18 Meaningful Sibling Tattoo Ideas

18 Meaningful Sibling Tattoo Ideas

You and your siblings may have fought as kids, but now you’re the best of friends. If you want to show your love for your family, you should research some sibling tattoo ideas.

Then, you can decide on the best designs for you and your siblings. Some designs are more simple, while others require a bit more time and work.

Read on to learn about some tattoo designs you may want to get.

1. Two Halves of a Whole

You’ve probably seen friendship or sibling necklaces, where both necklaces fit together. You can turn that concept into one of the best sibling tattoo ideas, especially if you have one sibling.

You can get as creative as you want, so you don’t have to keep it simple. However, you could each get a tattoo of half of a heart, and you can make a full heart when you place the tattoos next to each other.

If you want to be more creative, you could each get a tattoo of, for example, a child. Each tattoo can have a dotted line leading off the side of your body that connects to the other tattoo when you and your sibling stand next to each other.

2. Birth Order

If you and your siblings want a more subtle tattoo, you can do something that relates to your birth order. A simple option is to get a tattoo in Roman numerals, so the oldest would get a I, the second would get a II, and so on.

However, you can also use this concept to get tattoos of other things, such as shapes. A set of three siblings could get a tattoo with a line of three circles or stars.

Have the tattoo artist color in the circle or star according to your birth order. Then, you can remember your siblings any time you see the tattoo.

3. Birthstones

Some of the best tattoo designs involve color, so you could use this to your advantage. You can get a tattoo of your and your siblings’ birthstones based on the month of everyone’s birth.

Of course, this means your tattoo artist needs to have different colored inks. However, you should be able to find someone who can make your tattoo idea come to life.

If you just have one sibling, you could get each other’s birthstones as tattoos. Or you could include the birthstones for all of your siblings in one tattoo that each of you can get.

4. Western Zodiac Signs

Another tattoo idea that uses your birthdates is tattooing your western zodiac signs on your body. You can use everyone’s birthday to figure out your sun signs, which is the sign most people know.

Then, you can either get a tattoo of the animal or being, such as a lion for a July birthday. Or you could get a more simple tattoo that uses the symbols that represent each sign.

As with the birthstone idea, you can combine all zodiac signs into one tattoo. Sibling pairs could also just get a tattoo of the others’ zodiac sign or their own.

5. Chinese Zodiac Signs

Most Americans think of the Chinese animal of the year when they think of the Chinese zodiac. Just like western astrology, these animals can make for some of the best sibling tattoo ideas.

There are 12 animals, so most sibling groups won’t have overlap unless you’re born far apart. That means you can each get a unique tattoo if you decide to get tattoos of your respective birth years.

Alternatively, you can combine the animals of your siblings’ birth years. You can get tattoos of each animal, or you can combine them, such as a tattoo of a pig with a snake for the tail.

6. Birth State

Getting a tattoo of your birth state is best if you and your siblings were all born in the same place. However, you could also get tattoos of the birth states of all of your siblings.

This is especially great if you and your siblings were born in bordering states. You could get a tattoo of the states in question so that you remember where you all came from.

If you want to add a little something to the tattoo, add a heart near the city of everyone’s birth. As with different states, if siblings were born in different cities, you can add a small heart or dot for each.

Whenever any of you feels homesick, you can think about your tattoo.

7. Current State

If you or any of your siblings have moved to different states, consider using those for a tattoo. You may have seen mugs that have multiple states on them with a dotted line tying them together.

Make that sort of design permanent, and get a tattoo of your current state and those of your siblings. Of course, this idea works the best if you’ve all settled down and don’t intend to move.

For siblings who are still in college or are just out of school, stick to your birth state. Or you could get a tattoo of the states where all of you have lived and add to it as you move around.

8. Sibling Initials

You can also get a simple tattoo that includes the first initial of everyone in your sibling group. Make the initials go in a line, and write out the letters in birth order.

If you have three siblings, you can get the four initials in a cross. Sets of three siblings could do a triangle, so find ways to make the tattoo look unique.

When doing a triangle or square, put your family’s last initial in the center. That can help represent your connection to each other as a family, even as you get older and start your own lives.

9. Add in the In-Laws

As you and your siblings get married, you can incorporate the initials of your siblings-in-law. Add them next to their spouse to show how they connect to the rest of the family.

This is a great way to include people who marry you and your siblings. You can also incorporate your in-laws into any of the other sibling tattoo ideas.

10. Memorial Tattoo

If you’ve had a sibling pass away, think about some sibling tattoo ideas to remember that sibling. For example, you could get a tattoo of their initials or of their birth and death dates.

Maybe you remember your sibling’s favorite animal or flower, so you get a tattoo of that. If your sibling passed due to mental health, get a tattoo of a semi-colon, which represents the importance of mental health.

You could also get a tattoo of a nickname that you had for that sibling or that they had for you. There are a lot of ways you can immortalize your siblings when you go to a tattoo shop.

11. Fictional Siblings

Consider if there are any fictional siblings that remind you of you and your family. When deciding on sister tattoos, you may get a tattoo of Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

If your family contains two sisters and a brother, you might get a tattoo of the siblings from the show Bob’s Burgers. Getting a tattoo of cartoons will probably be easier than of live-action characters.

Your tattoo artist won’t have to recreate an actor, so the tattoo may look better. And you can keep from associating the look of the tattoo with the actors.

12. Shared Interests

If you and your siblings like the same things, get that as a tattoo. For example, maybe you all played instruments in band or orchestra when you were kids.

You could get tattoos of musical symbols or clefs. Of course, you could also get tattoos of the instruments you all played, especially if you still play music today.

Or maybe you and your siblings like art, so you get something that relates to that as a tattoo. Then, you can get matching tattoos, or you could make each one slightly different to represent yourselves as individuals.

13. The Other’s Interest

One of the best sister or brother tattoos for sibling pairs involves the other sibling’s interests. You can each get a tattoo of something the other person loves.

Perhaps you have a sibling who’s a feminist, so you get a tattoo of the women symbol. You might like animals, so they get a tattoo of your favorite animal.

Take the music and art examples, so one of you gets a musical tattoo, and the other gets one of art. You could get the tattoo of the instrument your sibling plays, and they could get a tattoo of art supplies.

14. Shapes in Color

If you want a simple yet colorful tattoo, use colors that your siblings like. For example, you could get a tattoo of a heart, circle, or some other shape that’s easy to do.

Then, you can color in that shape with your sibling’s favorite color. If you have more than one sibling, you can use the colors all of your siblings like.

A good tattoo shop can do colorful tattoos and use white ink or any other color of ink you want. Then, you can make the tattoo represent you and all of your brothers and sisters.

15. Family Name or Crest

Of course, another excellent idea for a sibling tattoo would contain your family’s last name. Even if you have changed your name after getting married, your birth name will always be a part of you.

It’s also something that connects you to your siblings. If you want to take things a step further, ask your parents if you have a family crest, and you can get a tattoo of that.

A family crest tattoo can become a good icebreaker when you meet people. You can use it to share a bit about your background, and you can show it off to your kids if you choose to have any.

16. Family Pets

If you grew up with pets, consider developing some tattoo designs from those animals. Maybe you had a dog during your childhood, and you and your siblings loved the dog.

You could get a tattoo of the dog’s face or body, depending on what you want. Another option is to get a tattoo of their paw print if you happen to still have the pet.

Now, this may not work well if your siblings are far apart in ages since you may have had different pets. However, you could get a tattoo that includes multiple animals.

17. Parents’ Names

Of course, the biggest thing that connects you with your siblings is your parents. You can get tattoos of one or both of your parents’ names or initials.

If you have half-siblings, you can get a tattoo of just the parent’s name or initials that you share. Step-siblings can get tattoos of the day their parents married, officially making you siblings.

Tattoos of your parents’ names or initials is another good choice if one or both of your parents have passed away. You and your siblings can get the tattoos to help remember your parents.

18. Outline of a Childhood Picture

Go through some of your pictures from childhood, and look for one of you and your siblings. You can take the picture to a tattoo shop and ask if they can recreate the outline of you all.

That can lead to a simple tattoo design that you can put on almost any part of your body. Of course, this type of tattoo may need to be a bit larger, especially if you have a larger family.

However, you can keep it relatively simple or make it more complex. You could just get the outline, or you could color it in to make it look more like a silhouette.

Which Sibling Tattoo Ideas Will You Try?

If you want to connect with your family, you should consider a few sibling tattoo ideas. You can get as creative as you want or keep things simple.

Be sure to consider what type of tattoo you all want and if you want the same one or something different. Then, you can look for a tattoo artist to bring your ideas to life.

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