First Timers Guide to Tattoos


First Timers Guide to Tattoos.  It is finally that time, after some long and hard thought, to get your first tattoo. This is a very big and exciting commitment, but it may be a tad bit intimidating initially. If you are considering finally jumping in with both feet, it will be a tremendous benefit to:

Know What to Expect

  • You may have questions and concerns, which is completely normal; if you do have hesitations, communicate that to your artist, they are there to help you feel comfortable. This is their job as much as it is their job to bring your ideas to life. Tattoo artists are creating a piece that is personal to you, do not be shy about voicing any apprehension you are feeling prior to your appointment. You may worry that it will hurt, or your explanation of the piece you want is not coming across in the right way. An artist will not sugar coat this, a needle is involved for an extended period of time and you will feel some discomfort, but this is typical. Just remember, many others have made it through a tattoo session, you can too! As far as transferring your idea from your head to your artists, sometimes they are dead on and other times it may not be exactly what you are looking for. Communication is key; let them know if you would like to make some changes, this is your body and you are the one leaving with this artwork. You will not hurt their feelings if you would like something tweaked before your appointment begins.

Know Your Artists Strong Suits

  • Here we go again with communication, by now you may thinking you are working on a relationship, which by the end of your first tattoo, could absolutely be possible. It is pretty common for you to fall in love with the work and service you have received, while simultaneously falling in love with the person who helped create your masterpiece. You will most likely be back, so build a rapport and exchange ideas. It’s okay to ask your tattoo artist about their niche in the tattoo world and ask to see prior work or a portfolio.

Know Your Financial Obligation

  • If you are bargain hunting for your new artwork, it probably wont end well. Your tattoo artist is creating a piece that is special and unique to you, so expect to drop some money on that. Most artists will charge by the hour, it is good to discuss this before you get started, so the cost will not come as a surprise to you.

Remember, this is a big commitment, it is good to be prepared and satisfied with what you will be receiving. Contact us, we will be happy to welcome you to the world of body art.