Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Your Complete Guide To Flower Tattoo Symbolism And Meanings

Your Complete Guide To Flower Tattoo Symbolism And Meanings

Thinking about getting a flower tattoo but not quite sure which flower? We have a guide to flowers and their meanings so you can pick the perfect one for you.

Did you know people have been tattooing themselves for over 10,000 years? The mummies in pyramids had tattoos; Otzi the Iceman – who died in 3300 B.C. had tattoos. There wasn’t a single point of origin – all cultures had their form of tattoos.

Despite that, the tattoo served one purpose only: to symbolize something. Tribes used it to convey meaning through visual representation. People today use it the same way.

That’s why we must take time to think of the perfect tattoo before we let it become a part of our bodies forever. If you want a flower tattoo, you must study the symbolism of different flowers first. This gives your tattoo a deeper meaning.

Check out what symbolizes what in the world of flower tattoos.

1. Rose

A rose is one of the most popular flowers in tattoos and real life. It’s one of those that never go out of style as you can use it to denote several meanings.

In general, a rose represents love and desire. You can change it up using different colors, though.

A pink rose, for instance, is a symbol of grace and happiness. Coral is the color of friendship and sympathy, while yellow is for new beginnings and friendship. A white rose symbolizes purity and innocence.

These are its meanings in real life that also reflects on the tattoos. It can have meanings in the flower tattoo world when accompanied by other objects.

A rose with a dagger, one of the more popular tattoos, can represent either perfection or loss of passion. A skull accompanying this flower can denote life and death or solely death. If the rose has thorns, it symbolizes loss, defense, and thoughtlessness.

2. Lotus

You can say that the lotus is the equivalent of the rose in the East but with different meanings. On its own, a lotus symbolizes peace, beauty, and fortune. It also has roots in Buddhism, which uses it to symbolize spiritual awakening.

Lots of its connotations come from how it grows in real life. It has long stalks; even if it’s rooted in mud, it’s as if it floats pure on top of muddy waters.

Its color can change its substance, however.

A red lotus is of the ideal state of heart, symbolizing love, happiness, and passion. The blue lotus represents mind over matter or – in other words – spirituality over impulse. Pink is the Buddha’s lotus, while purple is of the Buddhist deities.

A pure white lotus tattoo is a spiritual tattoo or a symbol of knowledge.

3. Orchid

The orchid can have different meanings depending on the culture. By itself, though, it’s meant to look frail yet beautiful. The blossoms hanging from the long stems make it look delicate, yet it doesn’t fall.

In Japan, orchids represent bravery, but in China, this flower has a different meaning. It can be a symbol of many children – so, prosperity and fertility. It can also mean refinement in the country.

In the Aztec culture, orchids are about power and strength. This is in line with its Japanese connotation.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of orchids, so not all can exude the meaning you might be going for.

4. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a big part of Japanese culture. You might recognize it in the Imperial Seal of Japan, its most notable use. Its link to the royal family makes any tattoo with it majestic and regal.

It’s also a representation of the sun and not only because Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun. The literal translation of the name Chrysanthemum means the golden flower.

It comes from the Greek words “chrysòs,” which means gold, and “anthemon,” which means flower. The reason for this naming is that its original color is golden, much like the color of the Imperial Seal.

This flower can have different connotations, though, depending on how it’s stylized and what images it’s paired with.

It can be a symbol of sensuality and fertility if you style the flower tattoos a certain way. Pair it with a skull tattoo and it becomes a symbol of new life, also becoming some sort of protective amulet. If you pair it with a snake, the tattoo can bring wellness.

5. Cherry Blossoms

You might have already noticed that we have a lot of Eastern influences on this list, but we’ll keep going.

We often associate this flower with Japan, but it grows in other Asian and Western countries, too. Everywhere you go, however, it’s thought of as a most fragile flower.

It possesses a delicate beauty but only for a fleeting moment. Even a slight breeze can blow the blossoms from the tree. As it dances in the wind on its way to the ground, it represents the beauty of one’s mortality.

It symbolizes the appreciation for the ephemeral, whether it’s love or life.

6. Sunflower

A sunflower is another symbol of the sun due to its resemblance to the heavenly body. The fact that it grows facing the sun is a huge factor, as well.

It was the Incas who first drew the link between them. Due to this link, a sunflower represents warmth and creation. It represents the nourishment provided by the sunlight and the energy provided by the heat.

Apart from that, sunflowers can also symbolize adoration, unconventional beauty, loyalty, and longevity.

7. Lily

The perennial Lily is all about long-lasting relationships, thanks to its nature of never truly going dormant. It’s a hardy flower that best symbolizes partnerships.

The Ancient Greeks also thought of lilies as flowers that came from the milk of Hera, the Queen of the Gods. As the Goddess is a symbol of fertility, this association is present with lilies, too. A lily then symbolizes rebirth and motherhood.

The meaning of lilies draws a parallel in other cultures. The Assyrians and Babylonians, for instance, used to associate the flower to Ishtar, their Goddess of fertility. Christians, on the other hand, associate it with the Virgin Mary.

Not Sure Which Flower Tattoo is Right for You?

The main takeaway here is that a flower tattoo can denote several meanings. Different cultures see it from different angles, and the tattoo style can change its meaning a lot.

Take your time considering which one you’ll get, whether it’s for your first tattoo or not. If you’re unsure what to get and how to represent the meaning you want, talk to us and let us guide you.

Friday The 13th Tattoos

Friday The 13th Tattoos

Friday The 13th Tattoos: How Did It All Get Started?

Friday The 13th Tattoos: How Did It All Get Started?

Friday the 13th tattoos have been all the rage for the tatted. So how did it all get started? How did this beloved holiday come to be?

The world of tattoos is one that is full of stories to tell. Behind the artistry of the designs are origin stories that adds mystique to  tattoos.

And when you talk about tattoos, Friday the 13th is a date that you cannot separate from the subject. Though the date is originally associated with ghosts, goblins, and other spooky things, it is also popular for getting cheap tattoos. These tattoos usually come with the number 13 incorporated in the design.

On this particular day, you can get Friday the 13th tattoos for $13. On a regular day, these tattoos may cost you up to as much as $150.

So yes, Friday the 13th is a good day to get a tattoo. But did you ever wonder how it all started? Do you know the factors that helped shape this unique holiday?

Continue reading below and learn the answers to these questions.

Origin of Friday the 13th Tattoos

Friday the 13th tattoos originated in a supposed one-night party that lasted for 24 hours. Though the annual celebration is only a quarter of a century old, the elements that surround the event is rich in history.

The Marketing Gimmick

The event started in Dallas, Texas in 1995. It was a day when tattoo artist Oliver Peck of Elm St. Tattoo decided to throw his very first tattoo shindig on Friday the 13th.

As we mentioned earlier, the event lasted a full day. As for the significance of the number 13, Peck offers an interesting explanation. Though “13” signifies bad luck, sailors used the number as an antidote, Peck explained in an interview.

The sailors inked their bodies with the number to drive away bad luck. The rationale is that when bad luck arrives at the sailors and see the number 13 already inked, it will think that bad luck is already there. It will then move on to the next person who doesn’t have the number 13.

“I definitely wasn’t the first person to do it, the number 13 tattoo on Friday the 13th,” Peck clarified. “But, I definitely made it an event.”

From then on, Peck decided to make it an annual event. As the years went by, other tattoo shops followed suit.

But one of the key factors that made Peck’s event a rousing success is the pricing of the tattoos. The cheapest tattoos you can find on regular days cost around $50 to $80. The average hourly rate is around $150.

For tattoos with more intricate designs, you should expect to pay more. But during Friday the 13th, you can get them for a measly price.

Tips for Getting a Good Tattoo

Now that you know how this tattoo spectacle started, you need to learn the ins and outs if you wish to get a Friday the 13th tattoo. Here are some valuable tips that will help you survive the day and come out with the number 13 on your skin.

1. Check the Portfolios First

Before heading to any shop or artist, conduct your research and due diligence. This means checking out their portfolios a day or two before the event. Check their websites to get an idea of their output.

You can also visit the tattoo shop. Take a look at their designs and scout for the ones that you like. This way, you will have a much easier time telling the artist how you want your tattoos to look like.

2. Try to Be Early

Perhaps the biggest trade-off of the cheap tattoos is the long lines of people you need to brave. Thus, you need to come as early as you can.

Expect long lines, especially if you are going to the more popular tattoo shops. Bring some water and a lot of patience. This is a first-come, first-served affair.

3. Be Nice to the Artist

One of the keys to having a great tattoo is establishing good relations with your artist. Hence, you need to be nice to your tattoo artist right from the get-go.

Keep in mind that what they are doing is their way of giving back to the community. It is their manner of expressing gratitude to their craft. Considering the long lines of customers on Friday the 13th, artists become tired easily.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding their work, do not hesitate to speak up. If you have any complaints, tell them.

But do so in a respectful tone.

Additionally, don’t ask the artist to do four or five tattoos for you. Keep in mind that people outside are still waiting for their turn.

4. Cash and ID Matter

Don’t forget to bring your cash. Sure, the tattoos will only cost you $13 and an additional $7 for the tip. But you also need to spend on water or food in case you get hungry.

Moreover, make sure to bring your I.D. Without it, the tattoo artist may turn you down.

5. Manage Pain and Discomfort

Before the actual procedure, make sure that you have something in your stomach. Inking can take hours, depending on the size and intricacy. If you go hungry, your body may shake and it will affect the procedure.

You should also be aware that tattoos will give more pain to certain parts of the body compared to others. If it is your first time to get a tattoo, bring some headphones. Listening to music will help keep your mind off the pain.

6. Always Tip Your Artist

Last but not least, you need to give a tip to your tattoo artist. As we said earlier, this is their way of giving back. It is best not to get a tattoo if you have no plans of giving a tip.

As for the amount, the standard is $7 so you need to prepare at least $20 per tattoo.

Let’s Get Your Tattoos Right

Lady with tattoosIf you are looking to get your first tattoo, getting Friday the 13th tattoos is a good way to start. But if you are planning to add to your tattoo collection, you can start leveling up with intricate designs.

We have a long list of seasoned artists who can get you the designs that you want. We take pride in the quality of our work and the process behind it.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. You may also visit any of our two locations. Let’s get your tattoos right, today!

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Friendship Tattoo

Friendship Tattoo

Friends Forever: The Top Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friends Forever: The Top Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking to get a tattoo with your BFF? What should you get? Check out this guide to learn about the top friendship tattoo ideas.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, 20% of the adult population in the U.S. is inked.

Not only are people getting tattoos that show off their own unique interests and personality, but more and more people are getting matching tattoos with friends, family members, and significant others. If you have a best friend that’s stood by you through the years, a friendship tattoo is the perfect way to show off the strong bond you share.

Of course, matching or complementary tattoos can be a bit more challenging, since you’ll have to find a design that both parties are happy with.

Do you need some inspiration to get started? Keep reading to discover the top friendship tattoo ideas that you and your BFF are sure to love.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

PB&J is a classic combo, so it makes sense that this is a great friendship tattoo design! If you and your friend go together like peanut butter and jelly, why not commemorate that with a cute tattoo?

While you can go realistic, consider taking a fun approach instead. Have one of you get a piece of bread with peanut butter on it and the other a piece of bread with jelly. Turn each slice into a cartoon character by giving them arms, legs, and a smiling face!

Avocado Halves

Avocado halves are an adorable and trendy new take on the classic PB&J tattoo. When you draw up your designs, be sure that one half has the pit and the other doesn’t, showing that you come together to make a whole.

Again, you can go realistic here, but choosing to go animated brings a whimsical and fun touch to this design. You can give your avocados arms, legs, and happy expressions to really make it come to life.

State Flower

Do you and your BFF currently live in different states? Long-distance friendships can be hard, but it also shows how strong your bond is!

Consider getting the state flower from where you met. This could be the state you grew up in or the state where you both attended college.

Not only is this a great way to commemorate your friendship and how you met, but it’s also a fun way to remember an important piece of your life.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with flowers if you don’t want to. You could also get the state’s official bird, animal, or flag.

Thick and Thin

Have you and your bestie supported each other through difficult times? Then consider incorporating the phrase “through thick and thin” in your friendship tattoo design.

You can include an infinity symbol with the words “thick” and “thin” written on the lines, tattoo the phrase by itself, or include it with any of these other tattoo ideas!

Video Game Controllers

Did you spend countless hours playing video games together growing up? Or maybe you still love gaming together to this very day.

If so, video game controller tattoos may be for you. Start by picking your favorite console. This could be the newest system you currently play on, or you could go vintage by picking the console you loved as a kid.

Then get the controllers from that console tattooed on you. You could even add “player 1” and “player 2” to signify all the nights you stay up playing together.

An Inside Joke

It seems like every friendship is full of funny stories and inside jokes. One of the best ways to create a truly unique design is to make a tattoo that’s inspired by one of your favorite inside jokes.

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang is a concept in Chinese philosophy describing how all opposites are actually complementary forces that are interconnected and interdependent. Yin (the black half) symbolizes softness and femininity while yang (the white half) symbolizes masculinity and hardness.

If you and your BFF are opposites, consider getting the yin and yang symbol to show how your differing personalities actually complement one another. You can either both get the full symbol or get the half (yin or yang) that describes you better.

Commemorating a Vacation

If you and your friend have traveled together, you’re sure to have tons of amazing memories. But is there one trip or experience that stands out from the rest? Maybe you got to release a baby sea turtle on the beach or pushed yourself out of your comfort zone by going on a scary rollercoaster at Disney World.

Whatever your special memory is, consider incorporating it in your tattoo design. If you want to commemorate your entire vacation, consider going broader with your design by getting a beach tattoo or Minnie Mouse ears.

Queen Crowns

King and queen crowns are common tattoos for couples. But you don’t need a man to be a queen! If you and your BFF are both strong and independent women, consider getting a pair of queen crowns.

While you can both get the same crowns, consider coming up with your own designs. This will allow you to show off your different personalities while still having a matching friendship tattoo.

Spirit Animals

Spirit animals refer to animals that share certain personality traits with you. For example, if you’re loving and loyal, your spirit animal might be a dog. But if you’re courageous and confident, your spirit animal may be a lion.

Spend some time deciding what spirit animal best fits you and your best friend. Then, design a tattoo showing both of these animals living in harmony. While it does work if you each choose animals that get along in the wild, having two very different spirit animals shows that you each bring something different and unique to the friendship and can make for one powerful design.

Best Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friendship Tattoo

Friendship Tattoo

If you and your BFF are going to be friends until the end, why not commemorate this by getting a beautiful tattoo together? From the classic peanut butter and jelly tattoo to a unique design incorporating your spirit animals, there are so many wonderful friendship tattoo designs to choose from.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a beautiful tattoo? Then contact us today to set up an appointment with a professional tattoo artist in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Lahaina.

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Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

9 of the Most Creative Neck Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

The Most Creative Neck Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

The neck is one of the coolest spots to get a tattoo. We share some of the best and most creative neck tattoo designs to help inspire your tattoo design.

Did you know that about 42 percent of Americans have tattoos?

And since “tattoos are like potato chips,” once you start, it’s hard to stop! 30 percent of Americans have just one, while the rest have two or more. Two percent even have more than twenty tattoos!

That’s great news for lovers of ink and self-expression.

We’ve got more awesome news, too. The perception is changing and the stigma disappearing with it. In a 2015 survey about people with tattoos, most people answered that they saw no difference between those with ink and those without it.

So — neck tattoo, anyone?

Since almost half the American population has a tattoo already, getting your neck tatted isn’t a far cry from the norm. In fact, hand, face, and neck tattoos are gaining in popularity just as tattoos in general are. And with the advancements in tattooing, these tattoos can be delicate, beautiful, and intricately done.

Of course, you should take deep and careful consideration before tattooing this nearly un-coverable spot. This isn’t the time to get tattooed on a whim. Contemplate your options before scheduling that appointment.

In the meantime, we’ve got some creative neck tattoo ideas right here! Check them out before getting inked.

1. Tiny but Impactful

A neck tattoo doesn’t have to cover your entire throat to stand out. In fact, tiny, delicate neck tattoos have their place.

Model Freja Beha proves how cool these can be with her two well-known neck tats. The first is the word “Float” written in delicate, looping script on the left side of her neck. This dainty tattoo still makes an impact.

The second is the upside-down triangle on the back of her neck. Again, this shows that a tattoo doesn’t have to cover your entire neck to be considered a “neck tattoo.” Putting a tiny symbol on the sides or back of your neck is cute, simple, and straightforward.

2. Song Lyrics

Any tunes stuck in your head that you never want to leave? Well, consider getting them tattooed, like the singer Halsey did.

In teeny-tiny font, she got the words, “i’m a loser baby” on the side of her neck. This song, released in ’94 by fellow artist Beck, obviously had some sway in her life. Now, she can memorialize it forever.

3. Star-Spangled Neck

Another great idea for neck tattoos is to have them creep up from your spine or shoulders and finish on the neck. For this, we look at another celebrity with a tattoo collection: Rihanna.

Starting on her right shoulder and finishing just at her hairline is a galaxy of stars. They’re both outlines and filled in, giving it a nice depth and complexity.

4. Lost in Translation

Another neck tat we love is also on Rihanna.

She adorned the side of her neck with the French phrase “rebelle fleur,” or “rebel flower.” This was back in 2010 before many people were getting their necks tattooed. It’s safe to say she’s a trendsetter!

5. Take Flight

If you really want to make a statement, consider what could fill up space. For this suggestion, we’re thinking of the noble bird.

The body of the bird can be on the throat or the back of the neck. The wings can be splayed open, ready to take flight, decorating either side of the neck.

Think of your favorite flyer — hawk, swallow, owl, whatever — and you’ve got a beautiful piece of decoration to accompany you for life!

6. A Permanent Choker

Are you a fan of forever jewelry? It’s becoming more popular and common to get “jewelry” tattooed on your body, giving you the look that never ends. Some people get rings, bracelets, or anklets tattooed — so why not a necklace?

Consider a hanging design or one that’s close to the throat, like a delicate choker. You can let this play out in any way you’d like: big, small, chunky, dainty. Let your style be your guide.

7. Floral Decoration

Flowers are a beautiful addition to the canvas of your body. With their astounding amount of variety and delicacy, you can really mix it up when choosing how to put florals on your neck.

Consider the nape of your neck as the place for your next flower tattoo. It can frame the natural curve of your neck or hairline, or even climb up the sides and rest behind your ear. A quick Google search will turn back tons of ideas for floral adornments.

8. Getting Ornamental

Not every tattoo has to have a specific “design” or picture. In fact, an ornamental tattoo may look just as great as any! Consider the variety of geometric patterns and shapes out there and consider what’d look best for you.

This can be dot-work design, a beehive pattern, a mandala, or anything similar. Check out Radeo from Suicide Girls for an example of a dripping honeycomb heart that stands out.

9. Your Favorite Word

It doesn’t have to be a phrase or full set of lyrics to be a tattoo! You can keep it simple as heck by placing your favorite word on your neck. Get it “as is” or even consider doing the phonetic spelling for something unique.

Model Sofia Richie did this with the word “Clarity” in a simple print font. It’s smack-dab in the middle of (the side of) her neck, a couple of inches below the ear and above the shoulder.

What’s your favorite word? Consider placing it for the world to see!

Is a Neck Tattoo for You?

neck tattooBy the end of this list, you’re either really jonesing to get a neck tattoo or you’ve changed your mind. Let your intuition guide you to make the right decision for your lifestyle. Consider cost, placement, design, and more before committing to this delicate place.

And of course, if not your neck, you’ve got the entire rest of your body!

When you’re ready, we’ll be ready, too. The next step is choosing a talented, professional artist for your idea. Here are the top ten qualities to look for in your tattoo artist.


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Spiritual Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoo

10 Beautiful Spiritual Tattoo Designs (And Their Meanings)

10 Beautiful Spiritual Tattoo Designs (And Their Meanings)

Are you looking for meaningful tattoo ideas? Check out our list of the most beautiful spiritual tattoo design ideas along with their meanings.

Tattoos are beautiful. They convey ideas; they adorn the body and are a fashion statement. About 72 percent of adults have tattoos across the globe.

However, Italy tops the list of countries with the highest number of individuals with tattoos. While different religions and nations associate tattoos with specific ideas and meanings, most will still agree that they have a spiritual attachment.

Spiritual tattoos may be different compared to other forms of tattoos. Often, they take the shape of animals, birds, and images of deities. However, there are other symbols with a spiritual meaning.

Therefore, you can choose a tattoo that expresses your inner world and speaks of your spiritual affiliation.

With that in mind, are you looking for meaningful tattoo ideas? Check out our list of the most beautiful spiritual tattoo design ideas along with their meaning.

1. Lotus

Tattoos can uniquely tell your spiritual story. In Asian religion, the Lotus is a very powerful plant. Its ability to rise above harsh conditions and to bloom into a fragrant plant is something to adore.

The plant can grow in the watery and muddy surrounding. To many Asians and Hindu gods, this is a great plant that represents enlighten.

Getting a lotus tattoo depicts spiritual enlighten most beautifully. It is a tattoo that emphasizes patience amongst Hindus and Buddhists.

2. Om Tattoo

The Om tattoo means the song of the universe. It signifies that everything that has a beginning has an end. In a spiritual world, it means there is an end to every painful experience.

Om still defines an infinite source of knowledge, carnal existence, and talks of a connection of an individual’s energy with a spiritual being.

3. The Trinity Knot

The trinity knot or the triquetra is another beautiful spiritual tattoo design. The history of this tattoo can be traced back to the pagans. It is a Nordic and Celtic symbol that has three interlocking parts.

Spiritually, it signifies unity, the connectedness of the sea, sky, and earth. It illustrates the Trinity, the whole idea of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The triquetra tattoo represents spiritual togetherness and eternity.

4. The Cross

Today, the cross symbol is common in many churches. Christians across different parts of the globe believe that Jesus Christ was born as a baby.

He lived a holy service life and was crucified on the cross to save those who believe in him from sin. The cross tattoo is therefore used as a reminder of Gods unending love, his everlasting grace, and powerful redemptive power.

Small cross metaphysical tattoos on foot still mean walking in faith.

5. A Dove Tattoo

Traditionally, the dove has a deeper religious meaning. It is a bird loved by many religions, including Christians and Hindus. From the Bible, it is the dove that gave Noah the signal that the waters were receding.

The dove in the flood story returned with an olive leaf in its beak to the ark. Today, many Christians still associate the dove with holiness. It is a representation of the Holy Spirit.

A dove tattoo for Greeks is a representation of love, as it is considered a symbol of the goddess of love, the Aphrodite.

A dove tattoo for some people is a healer tattoo. This can be healing from an illness, loss of a loved one or from a heartbreak.

6. Water Tattoo

A water tattoo is wavy like. Water is life-giving. It is essential, and it is treasured across global religious setups as a source of life.

Amrita, a mixture of sugar and water, is drunk by Sikhs during initiation ceremonies. During such ceremonies, attendants commit to observe different principles of their religion.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Shintoism followers use water as a symbol of purity.

In other religious setups, water is a symbol of creation, immortality, and destruction. Therefore, you can have a water tattoo as a symbol of life regardless of your religion.

7. The GV Tattoo

The GV tattoo, according to many Christians, means God is great. He is above the challenges, the highs, the lows, and the superpower. Having the GV tattoo is considered a reinforcement and the belief that there is a greater God.

The spiritual symbol tattoos signify the supernatural God who can carry you through all the bad and tough times to the most peaceful and enjoyable moments.

8. The Tree

Trees are naturally beautiful. They are a source of hope. Traditionally, trees remind you of the existence of life and the interconnectedness of different aspects.

Trees are a symbol of growth, resilience, strength, and hope even when you face life’s challenges. Storms are part of life; trees can endure different seasons and remain strong.

Trees are also a source of shelter, a place to relax or take refuge, and a source of nourishment. Trees are also a symbol of life in other religions.

According to Buddhists; Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhist’s faith, was enlightened after meditating under a Bodhi tree. To the believers, a tree tattoo is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

9. The Anchor

The anchor tattoo design symbolizes salvation, hope, joy, and eternal life. Many anchor drawings can be traced back to the third century and are etched inside Roman catacombs. There are also many anchors in early Christian martyrs gravesides.

10. A Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is beautiful and with a spiritual meaning. It is a symbol of kindness and a soul full of love. It conveys compassion and generosity. Depending on the heart tattoo style you choose, your tattoo could also mean

  • The love for God because in Hindu religion, the heart is the house of Brahma. For Christians, it means Gods temple.
  • It can reflect your inner spiritual world.

Tattoos Define You, Choose the Best Tattoo Design

spiritual tattooBeyond the beauty and simple ornamentation of your tattoo, there lies a deeper meaning. Spiritual tattoos are a visual form of communication.

They define who you are, your culture, your spiritual being, your desires, and your aspirations.

Contact us for more tattoo ideas and choose the best because they are always a reminder of a specific connection.


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Military Tattoo Ideas

Military Tattoo Ideas

15 of the Best Military Tattoo Ideas and Styles

15 of the Best Military Tattoo Ideas and Styles

If you served in the military and want to get a tattoo that is military-related, click here to see a list of the best military tattoo ideas.

A military tattoo is a great way to show your support for our troops. People have used tattoos to honor soldiers and warriors for most of human history. And a military tattoo is a bold statement. It can be a personal memorial to a lost loved one. It becomes a part of your identity. Your tattoo can be a sign of protest, of the burdens you carry, or the support and honor you hold. But it’s something to take on carefully. Tattoos are riddled with personal symbolism, and you need your tattoo to reflect that. If you’re considering a military tattoo, check out these great military tattoo ideas.

1. Dog Tags

Dog tags are a staple when it comes to military tattoos. Add them to nearly any other tattoo to give it a militaristic touch. Furthermore, you can leave a dog tag tattoos blank. Or you can add a specific name or date if there’s a particular person you want to honor with your ink. Consider pairing your dog tags with roses, boots, flags, firearms, or leave them on their own.

2. Firearm and Helmet

The helmet on the butt of a firearm is another iconic and simple military tattoo. Add boots, roses, a name or a motto. This iconic tattoo is a favorite because it’s simple, elegant, and respectful.

3. Flags

Flags are another common staple in military tattoos. Many enjoy a flag showing through ripped skin style. Others like a saluting soldier silhouetted against a flag. Keep the flag either on it’s own, or pair it with any other idea on this list.

4. Branch Seal

Is there a particular branch you want to give a shout out to? Consider incorporating a military branch seal into your design. You can see all the seals here.

5. Soldier Silhouettes

Soldier silhouettes are another great, iconic way to shout out to our troops. Silhouettes can be as simple as a single troop saluting, or an entire line marching. Do you have an idea you think might look good with a silhouette? Make sure to talk to your tattoo artist about it! They can usually come up with great ways to piece together your ideas.

6. Traditional Army Tattoos

Traditional army tattoos take on more of a caricature appearance. Typically, they’re an eagle holding a US Army banner. But if you want to branch out, look at other military branches. The navy has the traditional anchor tattoo and the bulldog in the helmet. There’s a lot you can do with traditional tattoos.

7. Camo

Camo is a great way to give a more subtle shoutout to the military. Consider layering it behind roses, eagles, flags or silhouettes. The pixelated nature of military camo lends a cool asthetic to any tattoo.

8. Memorial

Many military tattoos like to incorporate war memorials into their artwork. Some iconic memorials are the Veteran’s War Memorial, the Vietnam War Memoria. The US Marine Corps War Memorial of soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima is probably the most iconic.

9. Bald Eagles

Bald eagles add a patriotic touch to any tattoo. Layer them with flags, silhouettes, or memorials. Even if you don’t want the full, eagle, eagle wings or feathers can be enough to add a patriotic feel.

10. Bombs Away

Bombs away is another iconic military caricature. Most often, bombs away tattoos have a cartoonish aspect to them. Many of them have a bomb baring its teeth or smoking a cigar. These are great tattoos to get in color. You can learn more about color tattoos here.

11. Uniform Replica

A simple, elegant military tattoo is a replica of your uniform sleeve over your shoulder. Being a soldier becomes a part of your entire identity. This is a simple way to pay homage to that aspect of yourself.

12. Maps

Did you serve in iconic places oversea? Consider getting the nations tattooed. Make note of the different areas you served. Pair the maps with flags, eagles, or dog tags to make the military link stand out. Love the idea of a map tattoo? Check out these travel tattoos here.

13. Skull and Helmet

The skull and helmet is a darker, but still real, image of war. It’s common in many military tattoos. Change the helmet to change the war your tattoo represents. Different expressions, embellishments, and insignia can change the meaning the tattoo conveys.

14. Ultra-Realism

Some people want entire war scenes as tattoos. These can be ultra-realistic, with smoke and expressions. If you want to do an entire scene, take time to get to know your tattoo artist. Ask to see previous pieces and their other samples to make sure it’s a good fit. Ultra-realism can be hard to get right, so make sure you have a tattoo artist up for the job.

15. Gas Mask Soldier

The gas mask soldier works well in any military tattoo, from ultra realism to caricature. The gas mask soldier has a history of representing protest and dissent. This is true especially during Vietnam during gas attacks and chemical warfare. It can also represent anarchy.

Use These Military Tattoo Ideas to Get Started

These military tattoo ideas are just a starting point. You may want your ink to support our troops. You may need it as a way to express yourself. You may need something simple and beautiful as a way to say goodbye or thank you. Military tattoos have a lot of meaning and symbolism behind them. They’re unique to each individual, and the meanings behind them run deep. When you piece together your own idea, take time to talk with the right tattoo artist. The extra effort will ensure a quality piece that is special to you. Want to know how to find the right tattoo artist? Learn more here