Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom.  Much thought and consideration goes in to getting a tattoo. Deciding where to place the tattoo, exploring meaningful designs that speak to you, and finding the right artist who can bring your vision to life are key to getting the life-lasting piece of art you desire. Another important aspect to consider is who you share your tattoo experience with. Friends, siblings, and significant others may come to mind, but what about mom?


Whether this is your first tattoo or you have already been inked, getting a tattoo with mom will likely be an exciting experience for both of you. You will be able to look back on the big day and reflect on how you both felt throughout your experience. This creates an opportunity to entertain other family members and friends by telling them about the experience, like sharing who was more nervous or trying to explain what getting a tattoo feels like. But most importantly, getting inked together will create new memories that you and mom will always share, and can look back on.


Exploring designs that are meaningful to both you and mom will likely foster communication. This may bring up past memories, challenges that you have overcome together, or family goals for the future. No matter what the planning process unearths, it will hopefully leave you and mom feeling more connected than when you first began your tattoo journey together.


While there are endless possibilities of tattoos that you and mom could get, a great place to start is looking at your common interests. Finding a way to represent your shared love of reading or travel are examples of this. Sayings, lyrics, or quotes that remind you of the strength of your bond are great options also. Designs that symbolize family are meaningful examples as well.

Getting a Tattoo with Mom

Getting a Tattoo with Mom by the Skin Factory Tattoo shop !

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