small. Tiny tattoos have increased in popularity because they’re cheaper, less painful, and they don’t cover too much skin. It’s the perfect scenario for someone who’s never gone through the tattooing experience before. Get your feet wet before diving in.

Small Tattoo in Size, Big in Personality

Just because a tattoo is tiny doesn’t mean it’s not important, beautiful, or special. In fact, tiny tattoos are often very deep in their meaning and represent something very important. A tiny airplane for someone who loves to travel, a band around your finger instead of a wedding ring, a small cross, or a music symbol are examples of small tattoos that carry a lot of meaning.

True Fans

If you’re getting a tattoo that originates from a book or movie that you love, going small tattoo could mean more, as a fan, than getting an entire sleeve. Several Harry Potter fans have shown themselves as true Potterheads by getting tattoos of the three tiny stars that are found on the top of the book pages and small lightning bolts. These tattoos hold significance and will be recognized by true fans. It’s a way to show your support without being overly obvious. And, of course, this method works for more than just Harry Potter.

Say I Love You

Tattoos are a great way to show love. Getting tattoos with a personal message to someone else is a popular trend, but, since it’s permanent, it makes some people nervous. Getting something small, instead of making a physically “big gesture” is a great way to ease your anxiety. If you want to get a tattoo that matches your sisters, or a mother-daughter tattoo that shows your special bond, then think small. Get a tiny heart on your ankle, or tiny matching flowers. If you love your dog and want the world to know you’re a proud puppy parent, get tiny paws prints tattooed on your wrist or ankle. Show your love for your kids by getting a tiny tattoo of their birth date or time. These tattoo designs are filled with lots of love despite their size.

small tattoo

Tiny tattoos aren’t insignificant or meaningless. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to ink. What matters is the reason for the tattoo. So, if you’re nervous about covering too much skin in ink, or you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, consider going small. For more tattoo ideas, or to set up an appointment, please contact us.

Your First Tattoo

Your First Tattoo

Your First Tattoo – Tips for a Lifetime Commitment

Your First Tattoo – We’ve all seen them. Those tattoos someone got as a teenager that they are still living with well into their 30’s or 40’s. Maybe it’s a lower back tattoo of stars and swirls (circa 2003), or barbwire around their bicep. Tattoos, just like anything, can be trendy. If you are about to get your first tattoo it can be tempting to go with the status quo and do what everyone else seems to be doing. This is a lifetime commitment, though, so here are some tips to making sure it is a commitment you are ready to make.

  • Take your time– Maybe you saw a cool design on Pinterest and you want to replicate it. To avoid regretting a copy-cat tattoo, ask your artist to give you a temporary of the design. Live with it for a day so that you can be sure you want to live with it for a lifetime.
  • Make it Meaningful– Watercolor tattoos are gorgeous and all the rage right now. No judgement on wanting one. However, don’t just pick a random design because you like the idea. When you have a tattoo that means something to you (whether it is a symbol, quote, date, etc) it is much less likely you will hate it 15 years from now.
  • Do Your Research– Don’t pick any random tattoo artist. This is not an investment you want to do price comparison on. A good artist will be more expensive because he/she has more experience, and better technique. Make sure you ask to see portfolios and look up reviews. The last thing you want is your dream of an intricate tattoo coming out looking like a cartoon character.
  • Follow After-Care Instructions– When your artist tells you not to pick at your peeling skin, believe them. They know what they are talking about. The healing process is an important part of the integrity of the tattoo.

If you think you’re ready for your first tattoo, and you’ve put a lot of thought into it, contact us, we’d love to help you make a meaningful statement.

Nature Tattoo

Nature Tattoo

Celebrate Your Love Of The Outdoor With A Nature Tattoo

Do you love nature and want to celebrate it in any way possible? Try getting a great nature tattoo. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest nature tattoo ideas we’ve ever seen, and we think they suit a wide range of people.

Forest Background On Your Back

There’s nothing more “natural” than a gorgeous and expansive view of the forest. Celebrate your love of nature by getting a beautiful view of multiple trees tattooed along the top of your back. Make sure to choose multiple trees and to get them colored accurately. This creates a gorgeous tattoo style that will look great on you.

Spirit Animal

Do you have an animal which you really connect with on a deeper level? Then you should consider getting a spirit animal tattoo. These look great on any part of the body, such as along the arm or even the leg. You can also include a saying or a description of the animal to further cement your connection.

Expansive Lakes

Spending time on a lake fishing or just hiking is very spiritual for many people. Celebrate your favorite lake by getting it tattooed on the middle of your back. Add nice details, like ducks, loons, and fishing boats, to make it an even more immersive tattoo. Try to get catch a fish jumping out of the lake to make a really fun style.

If you are interested in getting a meaningful nature tattoo like this, please contact us today. We can help you find the tattoo of your dreams and get it on your body ASAP.

Nature Tattoo

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Blackout Tattoos

Blackout Tattoos

Blackout Tattoos: Right For You?

Blackout Tattoos – Getting a tattoo for the first time is a fun and exciting experience, but it requires a careful understanding of what to get. One popular new type of tattoo that has caught the eye of many people getting their first is the blackout tattoo. Are these right for you or should you consider another approach?

Blackout Tattoos Are Intense

A blackout tattoo is literally a thick covering of black ink over a person’s body, often mimicking a piece of clothing. This kind of tattoo creates a bold statement and is also very difficult on the person getting the tattoo. It requires a lot of ink that can be too intense for a first timer.

Their Statement Is Brash

As mentioned above, blackout tattoos make a brash statement. For many first timers, it can be a little too harsh. What happens if you don’t like the sensation of getting tattooed or regret getting one later? You’ll be stuck with a big black spot that is hard to remove.

Blackout Tattoos – Laser Removal Will Take Time

Removing a blackout tattoo will take more time than a normal tattoo due to the heavy concentration of ink. While we know how to use lasers to remove blackout tattoos, we also know that many people getting their first tattoo likely don’t want to go through this process.

Get your ink at the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas

In our opinion, the blackout tattoo trend is really cool if you have gotten a few under your belt and know what to expect from the process. Getting one as your first tattoo is probably not a good idea. If you’d like to talk about this topic or others like it, please contact our Tattoo Artists and make an appointment.