4 Tattoo Styles


4 Tattoo Styles – Tattoos are an amazing expression of art, both for you and the tattoo artist. Choosing the right style; after all, they are a permanent fixture. There are many reasons to do your research. Here are just a few styles to choose from, to give you a head start.


Old School – Las Vegas Tattoo

Old School, or the traditional style of tattoo, has been around a long time. It was popularized by sailors, who, because they would not see their women for months on end, would have their portraits tattooed. This style also encompasses nautical themes and they are typically very bold, with bold colors, outlines, or both.


Japanese Style – Las Vegas Tattoo

There are many images and symbols used in this style, and every one of them has meaning. Originally, the Japanese used them as a way to convey social status as well as some spiritual meaning, such as protection. It is one of the most popular styles of tattoo, and for good reason.


Realism – Las Vegas Tattoo

Realism is a realistic style, with attention to detail. Yet again, it’s best to form your own opinion, as each artist will have a different approach and style. Find the one that fits you best and roll with it.


Illustrative – Las Vegas Tattoo

With this style, you can let that freak flag fly. Get creative. Illustrative is a combination of traditional and realism, and there is no strict guide saying what it should or should not look like.


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