Blackout Tattoos: Right For You?

Blackout Tattoos – Getting a tattoo for the first time is a fun and exciting experience, but it requires a careful understanding of what to get. One popular new type of tattoo that has caught the eye of many people getting their first is the blackout tattoo. Are these right for you or should you consider another approach?

Blackout Tattoos Are Intense

A blackout tattoo is literally a thick covering of black ink over a person’s body, often mimicking a piece of clothing. This kind of tattoo creates a bold statement and is also very difficult on the person getting the tattoo. It requires a lot of ink that can be too intense for a first timer.

Their Statement Is Brash

As mentioned above, blackout tattoos make a brash statement. For many first timers, it can be a little too harsh. What happens if you don’t like the sensation of getting tattooed or regret getting one later? You’ll be stuck with a big black spot that is hard to remove.

Blackout Tattoos – Laser Removal Will Take Time

Removing a blackout tattoo will take more time than a normal tattoo due to the heavy concentration of ink. While we know how to use lasers to remove blackout tattoos, we also know that many people getting their first tattoo likely don’t want to go through this process.

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In our opinion, the blackout tattoo trend is really cool if you have gotten a few under your belt and know what to expect from the process. Getting one as your first tattoo is probably not a good idea. If you’d like to talk about this topic or others like it, please contact our Tattoo Artists and make an appointment.

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