10 Beautiful Spiritual Tattoo Designs (And Their Meanings)

Are you looking for meaningful tattoo ideas? Check out our list of the most beautiful spiritual tattoo design ideas along with their meanings.

Tattoos are beautiful. They convey ideas; they adorn the body and are a fashion statement. About 72 percent of adults have tattoos across the globe.

However, Italy tops the list of countries with the highest number of individuals with tattoos. While different religions and nations associate tattoos with specific ideas and meanings, most will still agree that they have a spiritual attachment.

Spiritual tattoos may be different compared to other forms of tattoos. Often, they take the shape of animals, birds, and images of deities. However, there are other symbols with a spiritual meaning.

Therefore, you can choose a tattoo that expresses your inner world and speaks of your spiritual affiliation.

With that in mind, are you looking for meaningful tattoo ideas? Check out our list of the most beautiful spiritual tattoo design ideas along with their meaning.

1. Lotus

Tattoos can uniquely tell your spiritual story. In Asian religion, the Lotus is a very powerful plant. Its ability to rise above harsh conditions and to bloom into a fragrant plant is something to adore.

The plant can grow in the watery and muddy surrounding. To many Asians and Hindu gods, this is a great plant that represents enlighten.

Getting a lotus tattoo depicts spiritual enlighten most beautifully. It is a tattoo that emphasizes patience amongst Hindus and Buddhists.

2. Om Tattoo

The Om tattoo means the song of the universe. It signifies that everything that has a beginning has an end. In a spiritual world, it means there is an end to every painful experience.

Om still defines an infinite source of knowledge, carnal existence, and talks of a connection of an individual’s energy with a spiritual being.

3. The Trinity Knot

The trinity knot or the triquetra is another beautiful spiritual tattoo design. The history of this tattoo can be traced back to the pagans. It is a Nordic and Celtic symbol that has three interlocking parts.

Spiritually, it signifies unity, the connectedness of the sea, sky, and earth. It illustrates the Trinity, the whole idea of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The triquetra tattoo represents spiritual togetherness and eternity.

4. The Cross

Today, the cross symbol is common in many churches. Christians across different parts of the globe believe that Jesus Christ was born as a baby.

He lived a holy service life and was crucified on the cross to save those who believe in him from sin. The cross tattoo is therefore used as a reminder of Gods unending love, his everlasting grace, and powerful redemptive power.

Small cross metaphysical tattoos on foot still mean walking in faith.

5. A Dove Tattoo

Traditionally, the dove has a deeper religious meaning. It is a bird loved by many religions, including Christians and Hindus. From the Bible, it is the dove that gave Noah the signal that the waters were receding.

The dove in the flood story returned with an olive leaf in its beak to the ark. Today, many Christians still associate the dove with holiness. It is a representation of the Holy Spirit.

A dove tattoo for Greeks is a representation of love, as it is considered a symbol of the goddess of love, the Aphrodite.

A dove tattoo for some people is a healer tattoo. This can be healing from an illness, loss of a loved one or from a heartbreak.

6. Water Tattoo

A water tattoo is wavy like. Water is life-giving. It is essential, and it is treasured across global religious setups as a source of life.

Amrita, a mixture of sugar and water, is drunk by Sikhs during initiation ceremonies. During such ceremonies, attendants commit to observe different principles of their religion.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Shintoism followers use water as a symbol of purity.

In other religious setups, water is a symbol of creation, immortality, and destruction. Therefore, you can have a water tattoo as a symbol of life regardless of your religion.

7. The GV Tattoo

The GV tattoo, according to many Christians, means God is great. He is above the challenges, the highs, the lows, and the superpower. Having the GV tattoo is considered a reinforcement and the belief that there is a greater God.

The spiritual symbol tattoos signify the supernatural God who can carry you through all the bad and tough times to the most peaceful and enjoyable moments.

8. The Tree

Trees are naturally beautiful. They are a source of hope. Traditionally, trees remind you of the existence of life and the interconnectedness of different aspects.

Trees are a symbol of growth, resilience, strength, and hope even when you face life’s challenges. Storms are part of life; trees can endure different seasons and remain strong.

Trees are also a source of shelter, a place to relax or take refuge, and a source of nourishment. Trees are also a symbol of life in other religions.

According to Buddhists; Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhist’s faith, was enlightened after meditating under a Bodhi tree. To the believers, a tree tattoo is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

9. The Anchor

The anchor tattoo design symbolizes salvation, hope, joy, and eternal life. Many anchor drawings can be traced back to the third century and are etched inside Roman catacombs. There are also many anchors in early Christian martyrs gravesides.

10. A Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is beautiful and with a spiritual meaning. It is a symbol of kindness and a soul full of love. It conveys compassion and generosity. Depending on the heart tattoo style you choose, your tattoo could also mean

  • The love for God because in Hindu religion, the heart is the house of Brahma. For Christians, it means Gods temple.
  • It can reflect your inner spiritual world.

Tattoos Define You, Choose the Best Tattoo Design

spiritual tattooBeyond the beauty and simple ornamentation of your tattoo, there lies a deeper meaning. Spiritual tattoos are a visual form of communication.

They define who you are, your culture, your spiritual being, your desires, and your aspirations.

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