Skin Factory Maui is coming in October 2017.

Eddie Lin created the Skin Factory in 1995.  After attracting the best tattoo artists in the area.  His first shop quickly took the Vegas Tattoo world by storm.  With his newest Lahaina Tattoo Shop located on the busy Front Street area, Eddie is expecting local and tourist looking for the best tattoo artists Maui has to offer.

Here are some Maui Tattoo Shop tips before you visit the Skin Factory

What tattoo are you getting and where?

This is obviously a pretty big one. Whatever led you to want a tattoo, you now have to select one. The best part: it’s totally up to you! Do you want it to be something personal, something symbolic, or something silly? Whatever you choose, remember that it’s completely your call. You can have your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend weigh in, sure, but ultimately, you’re the one who will be looking at it forever. It’ll be on your skin. Make it something that will always be special or important to you.

When deciding where on your body you want your first piece of ink, keep a few things in mind: your career, your typical clothing fit, and the privacy. If your company’s policy prohibits showing tattoos, and that’s important to you, get it in an area that isn’t shown in your office attire. If your work is more accepting about tattoos, you still have a decision to make: do you want your tattoo visible to everyone, or do you want it just for your own eyes? The choice is yours.

Bring a friend.

Nothing helps more than having a companion by your side! If you are really nervous, especially, your pal can help ease you in the chair. Plus, if you’re getting a big piece or are particularly sensitive to pain, you can hold their hand and give it a little squeeze!

Make yourself as prepared and comfortable as possible.

Leading up to your appointment, make sure you eat a decent meal and stay hydrated. This will help keep you feeling as good as possible, especially for larger tattoos that might take a few hours.

Listen to the tattoo artist’s advice.

Each tattoo artist has a specific set of aftercare instructions regarding cleaning. Do what he or she says! It will help you avoid infection and give your tattoo the best possible look once it heals.

Ignore people who diss your ink.

More than likely, at some point in your life, someone will have something negative to say about you tattoo. You spent the time and money on this artwork that you get to carry with you forever. Don’t let the haters tear you down! It’s yours! Own it!

We at Skin Factory Tattoo and Body Piercing want you to get your first tattoo here! Contact us to check out our artists and their work and schedule an appointment today!