Allison - Tattoo Artist

Allison – Tattoo Artist

This is My Story

Entering the tattoo field was an easy choice for this artist. Since discovering her talent at a very early age with the help of her siblings, detailed and colorful art pieces became a creative outlet. With each new sketch, she fine-tuned her talent and that creative spark had never left. Allison loves to collaborate her imagination with her clients’ ideas to create unique, personalized pieces that fit perfectly in the tattoo world. After working with some amazing mentors who built her confidence which helped her grow as an artist, she knew this was the right path for her to take. Whether looking for a quote, a colorful spooky piece, or a dark Disney inspired character, she is an artist to help bring those fun and imaginative art-visions to life.

Based at our Las Vegas Tattoo Shop.  Come in for a free consultation where we can customize your next piece of art.
Allison Tattoo Artist