Fierce Facial Tattoos for Females: 10 Instagrammers to Get Inspiration From

Fierce Facial Tattoos for Females: 10 Instagrammers to Get Inspiration

Thinking about facial tattoos? Get inspiration from these beautiful women with face tats and learn where to find inspiration.

Humans have been marking their bodies for thousands of years. The first evidence of tattoos is from 5200 years ago.

Two tourists noticed a corpse that would become known as Iceman. It was nestled in the glaciers in the alps.

As it turns out, Iceman had 61 tattoos.

Tattoos have been part of rich tribal history, from Samoan to Egyptian to Maori and many more. Tattoos are part of the culture that shapes and defines people. Many of these cultures had facial tattoos.

For a long time, tattoos on the face were seen as unprofessional and linked to criminals. But the tone is changing. Here are 10 women on Instagram who show you facial ink is beautiful.

1. btweddle – Freckle Tattoos

Love freckles but don’t have any of your own? You could always get them tattooed. btweddle fills her feed with natural-looking freckle facial tattoos. She also does brows, so get your inspiration there too.

2. kathisoul – Delicate Leaf

Bigger than invisible but don’t want it to take over your entire face? Take a peek at kathisoul’s account. This fierce woman loves her ink, but her styles are tasteful, delicate, and feminine.

She even has a face tattoo just below her cheekbone of a leaf. It helps to highlight her face’s strong features.

3. badluckjessie – Geometric

badluckjessie describes herself as “22 and still emo” and a “cat mum of 2.” She fills her feed with stylish photographs showing off her tattoos, and her cats. She likes to add a lot of photos where she’s just chilling in nature.

She has a delicate geometric diamond star face tattoo right on her temple. It accessorizes her appearance like a stylish hair clip. But she’s got plenty of other tattoos to draw inspiration from as well.

4. eli_zh_hh – Simple and Small

eli-zh_hh, or Eli B, posts a lot of selfies. That makes it easy to see how her delicate anchor and moon face tattoos look in all kinds of different styles.

On top of her chic and stylish face tattoo, she’s got plenty of other ink to draw inspiration. She has everything from two full sleeves, to an owl tattoo on her shin. She likes to show off her ink in plenty of dazzling styles.

5. amysdreadhouse1 – Small Floral Pieces

Amy Rose August is a synthetic dreadlocks stylist, with stunning dreads herself. She also sports two small facial tattoos, one just in front of each ear. One is a small delicate flower, the other is an intricate mandala pattern.

But with both tattoos, they’re small, harder to notice, and easy to hide – if she wants too.

She likes to fill her feed with fashion shots of her dreadlocks and shots of her other tattoos as well.

6. zebyzcie.mialosmaczek – Delicate Floral

zebyzcie.mialosmaczek likes to fill her feed with hashtags like #grunge and #vscogirl. While many people with face tattoos have a ton of other ink, zebyzcie.mailosmaczek doesn’t.

Instead, she has a simple, straight-lined six-petaled flower with berries on one cheek. It looks like it might even be this #vscogirl’s first tattoo.

7. flower.friendly – Tribal Tattoos

flower.friendly is an Instagrammer who specializes in healthy living. She likes to post natural-looking photos of herself while she’s out living her best life.

She has a detailed intricate tribal tattoo that branches down from her forehead. She has even more ink coming up along her chin.

Her tattoos continue onto her neck and down her arms. This amazing woman is full of natural beauty that speaks to a more spiritual lifestyle.

Many cultures valued tattoos as part of their heritage or a right of passage. If your cultural ancestry valued tattoos, consider getting tribal tattoos. It can be a sign that links you to your ancestors.

8. courtney_rose_art – Simple Chin Tattoo

Courtney Rose has two thin lines along her chin. They’re barely there, but they add symmetry and delicate statement to her face.

She likes to fill her feed with her sketches that follow a similar simplistic style. Many of them have repetitive patterns or an old folklore tone.

9. yasminlh95 – Rose

Yasmin is a cake maker from Nottingham and a mother to a little girl. She doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would be decked out in neck and face tattoos.

But she is. Yasmin sports stunning geometric patterns along her neck. She has a beautifully detailed rose up along her temple.

She fills her feed with selfies, cakes, and shots of her daughter living her best life.

10. – Full Water Color Art

This fashion model is covered in tattoos, all of which are full color. She even has a full-color tattoo that runs up the side of her face. The tattoo continues onto her head too.

She fills her feed with glamor shots of her tattoos. There are plenty of amazing styles to draw inspiration from.

Facial Tattoos Are Losing Their Stigma and Can Be Pretty Cool

Facial Tattoos

Facial Tattoos

Facial tattoos aren’t as stigmatized as they used to be. They’re almost becoming trendy!

Maybe you want to get some ink to fake some freckles or go all out with a massive tribal tattoo, there’s a tattoo for you.

All of these amazing women found a style that worked for them and went for it. They love their face tattoos, and they got them to express parts of who they are.

Facial or not, tattoos are expressions of self. They’re decorations for our meat sack. After all, you only have one life. So you might as well make it beautiful.

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