Keep It Classic: The ‘Sailor Jerry’ Tattoo

Thinking about a Sailor Tattoo ? When deciding what you want your next tattoo to look like, whether it is your first or an addition to an existing work of body art.  Choosing a style can be difficult. With so many options available, a classic type of body art has the potential to be your most viable choice. The clean line work, rich use of color, and charming subject matter makes the Sailor Jerry tattoo style distinct, popular, and timeless.

sailor tattoo


Born Norman Collins. This Navy veteran was nicknamed “Sailor Jerry” by his tattoo patrons in Pearl Harbor during World War II. He singlehandedly created a counterculture by inking young servicemen who would otherwise be considered clean-cut and conservative. He also used revolutionary and effective tattoo gun designs, sterilization precautions, and the usage of purple ink. Jerry’s style, now coined as “old school” still influences modern tattoo artists in American and worldwide, perhaps more than ever.

Distinguishable Characteristics

Sailor tattoos are easily distinguished by their simplistic, crisp outlining contrasting with dramatic color saturation. Minimalistic shading is also a prevalent characteristic.

Common Subjects

The most common subjects represented in traditional Sailor Jerry tattoos are sparrows, pin-up girls, dagger-skewered hearts and scroll banners. In addition countless coastal-inspired objects such as anchors, nautical stars, and ships in full sail. Although these items are typically seen in a Sailor Tattoo, any subject can be tweaked to accommodate this style.

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