15 Meaningful Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes – If you’re dreaming of a tattoo that is both beautiful and meaningful, you can’t go wrong with a quote. Use these 15 tattoo quotes for inspiration.

Whether you’re considering your first tattoo or your tenth, a tattoo is an important statement. Depending on its location, it’s a way for you to either publicly (or intimately!) share your values, beliefs, or personality quirks.

And not that we need to remind you, but a tattoo is also permanent. So whatever tattoo quotes you’re considering today also need to be considered when you’re sixty, eighty, or even a hundred years old.

Below, read about 15 meaningful tattoo quotes that will not only make a statement in your life now, but will still hold meaning in the years to come.

Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes for Motivation & Strength

Many tattoos are meant to inspire and encourage ourselves. Here are a few ideas.

Just Breathe

Paired with an image of a feather, leaf, or some other natural element, this is a powerful reminder to remain calm in stressful scenarios. The perfect ink for a high-stress or high-anxiety person. Place this tattoo in a highly-visible location, like the inner wrist.

Let It Go

For someone struggling with past demons – breakups, family crises, or just the day-to-day drama of life – this tattoo reminds us of what’s important now. This tattoo also works well in a visible location, or on the foot to remind oneself to always look forward, not backward.

One Day At A Time

Let’s face it: life’s hard. Every day feels hard for many of us. If you can’t look too far into the future for fear of giving up, this may be the perfect quote for you. If you can make it through today, you can make it through anything.

Affirmations: “You are strong enough to do hard things”

Affirmations are powerful statements (often spoken aloud) that remind us that we are good enough, strong enough, able enough, and loved enough. Why not make it a permanent reminder? Choose an affirmation that applies to your own struggles or insecurities.

In Memoriam

Looking for a tattoo to remind you of someone? Consider these unique ideas.

Date of birth and/or death of a loved one

In traditional date format or masculine roman numerals, this is a popular way to permanently trace the importance of someone into your own skin, and a constant reminder of the impact they had on your life.

Signature of the individual, or a phrase they wrote

If you can get a copy of someone’s signature (think old birthday cards or legal documents) consider having a tattoo artist trace the image. You may also consider a phrase they wrote, like “I love you” or “See you soon, my love.”

A “sound wave” of a recorded phrase or song

This has gained popularity in recent years as a creative replacement for an actual quote. Instead, the pitch and volume of a recorded phrase is visualized.

Spiritual & Religious Quotes

Some people desire tattoos that remind them of a larger force at work in their lives. A few ideas include:

Bible verses

Many tattoo quotes reference Bible verses that are meaningful to a person. For inspiration, glance through the Psalms or Proverbs. Some people also use meaningful Bible verses from an important event, like readings at a wedding.

Quotes by spiritual leaders or writers

Spiritual quotes don’t need to come from a religious text. Your favorite authors or leaders may also be considered. A hopeful quote from C.S. Lewis is, “Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Connection with Others (Spouse or Friends)

Friends and significant others hold a special place in our hearts. Keep them close with these tattoo ideas.

Two hearts, one soul

Consider placing this quote alongside a pair of hearts with ivy wrapping them together, or another object meaningful to your relationship. You can even place them on the same location of your bodies. Consider a secret or intimate location, like the pelvic bone, for something that remains just between you.

Wedding date

A wedding or anniversary date is one of the more popular tattoo quotes. It makes sense, as this is often remembered as one of the best days of our lives! This is one of the shorter tattoo quotes, so it would work well on an ankle, wrist, or collarbone.

Love poems

There’s no shortage of sweet love poems from which to draw inspiration, like E. E. Cummings’ i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart). Since poems may be a bit longer, these tattoo quotes will need more space, like on the back or ribcage.

Creative & Unique Quote Ideas

Want to think outside the box? Look no further.

Longitude & latitude of a meaningful place

For a creative spin on the location of an important event – like where you grew up or met your spouse – consider looking up the longitude and latitude of the location. This can make an attractive tattoo with a combination of numbers and letters, perfect for the shoulder, ribcage, or wrist.

Tattoo quotes in another language

Why not consider getting inked in another language? Latin has an air of mystery about it, or consider a language of your heritage. One popular option is “la vie est belle,” translated in English to “life is beautiful.”

A favorite movie or book quote

Movie and book quotes are all the rage in the land of tattoo quotes. These can be inspirational and encouraging, like the famous line from Dumbledore in Harry Potter: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

A Great Tattoo Quote Can Add Meaning to Your Life

There’s no doubt about it: choosing from one of the meaningful tattoo quotes listed above can add a creative, inspiration spin to your collection of ink. It’s key to choose a quote that will be relevant for the entirety of your life, so give this decision plenty of thought.

For more tattoo ideas and other inspiration, check out our blog. We can help you choose the perfect ink to fit your personality and values, and create a permanent reminder of the people and things that are most important to you.