99 Luftballons: 8 Cool Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

Are you into this cool German tattoo style? Here are some great trash polka tattoo ideas to get you started on your next piece of ink.

Are you looking to get a new tattoo but don’t know what to get? If so we recommend getting the crazy yet beautiful trash polka tattoo style.

This style is eyecatching and unique. You will find that your trash polka tattoo isn’t like any other tattoo on this planet. To see some trash polka tattoo ideas keep reading below.

What Is Trash Polka?

Trash polka tattoo ideas are a style of tattoo that originated in Germany. This style includes designs that are chaotic like a collage that uses red and black ink which is the trademark of traditional trash polka tattoos.

Trash polka tattoos also include splatters and sometimes smudges of other colored ink around the main design. Words and phrases can even be found in some polka trash tattoo ideas.

Overall the designs of this tattoo style are abstract and contain elements of realism. There’s a lot of juxtaposition within these tattoos making them beautiful yet confusing.

1. Anarchy

Anarchy may be one of the few trash polka tattoos that don’t have a confusing meaning behind it. When looking at anarchy polka trash tattoo ideas it’s easy to see the letter “A” with a red circle around it, indicating the tattoo’s theme.

Anarchy collages can be a mash of cityscapes or even specific buildings or places. Above the cityscape, you can add a soldier with a gas mask to really bring the masterpiece together. Use the red ink in your tattoo around the black collage to have the appearance of blood splatters to make your design really pop.

2. Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is when two things are placed together or near each other and there is a contrasting effect. This can be easily done with trash polka tattoos to create a unique piece that catches the eye.

In every trash polka tattoo, you see you may notice that there is always a lot of going on. This art style is very busy, but you can use this to your advantage.

If you can’t decide on what type of trash polka tattoo to get then try creating one that juxtaposes realism, collage, and abstraction. This will make for a tattoo that has a creepy image but it will be a beautiful piece of art.

3. Vixens

Tattoos of women are common, so if you’re looking to get a tattoo of a women’s face or body why not change up the style to make it one of a kind? In trash polka tattoos vixens are common.

These vixens take a dark turn with the black and red ink and even sometimes have skulls morphed into their face or around them. You can add a red rose to make your vixen more feminine.

4. Realistic Yet Abstract

Since trash polka tattoos are known for having a mix of elements why not design your tattoo based around realism and abstraction? This will end up being a tattoo that looks beautiful yet has some busy characteristics that will make it pop.

An example of this is getting a realistic eye with abstract dots and lines framing it. You could even choose to get a realistic skull with a few black and red dots and lines around it too. If you want to take your skull to the next level, try adding some Micky Mouse ears to it so it pops even more on your chaotic background.

5. Add Some Words to Your Piece of Art

When we were explaining what trash polka tattoos were we noted that some of them have letters and words included, but not all. If you’re looking to get some lettering done with your tattoo you should be making it accent the rest of the tattoo.

The way to make your lettering go with your tattoo is to have the lettering be abstract. When people usually get tattoos they will get cursive lettering or a simple print text.

For your trash polka tattoo, you should accent your realistic skull with a text that looks like a cut out ransom letter. You can even opt to have a bold typewriter text and even have some of the letters smear or run a few drops of ink.

6. Make Visions Abstract

Some of the most beautiful and intricate trash polka tattoos are the ones that take realistic visions and make them abstract. This is done by making it seem you’re looking into the eye of someone.

A great example of this tattoo is when a realistic eye is tattooed. This eye is open and we can see into it. The vision we see is an abstract picture that only the artist and client know what it actually is. This makes the tattoo chaotic and intriguing just like a trash polka tattoo should be.

7. The Joker

Getting the Joker in a trash polka tattoo style is one of the biggest compliments you could give this fictional character. Just like the tattoo style, the Joker is chaotic and intricate. You will be left with a creep tattoo that is intricate and villainous.

Now You Know Some Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

We have provided you with the top trash polka tattoo ideas so you can find your next piece of artwork. From getting a popular villain in the trash polka style to mixing realism and abstraction, you’re bound to have the coolest tattoo to date. For more tattoo tips and ideas be sure to check out the rest of our website here.

Trash Polka: Pushing the Boundaries in Tattoo Design

Trash Polka: Pushing the Boundaries in Tattoo Design

Beauty in chaos is the underlying motif of the German-born trash polka tattoo style. Click here to learn more about this dark, edgy, collage-like body art.

Trash Polka

Tattoos have become increasingly popular. For many, the stigma associated with this art form has long gone.

People now look to tattoos as an outward expression of their individuality.

Surveys show that an estimated 45 million people in the U.S have at least one tattoo.

In light of this, it’s unsurprising that tattoo fans are hunting for pieces that are bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

This is where Trash Polka comes into its own.

Let’s explore this tattoo style in more detail.

What Is Trash Polka?

Tattoo genres are continually developing to meet the needs of various tattoo trends and demands.

One such style is Trash Polka. This a relatively new yet, revolutionary style of tattooing.

Trash polka prides itself on its uniqueness. It aims to push the boundaries of traditional tattoo art.

This genre was created and developed by tattoo artists Volko Merschky and Simone Plaff, in Wurzburg, Germany in their tattoo parlor, Buena Vista Tattoo Club.

These artists are renown for their alternative choice of themes and colors used throughout their work.

Volko describes their art as a combination of: “realism and trash; nature and the abstract; technology and humanity; past, present, and future; opposites that they are trying to urge into a creative dance to harmony and rhythm in tune with the body”.

The beauty of Trash Polka is its ability to evolve. However, there are certain traits the tattoo must have. Without them, the piece can’t be considered a genuine imitation of the style.

These include:

  • The combination of realistic images with smudges, and dynamic design. This brings a chaotic look to the piece.
  • Occasionally, words, phrases, or quotes will be incorporated. However, the calligraphy must compliment the rest of the design.
  • Black and red ink always feature in these tattoos. However, variations can include black-gray coloring.
  • The tattoo must resemble a collage that combines both natural-looking images and photo-realistic images.

The Best Way to Describe the Trash Polka Genre?

The best way to describe Trash Polka is a combination of realism, surrealism, script and abstract lines.

When all of the elements of the tattoo are combined they usually don’t link. This is purposely done to make the tattoo look wild and ambiguous.

Death and everything connected to this notion is usually the foundation for these totems.


This genre is famous for utilizing both bold and fine lines. These were selected to complement the use of black and red ink. This makes the finished piece look dramatic.


This genre is limited in the sense of how many artists can replicate this style well.

It’s very new and most commonly found in Germany. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for unique body art.


Trash Polka epitomizes the use of novel designs. The imagery of different items unrelated to each other is one of the foundations of this style.

Universal Symbolism in Trash Polka Design

There are several symbols typically associated with this tattoo style. Commonly, people associate this genre with rebellion.

Rebelliousness strikes the core of these designs and is achieved by using bold, bright and in some cases, vulgar imagery.

This art aims to protest societal norms, to rebuke commonness and monotony and to spur a sense of irony.

Put simply, all these pieces are thought-provoking and will often have a hidden meaning to them.

This is why the below images are often used in Trash Polker designs.

However, the meanings of these symbols are always up for interpretation. Only the tattoo artist and the recipient of the piece will ever truly know the imagery’s true meaning.;


These symbolize our inevitable death and all things evil in the world. Skulls are usually used to represent a multitude of issues in society. They could also represent the individuals intrinsic evil.


The inclusion of dice can represent; opportunity, chance, luck, and evil.


Clocks always represent the passage of time.

This genre often includes broken dials within the timepieces. This sometimes represents the fact that nothing is permanent.

Imagery like this almost alludes to the idea that time always gets the better of us in the end.


These are very prominent of thsi style. Usually, these faces are drawn without eyes, rotted faces or, a bloodied face.

Volko and Simone would often include celebrity faces and design them in an abstract way.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Having This Tattoo Style?

As with all tattoos you need to consider its placement, colors, and design carefully.

You also need to source an artist who’s willing to work with the images you want to use (as not all of them will be).

Remember, all tattoos fade over time. Bear in mind that fine lines are more likely to blur eventually.

As this style is designed to look fresh, you have to make sure you won’t fall out of love with your piece.

By looking fresh, we mean a tattoo that appears ‘just finished’. The gloss of the newly printed tattoo adds to its ‘pop’.

You have to consider what your design will look like when it begins to fade. This is especially true for those who frequently expose their skin to the sun.

This genre is fabulous if you want a larger tattoo because ideally, you need a more significant section of the body to work on for these designs to look their best.

As previously alluded to, you can add plenty of details and hidden meanings to your piece. This style is perfect if that sort of thing’s important to you.

Do You Want a Trash Polka Style Tattoo?

If you’re looking to get this of style tattoo please feel free to contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to book you in for a consultation.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about this genre or about the tattooing process please feel free to send us in your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Or, if you’re looking for further information and tattoo inspiration please feel free to browse our blog.

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