Getting your nipples pierced

Getting your nipples pierced ?

Nipple piercings are one of the biggest new trends for young women. It’s not hard to see why…they are discreet, but also very sexy. If you’re yearning for the trendiest piercing, there are some things to know before you face the needle.

1. It will hurt, but not as bad as you think.

The thought of getting a needle shoved through their nipples makes many people cringe and grab their chest at the imagined pain. It is definitely a painful piercing, but it’s over in two seconds, so it’s not as bad as most people imagine.

2. They may be sore for a couple of days afterwards.

Many people who get their nipples pierced say they have pain for a few days after the piercing has been done. It’s not a sharp intense pain, but a dull throbbing pain. The piercings may also bleed a little bit and excrete a yellowish crust. Both of these are normal, but the bleeding should not be excessive or last long unless the piercing has been bumped.

3. Aftercare is important.

Nipple piercings require a lot more commitment than most other piercings. They take anywhere from six months to a year to heal, so you need to be ready to take good care of them. They need to be washed with unscented soap and soaked in salt water twice daily. In addition, some women like to wear sports bras, or something that will compress them for the first couple of weeks. You shouldn’t swim in a public pool or open bodies of water for at least four weeks.

4. Your nipples will most likely become more sensitive.

Many have said that immediately after getting their nipples pierced, their sensitivity skyrocketed. While this happens for most, it is important to note that it doesn’t happen for everyone. We all have very different bodies.

5. You’ll feel more confident.

Jut like with any other piercing or tattoo, your nipple piercings will make you feel more confident than ever. There’s nothing like walking around town knowing that you have a couple of hidden piercings. You may feel so confident that you’ll start showing all of your friends.

Nipple piercings are one of the most fun piercings to have. The good news is that if you don’t like them in a couple of years, the holes close up very quickly and leave minimal scarring unlike some other piercings.

Getting your nipples pierced

Getting your nipples pierced ?

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