10 Best Tattoo Styles to Consider for Beginners

10 Best Tattoo Styles to Consider for Beginners

If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo, certain designs will fit your situation. Here are the best tattoo styles to consider for beginners.

Are you thinking about getting your first tattoo soon? Are you still unsure about what kind of tattoo you want or what style you want it in?

Don’t hesitate to learn more about the various tattoo styles available. These can last a lifetime, after all, so take your time to discover which ones work best for you. Fortunately, we’ve got an in-depth right here for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the top ten best tattoo styles you can get.

1. Astrology-Based Tattoos

After Italy and Sweden, the USA has is one of the most tattooed countries in the world. 46% of Americans have at least one tattoo. It’s a sign of the changing times.

It means we are losing the stigmatization often associated with tattoos. It also means that people feel freer to express themselves without fear of judgment.

For a long time, astrological signs have been inspirations for tattoos. They’re great because they are universal, even Chinese astrology. You can also find a lot of great design styles that integrate astrological symbols in unique and creative ways.

2. Single-Word Tattoos

There is a simplistic yet graceful look to placing a single word on a blank space. The word can be anything you desire. It can be “euphoria,” “Lumos,” or any other word that means something to you.

Words carry subjective meaning to each of us. It’s a great idea for people who want small and discreet tattoos. You can also choose a combination of letters that don’t need to make up words or punctuation marks.

3. Fading Tattoos

If you want to ink in optical illusions on your body, fading tattoos are a great choice. You don’t even need to find a tattoo artist who uses “invisible” ink. All you need is one that knows how to create the illusion of fading.

Consider the wrist tattoo of dots that look like they’re “fading out” at a glance. When you take another second for a closer look, you’ll see that the dots only reduce in size. This size reduction creates the illusion of a fading wrist tattoo.

4. Science-Themed Tattoos

If you’re a big science nerd, consider a tattoo that shows it. The realm of science has a lot of potential for simple yet elegant tattoos. You can get a tattoo of molecular structures, formulas, and more.

Plus, everything in the world has a relation to science, be it abstract of physical. Do you want to remind yourself to be happy whenever you see your tattoo? Instead of inking in a line of “be happy” on your arm, consider a tattoo of the molecular structure of serotonin.

5. Single-Line Tattoos

There is an art to creating a tattoo design that’s only made up of a single line. It’s a great tattoo style for those who want a safe and simple yet elegant tattoo. It has a unique and minimalistic look.

It’s one of the best tattoo choices for couples if one partner feels hesitant towards getting inked. If done well, single line tattoos look clean and chic. Plus, you can get anything done with a single line, from sailboats to penguins.

6. Blackwork Style

When you say blackwork style, in technicality, you’re talking about an umbrella term. Blackwork is the tattoo style that focuses on creating body art with only black ink. This can include a uniquely shaped ink splat or a stylistic geometrical design.

Despite the limitations of using only black ink, you can do a lot with blackwork. A lot of blackwork tattoo artists make some of the most mind-blowing work. Beginners can consider having a small yet detailed design. It’ll match well with any expansions you may plan of having later.

7. Watercolor Style Tattoos

If you don’t like heavy black-only tattoos, consider the watercolor tattoo style. This one often takes out all the black lines from a traditional tattoo. It’s a modern tattoo style that makes your skin look like paper or canvas.

It’s one of the best tattoo styles for you if you prefer a whimsical and poetic aesthetic. Note that this isn’t a simple tattoo style. When you decide on this style, pick an artist who has experience with watercolor tattoos.

8. Tribal Tattoo Style

When you hear tribal tattoo, your mind likely goes to the bold, sharp, and curved lines that often make up the tribal tattoo style. While this is one of the most popular tattoo styles, true tribal tattoos are thousands of years old. They have a different look, especially since tribal tattoos are indigenous body art.

When you consider this tattoo style, think of Polynesian, Maori, or aboriginal tattoos. Think of the iconic tattoo of The Rock or the Samoan tattoo of WWE Superstar’s Roman Reigns.

One in five Americans has a tattoo. While having a tattoo is now more accepted in the workplace, face and neck tattoos are still a big no-no. If you plan on getting your first tribal-style tattoo, it’s always safe to keep it far from your face and neck.

9. Japanese Style Tattoo

From mythological creatures to beautiful geishas, Irezumi has a unique and bold look. They often tell stories or myths from the culture. Irezumi or Japanese-style tattoos also often end up as dramatic and powerful masterpieces.

If you’re into foreign tattoo designs, consider Irezumi or a modern take on it. Since creating Irezumi is also seen as an art, the craft takes everything into account. That includes how the tattoo ages and looks from various angles.

10. New School Style

Are you a big fan of Sailor Moon, the PowerPuff Girls, or Ren and Stimpy? Finally, here’s a tattoo style that you will love. The new school tattoo style isn’t all that new in reality.

It entered the spotlight in the late 80s till the early 90s. It featured an animated aesthetic that took after the cartoons that aired in those years. Today, the new school tattoo style has evolved into something more timely.

Find the Tattoo Style for You

That ends our guide on the best tattoo styles for beginners to consider. We hope you found a tattoo style that matches your aesthetic and preferences. We also hope you now have a clearer idea of the tattoo design you want that will fit your body and look.

Do you want to learn more about what you need to do when preparing for tattoos? Check out our blog for guides on getting a tattoo, finding other tattoo styles, and more. If you have any inquiries about getting tattoos, feel free to talk to us.

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