This place is extremely awesome !! It’s clean, professional, and the people that work here are really nice. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Larai M.

I first contacted Eddie by email about doing a tattoo on my arm. He responded very quickly, excited about my ideas. Once we had a real consultation, he brought great ideas to the table and seemed to really understand what I wanted, which was a great relief. It’s always nice to have someone else excited about what you want to permanently place on your skin!

The tattoo ended up even better than what I wanted. His work is amazingly detailed and I felt like he brought his own touch to the design that made the piece exceptional. Not to mention he is lightening quick and precise. He blazed through my piece without sacrificing on quality at all.

He was also very friendly and great to talk to, which helps when you have to sit still for so long!

I would 100% recommend Eddie and I’m already planning on heading back to him next time I want a tattoo.

Tiffany S.

I never want to get a tattoo anywhere else!

I got my belly button pierced here two summers ago and I was thoroughly impressed with both the shop (it’s very clean) and the staff (super friendly). I decided to come back in July (2014) to get my first tattoo – Big Justin did it and I was so happy with the outcome. My mom was paying for the tattoo as a birthday present but the pricing was definitely reasonable for such quality work. I’m sure the other artists are amazing too and just as personable and professional.

And something else I think is important: while I was there Justin got several calls from a mother asking about a tattoo for her 16 year old daughter. It was a wrist tattoo and because of this Justin refused to do it, especially on someone so young, as they are considered “job killers.” I thought it was really awesome because it shows that he’s not in it just for the money.

Any time someone tells me they want to get a tattoo I do my best to get them to come here!

Haley P.

This is for big justin!! First of all the guy is a gentle giant. He did a large cover up on my back and was very professional working with him! He had to draw it several different times until I agreed on the art work. The guy works fast with quality lines. So as you can tell I was extremely pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone.

James R.

I went here for a tragus piercing a while ago and was super impressed by the cleanliness of the shop and how nice the artists were. This was the first time I had a piercing done in a tattoo parlor so I was definitely a little nervous.
Mike actually gave me his cellphone number so we could communicate better and find a good time for me to come in and have it done. Once I got there he talked through the procedure with me and gave me thorough instructions on how to upkeep it. He even explained the difference between piercing pagodas in the mall and tattoo shop piercings (something I didn’t know since I have had all mine done in malls).

I would definitely go back here for any other future piercings!

Katelyn P.

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