Hidden Tattoo Locations

Hidden Tattoo Locations – You’ve picked a tattoo, but what’s next? Do you know where you want it? Are you afraid of being judged by your tattoos? In case the task of situating your tattoo on your body is a daunting task, here’s a list of four places you can put a tattoo that can easily be hidden.

Back of the calf

Small, simple tattoos on the back of the leg (particularly around the knee) are good for that small design you’ve always wanted, perhaps in memory of somebody close to you, or just for a minimalist design. Very few people look at the back of your legs, and these are easily covered up with pants.

Side of finger

When it comes to putting a date or a name on your body, somewhere that you can easily acknowledge it or show it off is usually chosen. In the case of a tattoo on the side of your pinky finger (or any other finger), the tattoo is small, not often spotted by others. Other small tattoos can also be hidden here with ease.

On or around the foot

Maybe a toe tattoo isn’t the most appealing thought, but a decorative tattoo on the top of your foot is certainly something to consider. These are easily showed off with an open-top shoe, flip-flops, and the like. It’s a classy statement very few expect to see. Of course, small tattoos on the ankles or the back of the heel are also a trend that make a good statement.

In the ear or mouth

Out of all of the places so far, this one sounds the most out of the park. However, tattoos on the inside of the bottom lip are a tantalizing secret shared only with those you want to see them (and maybe your dentist), while tattoos inside the ear (or on the back of the ear, or right behind the ear) make a good match with earrings or other piercings.

Hidden Tattoo Locations

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