Tips to Make Your First Tattoo Experience a Pleasant One (Part Two)

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)  Getting your first tattoo is a complete experience and one that you should enjoy. Yes, it’s ok to be a little nervous, but this is a story you’ll tell and remember for a long time. You should enjoy it despite your nerves and the pain. A great way to do that is to make sure you’re ready, that you’re prepared. Below you’ll find a list of tips to make your first tattoo experience a pleasant one.

Consider Placement

You might want to choose a smaller design or a more discreet area for your first tattoo. Dip your toes in the water instead of cannonballing in. Of course, the choice is yours. But, it’s a big decision and something you’ll have to live with every day so you might want to avoid areas like your hands or neck for your first time. Plus, you’ll want to consider which areas are the most and least painful. It’s always nice to tattoo an area that causes less pain to ease yourself into the tattooing experience.

Don’t be Cheap

Tattoos are expensive for a reason. It takes a lot of time and ink to create these works of art. Plus, it’s a lifetime masterpiece on your skin. Good tattoos won’t come cheap, but they’re worth the money. This isn’t the time to “bargain hunt.” If you do, you’ll likely end up with a “tattoo fail” that will cost you more to remove it than a great tattoo would have cost you in the beginning. So, focus more on what’s really important like the artist’s skill and experience, and the shop’s health standards. Those are far more important than price.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)First Tattoo Experience (Part Two)

The tattoo artist will need access to the area you wish to have tattooed, so make sure you’re not wearing something that makes reaching the area difficult. Plus, depending on the intricacy and size of the tattoo, you might spend several hours sitting in one place, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes. Wearing loose clothes is always beneficial because you won’t wind up putting pressure on your newly tattooed, and sensitive, skin.

If you follow these tips your first tattoo experience will go a lot smoother and you can actually enjoy it. So, take a moment to look over the list and make sure you’re ready. If you are, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to be part of your experience.