Portrait Tattoos

Why Portrait Tattoos Are So Difficult: And How To Perfect Them

Tattoos can serve as a beautiful tribute to a loved one, particularly if you utilize their image in the tattoo. However, many people find that Portrait Tattoos are often goofy looking or lumpy. There are a few reasons for that. And it is possible to avoid this problem by understanding it.

Portrait Tattoos Are Hard To Render

Drawing an accurate rendering of a person’s face is tough. This is true whether you’re drawing or painting it. Even worse, tattoos require using a unique form of art, one in which it can be difficult to capture nuances without work. Complex facial expressions are, therefore, often difficult to manage.

Simplify The Process

Try to avoid creating a facial expression that is silly or confusing for your artist to create. A simple smile should be enough. You should also avoid unnecessary decorative items unless that person was identified with a particular item, like a baseball cap. Beyond that, you should also bring many photos of the person to the session.

The Importance Of Multiple Photos

Make sure to bring multiple pictures of your loved one from a few different angles. Why? This helps your tattoo artist get a better feel for your loved one’s face and makes it easier for them to recreate it in a more accurate way that reflects your loved one correctly.

So if you’re interested in getting a tattoo of a loved one’s face in tribute to their passing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is a beautiful first tattoo idea that will honor your loved one in a unique way.  Check out our Tattoo Artists and give us a call to talk about your Portrait Tattoos. 702 435 1149

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