Tattoo Styles for Beginners: 7 Tips on How to Choose Your 2020 First Tattoo Styles

Tips to Choosing the Best 2020 Tattoo Styles for Beginners

Did you know that 92% of people with tattoos say that they do not regret getting them? When people get their first tattoo, it also generally leads to even more tattoos.

If you’re just looking into getting your first tattoo, then you might be looking for some ideas on where to start when choosing tattoo styles. After all, tattoos are a permanent thing that will be on your body forever.

So how do you choose the right tattoo style that will suit you? We have a few tips that you can use when choosing your first tattoo.

Keep reading for our guide on the top seven tips on how to choose your first 2020 tattoo styles.

1. Realism Tattoos

Now that you’ve decided that you want a tattoo, you need to figure out what tattoo styles you’re interested in as well as if you want your tattoo to mean anything. Realism tattoos are great if you want a photo of someone or something on your body.

Many people love getting portraits to memorialize someone or because they like the style of it. There are tons of realistic tattoos that look awesome, but you’re going to want to make sure that your tattoo artist is up for the challenge.

2. Watercolor Tattoos

On the other hand, you might want something that doesn’t look as realistic as a portrait, and that’s where the watercolor style comes in. This is a more modern looking tattoo, but it is breathtaking and very elegant looking.

There are so many different ways to create and work with this type of tattoo design, and it is really up to you and your tattoo artist to come up with something great. A watercolor tattoo is a beautiful design that could look great on paper but will take a special tattoo artist to create on the skin.

3. Abstract Tattoos

Another interesting tattoo style is an abstract tattoo. If you’re an artistic or creative person with a wild imagination, then this is the one for you!

Coming up with an abstract design for your tattoo is fun and will definitely be a conversation starter when people see it. Especially if you create your own design, then it will truly be a one-of-a-kind, unique tattoo that no one else will have.

You can even put a hidden meaning into your tattoo and see if anyone ever figures it out.

There are plenty of ways to have an abstract tattoo, whether you incorporate four eyes, interesting lines, geometric shapes, teardrops, or random colors. The choices are totally up to you, and you can make it as abstract as possible!

4. Small Tattoos

For your first tattoo, you might not be ready to commit, so leaning towards getting a small tattoo could be for you. Small tattoos are still awesome because they can carry huge meaning, and you’re biting the bullet and getting an awesome tattoo.

Getting a small tattoo also opens the gate for many people into getting a ton more tattoos, whether they’re big or small. After getting a small tattoo, you may realize that it doesn’t hurt as bad as you may have thought or that you just like the way that they look.

Many people also just like the style of smaller tattoos. There are lots of different placements that you can put small tattoos on your body.

5. Flower Tattoos

Another type of tattoo design that is really popular is the flower tattoo because there are just so many to choose from. Flowers have so many meanings. For example, there are birth flowers.

You can also pick flowers that look pretty to you or just your favorite flower. Many people choose roses, sunflowers, peonies, or even daisies just because they like the way that they look.

Lotus flowers are also very popular tattoo designs, and this flower can have different meanings such as peace, beauty, fortune, or even spiritual awakening. A lot of people will get it in a Japenese style accompanied by words in their language.

Flowers are also great accents to add with other tattoos as well! They can be the main design or add something to your tattoo, depending on how big and intricate you want your first tattoo design to be.

6. Quote or Word Tattoos

Quotes and word tattoos are very popular and easy to come up with. All you need to do is think of your favorite word or saying and choose the best font.

One popular type of tattoo is getting a word or phrase in a certain person’s handwriting. This can be a special tattoo to you and it is very easy to do. Make sure that you have a copy of the word or phrase that you want in that person’s handwriting and your tattoo artist should be good to go!

The best thing about getting lettering for a tattoo done is that if it isn’t large or detailed, it generally doesn’t take a very long time. It will be a quick tattoo and one that you will be sure to love.

7. Shape Tattoos

Sometimes picking a detailed photo or coming up with an interesting quote can be difficult. Instead, some people just opt for shapes or lines as their first tattoo.

Geometric tattoos can be interesting and unique because they’re different from most tattoos. You can also opt for color or no color as well as shading or no shading. By choosing this type of tattoo you will still get plenty of options and still have an awesome tattoo.

You could have a bunch of lines, a few triangles, or even just a square. This style of tattoo is different but will leave people asking questions.

How to Choose Your First Tattoo Styles

2020 tattoo styles

2020 tattoo styles

When choosing out of the many tattoo styles for your first tattoo, there is a lot that you have to consider. Some people want to take the time to make sure that they’ve made the right choice, while others like making a quick decision for their tattoo.

Above all else, your tattoo should mean whatever you want it to mean for you.

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