White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoos at the Skin Factory, a Las Vegas Tattoo Shop. Some tattoo designs are hard to miss. They’re big, loud, and bold, especially in terms of color. But there’s a unique tattoo trend that makes a statement in an unexpected and subtle way: white ink tattoos.

White ink tattoos, as their name suggests, use a white-tinted ink to achieve their unique look. In normal lighting conditions and on paler skin, they are extremely subtle and less visible than traditional black ink, which is perfect for those who don’t want their tattoo to be the first thing others notice about them. Even so, this more subdued take on tattooing–when done right–can turn heads just the same.

For one, this style is extremely versatile and you have a lot of room to get creative with it. You can opt for typical white ink designs like lace sleeves, wings, or mandalas, or you can put a new twist on old classics like the Sailor Jerry anchors, sparrows, and roses. You can even have a special UV component added into the ink so your tattoo glows under a blacklight.

White ink tattoos can be strikingly beautiful. However, to ensure they turn out that way, it’s crucial that they’re done by a professional. Otherwise, a botched job from an inexperienced tattoo artist could mean your white ink tattoo looks more like a coincidentally shaped scar than a meaningful work of art.

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