Literary Tattoos

Literary Tattoos – Some tattoo fads seemed doomed to go out of style from the start. (Remember all those tribal tattoos from the ’90s? Should we even mention those lower back tattoos?)

Luckily, one of the newest tattooing trends combine contemporary style with the longevity of the classics. Literary tattoos, or tattoos of quotes from books, poetry, or movies, transform your favorite masterpieces into wearable, readable art. Besides making you look daringly dapper, no one can argue that this ink is a mere fad–style may come and go, but good art is forever. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo fit for even the biggest bookworm:

1. Research Your Fonts:

The heart of a great literary tattoo lies in your font, since even the most serious quote can look wacky or bizarre in a font that doesn’t reflect the tone of its message. Do some research before you head into the shop–they’ll have examples of some of the fonts they’ve tattooed before, but they’ll have only a small fraction of the thousands of possible fonts out there. A well designed, unique font can really amp up the appeal of a literary tattoo, so take your time with this important decision!

2. Know Your Quote:

Of course, you’ll want to triple check that you’ve spelled everything correctly, but more importantly, you should check to make sure that everything about your quote is correct. After all, you wouldn’t want to attribute something to Buddha when it’s really a Michael Jackson or Shakespeare quote. Flubbing up the words of your favorite novel can also be equally embarrassing!

3. Make it Personal:

Though you don’t necessarily have to read the book where your literary tattoo came from, it is important that you have some kind of personal connection to the quote. An Earnest Hemingway quote might be hard to live with if you later find out that you hate Earnest Hemingway and all that he stood for.

Literary Tattoos

Although deciding what to get can sometimes be difficult, literary tattoos prove great tattoo picks for most people interested in getting inked. Because they tend toward the smaller side, they make a wonderful choice for a first-time canvas, and they’re also long-lasting and profound–making them ultra-worthy of a lifetime location on your skin. Contact us for more information on getting one of these amazing works of literary art!

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