Not All Tattoos Wear Capes, But Yours Could: 7 Marvel & DC Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Want to Get a Badass Superhero Tattoo? Here Are 7 Amazing Design Ideas

What’s more empowering than a superhero tattoo? Take inspiration from these amazing design ideas for the next time you get inked!

Nerd love runs deep.

Whether they’re into Marvel, DC or a healthy mix of both, comic book fans are known for forging pretty powerful connections to their favorite superheroes.

They live by their codes, find inspiration in their triumphs, and turn to their well-worn pages in times of trouble. And, what better way to commemorate your status as a super-fan than by getting a superhero tattoo?

Interested in carrying a piece of your favorite hero around with you everywhere you go but need a little creative help? We’ve got you covered.

Here are seven super tattoo ideas that can help you bring your favorite hero to life.

1. Tap into the Speed Force

Need a little help with your get-up-and-go?

While super speed would make all of our lives a whole lot easier, becoming a speedster is easier said than done.

But, there may be a way for you to tap into the speed force and pick up a little bit of a boost with the help of a Flash inspired tattoo.

The iconic lightning bolt is a mainstay of the Flash mantle that has been around since the golden days of Jay Garrick and continues to serve the Scarlet Speedster in comics today.

While you can put the Flash symbol anywhere on your body, it might make sense to wear it where it would be the most useful — near your feet.

2. A Personal Batarang

Bats is arguably the most famous character in the DC lineup, and for a good reason. Bruce Wayne is undeniably one of the coolest characters ever to grace the pages of a comic book.

Part spy, part detective, part martial arts master, even without his powers, it’s not surprising that Batman is considered a superhero.

Why not pay homage to Gotham’s defender by adding one of his most iconic tools to your person: the humble Batarang.

What makes the Batarang so cool isn’t that it’s a throwing star, it’s that it’s a throwing star made out of Batman’s iconic symbol. And, as far as superhero symbols go, none come remotely close to the bat.

So, arm yourself, and get ready to take on the Clown Prince of Crime with the help of your new Batarang tattoo.

3. Winter Soldier’s Arm

If sleeves are more your speed, then look no further than Bucky Barnes’ iconic metal arm.

While the Winter Soldier has a bit of a dodgy past, he is proof that you can overcome anything and come out on the other side a hero — especially if you have Captain America in your corner.

Whether you go for the full metal arm or a shoulder sleeve, the Winter Soldier’s silvery arm is an excellent choice for any comic book fan.

4. Diana’s Bracelets of Submission

While Wonder Woman’s costume is iconic in its entirety, the Bracelets of Submission are arguably the best part. And they also make for some pretty powerful looking tattoos.

Diana’s bracelets are the perfect tattoo option for any Wonder Woman superfan or any warrior Amazonian or otherwise, who need a daily reminder of their inner strength and grace.

5. Your Secret Identity

So you want to commemorate your love of superheroes, but you don’t want to be super obvious about it. If there’s anything comic book fans understand, it’s the importance of maintaining your secret identity.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to flaunt your passion while still maintaining your mild-mannered alter ego.

All comic book superheroes have a symbol, an icon, or a defining feature that represents them.

From Captain America’s shield to the Green Lantern’s Power Ring, there are plenty of iconic symbols you can tattoo somewhere on your person and easily cover-up.

Then, when it’s time to let your nerd flag fly, you can uncover your tattoo and let everyone know how much of a die-hard fan you are.

6. The Suit Inside

As we said before, nerd love runs deep.

While it may not make much sense to wear your favorite superhero costume under your clothes at all times, there’s a more practical way to show that your love for your hero is not just skin deep.

Keep your favorite hero close by donning their suit 24/7 with a tattoo of their iconic costume hidden beneath your skin. You get bonus points for this tattoo idea if your favorite hero is Superman.

7. I Am Iron Man

Just because you don’t need a mini-arc reactor implanted in your chest to keep you alive, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one anyway.

If you’re interested in the idea of a chest tattoo, but would like to go with something a little more lowkey, the “Tony Stark special” may be the perfect option for you.

There’s a reason Iron Man is still such a successful player in Marvel’s repertoire, and it’s not about what he can do, but what he can’t. Iron Man is a reminder that you don’t need special powers to be a superhero.

So, why not celebrate everything you are without the suit by getting a tattoo of one of the greatest inventions your favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist ever came up with close to your heart.

Bringing Your Superhero Tattoo to Life

When you think about it, tattoos are the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite comic book hero. Comic book fans aren’t afraid to wear their passion on their sleeve, and with one of these superhero tattoo ideas, they can do just that.

Are you ready to bring your new superhero tattoo to life? We can help.

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